72-year-old grandmother, found love with a teenager she met at her son’s funeral

72-year-old grandmother, found love with a teenager she met at her son’s funeral

  • When Love Conquers All
  • 72-year-old grandma marries teen she met at her son’s funeral
  • Almeda and Gary Hardwick married in 2016, two weeks after meeting at her son Robert’s funeral

Love is indeed a very intricate thing. To some it can be complicated, but to others, it is just as simple as “ABC”.

Take the case of Gary and Almeda Hardwick. Gary is 53 years younger than Almeda, who is 72 years old. Hard to believe? Let us read about their love story.

Age Does Not Matter.

The couple met at the funeral of Almeda’s son, Robert. After two weeks, they got married.

It was, according to Almeda, a whirlwind romance. Married for 43 years, Almeda said her second marriage is very much different from the first one.

Her first marriage was just that, a marriage. Her union with Gary, though is full of romance and sweetness which she never experienced with her first husband.

The Magical Thing Called Love.

The romance between Gary and Almeda is truly magical. Who would ever imagine romance blooming between a 72-year old woman and a man 53 years junior than her?

The couple believed that they are each other’s soulmate. According to them, they hand a wonderful time on their honeymoon. Both were satisfied with each other.

Gary said Almeda is the woman of her dreams. His love for her truly reflects on the way he talks about her and how he is proud of their relationship.

On Love, Life and Relationships

Almeda is currently hosting a talk show called Girl’s Talk. This show tackles on love, life and relationships. On the show, Almeda offers pieces of advice and tips about relationships.

On her first segment, she answered a question about how to make love last. In every aspect of a relationship, it is always best to keep the communication lines open.

According to her, if there is a problem, or even just a small indifference, sit down and talk. When couples truly love each other, regardless of what obstacles and trials come their way, what they have will last. True love will conquer anything.

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Pope Francis: “One cannot love only as long as it’s convenient”

Pope Francis: “One cannot love only as long as it’s convenient”

  • Pope Francis discussed the importance of fidelity and loyalty in a relationship.
  • He added that unconditional love is actually a human need.

In his catechists series on the Commandments on October 24, Pope Francis stated that no relationship is authentic without fidelity and loyalty.

“One cannot love only as long as ‘it’s convenient’; love manifests itself beyond the threshold of one’s own advantage, when everything is given without reserve.”

He then added that love is not an arrangement until further notice as fidelity is needed in mature human relationships. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, but friendships as well. He said that a friend “proves himself authentic because he remains a friend in all circumstances.

“The faithful Friend who welcomes us even when we make mistakes and always wants what is good for us, even when we do not deserve it.” 

Pope Francis then added that unconditional love is actually a human need.

“And those who do not receive this acceptance carry within themselves a certain incompleteness, often without knowing it.

“The risk is calling unripe and immature relationships “love,” with the illusion of finding the light of life in something that is at best only a reflection of it.”

He warned people that this may lead people to giving too much weight on physical attraction.

“Fidelity is indeed a way of being, a style of life. One works with loyalty, one speaks with sincerity, one remains faithful to the truth in one’s own thoughts, in one’s own actions.

“A life woven in fidelity is expressed in all dimensions and leads us to be men and women who are faithful and trustworthy in every circumstance.”

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Recent survey says 3 out of 5 Filipinos pick career over love life

Recent survey says 3 out of 5 Filipinos pick career over love life

  • SWS says 3 of 5 Filipinos prefer their job than their love life
  • 59% of adult Filipinos pick career while 41% select love life
  • Most of the respondent s who chose career over love are single

The latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted last December 8 to 16, 2017 has shown that three out of five Filipinos selected career over love life.

Regardless of their gender, 81% or four out of five who chose their respective careers are single. There is 57% who wanted to live a happier love life while 54% who are in a very happy relationship but preferred the same.

The SWS survey found out that 14% emphasized that they “do not need to have a love life”, while 29% shared “it could be happier”, and 57% explained that their love life is “very happy”.


The study showed that 84% believed that it is possible to succeed in both love and career at the same point in their lives with 58% who answered “definitely possible” and 26% who answered “somewhat possible”.

There is also about 3% who answered “definitely impossible” and 5% who answered “somewhat impossible” or only 8% who believed that it is impossible to be victorious in their respective career and love life at the same time.

The preference for success in both the career and love life was high among those who have live-in partners and married individuals.

According to the SWS survey, among the respondents who agreed that they experience success in both their career and love life were men with live-in partners at 76%, married men at 72%, single men who are widowed/separated/divorced at 59%, and single men who never got married at 36%.

On the other hand, it was also high among single women at 30%, 55% from single but widowed/separated/divorced women, 68% from married women, and women with live-in partners at 72%.

The personal experience of having a “happy” career and love life at the same time was highest among respondents who are “very happy” with their love life at 76%, followed by individuals whose love life “could be happier” at 58%, and the people who have no love life with only 38%.


The SWS survey said that respondents who were happier with their love life are married with men at 71% and women, at 62% versus those who have live-in partners with 62% of men and 53% of women.

However, there were single men at 36% and women at 28% who had never been married while singles who are widowed/separated/divorced have men at 21% and women at 23%.

The survey also found out that younger single men are “happier” with their love life in contrast to younger single women when it comes to being single.

The study also revealed that 28% of single women aged 18 to 34 years old were “very happy” with their love life compared to single men of the same age group at 45%.

Meanwhile, 35% of single women aged 35 years old and above were “very happy” with their respective love life compared to single men of the same age group at 16%.

The SWS survey concluded that having no relationship was more common among older single respondents compared to the young ones.

The study was conducted with 1,200 adult respondents through a face-to-face interview.

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This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

  • Netizen shared how his dad accepted him for who he is
  • This twitter thread might just make you appreciate your parents more!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and people are already posting on social media the gifts that they received or planning to give to their lover. Whatever kind of gift it may be, we’re sure that it’s pretty something.

However, we also know for sure that receiving a special gift from your family is the best feeling ever! Just like how this Twitter netizen felt so happy after receiving an early Valentine’s gift coming from his dad!

This netizen shared on Twitter his conversation with his dad regarding his coming out. “Sobrang naiyak ako. I love you, Pa!” as said on the post.  See their convo below:

This is the most heartfelt part.

Based on screenshots of their conversation, the twitter netizen opened up about his sexuality and was accepted by his father wholeheartedly.

His dad also shared how proud he is of him and that he accepts him no matter what or who he is.

His dad told him that he was never once ashamed of him and that his only wish is for him to finish his studies, which would make him even happier. In the end, his father even invited him and his special someone to a dinner together with his sibling.

*Awww, we’re not crying, you are!*

If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s day, don’t forget that you can always celebrate it with your friends and of course, your family! After all, the gift of family is just may be the best gift we could ever receive.

Spread love and positivity this Valentine’s! (Credits to Twitter netizen: @_ivannnnn)

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Spending time with our parents can extend their lives

Spending time with our parents can extend their lives

  • Scientists discovered that you can actually extend the lives of your parents if you spend more time with them.
  • It was found that loneliness is an important factor in the decline of quality of life among older adults

Do you want your parents to live longer?

Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco claim that by spending more time with them, you can actually extend their lives.


So how exactly does visiting them more often makes them have more days on Earth?

In the study titled Loneliness in Older Persons, 1,600 adults with an average age of 71 were investigated. The results of the study showed that almost 23% of lonely participants died within 6 years of the study in contrast to only 14% of those who experienced adequate levels of companionship.

They also found that 43% of people older than 60 years old feel isolated.

Researchers concluded that loneliness is an important factor in the decline of quality of life among older adults. As a result, loneliness could lead to depression, cognitive impairment as well as other health issues like coronary artery disease.

Barbara Moscowitz, a senior geriatric social worker at Massachusetts General Hospital said: “The need we’ve had our entire lives – people who know us, value us, who bring us joy – that never goes away.”

Previous studies have shown that loneliness can indeed impair health outcomes in older people. A 2010 study by researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah conceded that social ties like having family and close friends are make someone live longer.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Luck At First Sight”

8 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Luck At First Sight”

Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales Team Up

For the very first time, Bela Padilla and Jericho Rosales pair up for the upcoming luckiest film of the year. Directed by the Dan Villegas, Luck At First Sight is about two unlucky persons who found fortune in each other’s arms.

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Joma, an independent man, believes that a life charm could help him win big to be able to pay his debts. Diane, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in ‘luck’ but relies heavily in hard work. The two accidentally met and instantly realized that they are each other’s life charm. Everything is going well, until one of them falls for the other. And according to the fortune teller whom Joma confide into, the luck will disappear when one of them gets romantically attached to the other.

Luck at First Sight hit the cinemas last May 3 and have been receiving great reviews from the viewers. And if you haven’t watched it yet, here’s 8 lucky reasons why you should rush to the cinemas now.

1. Super Director

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Starting his career being a director of photography, Dan Villegas has turned many films into blockbuster hits. Some of his works were English Only, PleaseAlways Be My MaybeHow To Be YoursThe Breakup Playlist, and the award-winning Walang Forever where he won his Best Director award in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015.

2. Renowned Creative Producer

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

We often hear Joyce Bernal being dubbed as Direk Joyce for being a world-class director who became the woman behind the success of Everything About HerBakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush MoKimmy Dora franchiseand many more. But now, he took the role ‘Creative Head’ for this genius film story-wise.

3. Dashing Leading Man

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Being the ultimate leading man that he is right now, Jericho Rosales is thrilled to be working with this new set of crew, excluding Dan Villegas and Kim Molina whom he have worked with already in Walang Forever.

4. Irresistible Leading Lady

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

If you’re thinking that Bela Padilla is all beauty, you should be researching her credentials. He co-wrote our all-time favorite, Camp Sawi and even this film. Imagine? A genius young actress who can work in front and behind the cameras, even Dan Villegas and Direk Joyce lauded her creativeness when it comes to story building.

5. Fun and Lovable Side Casts

Admit it or not, Kim Molina and Cholo Barretto is the breath of fresh air in this film. They add up to the humor that the film caters. They have a love story of their own inside the film that the viewers would not expect, so watch out for it. Dennis Padilla and Issa Pressman also complete the lucky cast.

6. Soothing OST

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

Choosing the official sound track of every film might be tricky, but for this film, they have chosen if not perfect, the best song that would match the film. Sung by the returning Zia Quizon, ‘Umaaraw, Umuulan’ was dressed with a different tone that perfectly fit the theme of the film. You can listen to the song’s new twist in Spotify.

7. Has Great Life Lessons

We don’t want to spill the beans here, but the movie was packed with great life lessons that all can relate to. From love to family, the film is surely fit for all ages. It caters a different take on luck and love, that it can never be paired up, it’s like polar opposites. If you have the luck, you can find love, but once you find love, luck will disappear. Well, it’s enough for now and it’s for you to find out what happened between Joma and Diane.

8. It will make you want to find your “Life Charm”

 8 Reasons Why You Should watch "Luck At First Sight" now

At the beginning of the film, Madam Tetchie was introduced, the fortune teller who introduced the concept of Life Charm to Joma. According to her, all of us have a “life charm”, and once we meet them, everything that surrounds us turns to luck. It’s like a good luck charm, but an actual living person. Like any other charms that were introduced to us, there’s an exception. You can never fall in love with your life charm, because if you do, the luck will vanish.

To find out more about this incredible film, catch it in the cinemas NOW and enjoy the luck that the film will bring to you. Graded A by the MTRCB, you will surely fall in love with this movie.

What are you waiting for? Watch it now!

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Watch: This Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries, All For Their Honeymoon!

Watch: This Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries, All For Their Honeymoon!

Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
Kaz and Mariko Yamaguchi hit the global news as they called themselves, the ‘Honeymoon Traveler’. | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler

Typically, a honeymoon takes a week or a month to celebrate, but this Japanese newlywed takes honeymoon to a different dimension!

Power of a Drone

Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
Look how majestic this scene was in Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler

Kaz and Mariko Yamaguchi hit the global news as they traveled around the world, and recorded their journey using a drone! It took them 400 days to travel around 48 countries.

Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
How about this shot from Cappadocia, Turkey with hot air balloons on the background? | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler

According to Kaz, he did not plan to tape their epic journey, but since he just bought a  DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone, might as well make use of it, right? According to him, he had insufficient experience in drowning before they started their honeymoon. But as time went by, he figured out that using their newly-purchased gadget is a genius idea. It has captured a wider view of the place they are visiting.

Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
The couple used this drone, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone | Photo via Amazon

Partnered with great music, their breathtaking adventure absolutely left everyone in tears.

Some of the 48 places they visited include; Ethiopia, Patagonia, the Amazon Rainforest, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans in Botswana, the Rock of Guatapé in Colombia, and the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

The video truly sparked the inner wanderlust to its viewers. The high-altitude takes on the moving video absolutely inspired everyone. It brings a new perspective in traveling to people.

Taking Us Around The Globe

Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
This beautiful aerial shot from Dubrovnik, Croatia clearly made everyone in awe | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler
Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
This night shot at the Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong highlighted the place’s wonders | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler
Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
This breathtaking shot from The Rock of Guatape, Colombia is an absolute Beauty | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler
Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
How about this clear waters from Cancun, Mexico? | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler
Couple Spent 400 Days To Travel 48 Countries
This stunning shot from Deadvlei, Namibia made us want to travel now | Photo via Youtube: Honeymoon Traveler

To find out more about this couple’s epic adventure, you can visit their website, Honeymoon Traveler, and you can check this video on Youtube.

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Love Wins! This Gay Couple’s Love Story Went Viral

Love Wins! This Gay Couple’s Love Story Went Viral

What a great time to be alive!

The Philippines is known to be a religious country and Filipinos are very reserved and not that liberated. As the time goes by, generation to generation, people became more open to “deviance”.

And this includes LGBT and Same Love. Finding love for gay people has become easier and more tolerable compared before. We should remember that before, being gay is a mental disorder, but it is good to know that people start to become more open-minded. We can now say that love truly embraces all kinds of people, and is now available to everyone, regardless of preferences.

Tolerance Not Acceptance

Unfortunately, there’s a difference between tolerating and accepting this kind of love. There’s still this belief that only men and women should be together, one man and one woman.

On February 27, photos of two guys together on a beach went viral and it was concluded that the two might be dating.

The Facebook page, “Bes, Kalma.” posted the pictures of the trending couple.

gay couple trends
The two are enjoying the beach and surely each other’s company | Photos from Bes, Kalma.

On the post, we can see a gay guy wearing a blue one-piece suit with a foreign man with pink board shorts. The two is yet to be identified.

gay couple trends
The two went up for a selfie | Photo from Bes, Kalma.

The post already has 21,000 reactions, more than 9,000 shares and, 5,500 comments. Netizens have mixed opinions about this.

Many were delighted and expressed their support to the couple,

gay couple trends

gay couple trends

But some did not believe.

gay couple trends

Some even said that the pictures are edited and the gay were just too desperate.

But at the end of the day, still, love knows no boundaries and love knows no gender. A couple or not, these two need to be respected.

Here’s the original post of “Bes, Kalma.” on Facebook.



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5 ways to get someone to fall in love with you, according to Science

5 ways to get someone to fall in love with you, according to Science

Can’t seem to find the right formula for love?

While there’s no sure way to make someone fall in love you, scientists believe there are certain ways you can bolster your love life. It may have something to do with changing your body temperature or flashing your killer smile.

Before giving up on your love life, check out five scientifically-proven ways to make someone fall head over heels for you.

1. Ditch ice cream for coffee on your first date.

Eating ice cream on your first date may seem like a sweet move, but Yale psychologist John Bargh thinks otherwise. Based on a couple of his studies, there’s actually an underlying connection between personality and body temperature. According to Bargh, when we feel warm physically, we also have the tendency to behave more warmly towards others. So, heat things up on your first date by going to warm places or eating hot food.

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Study says being happy in a relationship can make you gain weight

Study says being happy in a relationship can make you gain weight

You can blame it on date nights and food trips, but science backs the idea that couples in happy and healthy relationships experience weight gain.

Marital Satisfaction Predicts Weight Gain in Early Marriage”, a 2013 study published by The American Psychological Association, suggests that happy couples tend to gain weight.

The study followed 169 couples and their marriages for four years. Aside from their weight, their height, stress, marital satisfaction, steps toward divorce, and several other covariates were evaluated biannually.

Their findings showed that lovebirds who claimed happy partnerships tend to put on extra pounds, while those who had trouble in paradise didn’t gain the extra weight.

“Given that satisfied newlyweds have already attracted a desirable mate, they may relax their diet and exercise regimen and, therefore, gain weight,” the researchers suggested.

On the other hand, those who maintained their figures had the conscious effort to do so in order to attract potential mates.

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