He can’t even buy lunch for the day: A penniless Airport Guard returns the P.5 million worth of cash found

Who said Honesty among men in uniform is dead? And the concrete jungle that is NAIA airport is not a safe portal to be in?

Job Great Done

While pondering on such question of crappy services, ugly extortion & blatant cheating, here comes a 36 year old man Danny Namion of Advance Forces Security who stole the media spotlight 2 days ago – giving away the country’s front-line station a good image anew, shunning away the not-so good ones.

The father of two has drew inspiration upon his peers. He has earned for himself both an accolade and due merit from his immediate superiors after returning a mysterious backpack containing a staggering P.5 worth of cash or (US$10,700) plus other valuable  documents and gadgets on it. The same was  mistakenly left inside a baggage cart by a local passenger of NAIA Terminal 1, arrival area.

Photocredit: Coconuts Manila. The man of the hour showing someone’s prized possession in his care..
“Namion’s example should be the standard of good service to passengers. His honesty is worthy of emulation by all other airport personnel,” –  Airport General Manager Jose Honrado

Upon investigation by airport authorities, the bag’s rightful owner belongs to a certain Jessie Amor, an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) engineer based in Malaysia who can’t express his gratitude and delight for this man’s award-wining modesty and commitment to task.

Photocredit Jerry S. Tan.  Namion seen here congratulated by his Officer Edwin Laodeno

PayBack Time

As a token of gratitude for the guard’s award-winning act, he tipped him off with $300 – big enough for someone who admitted to just borrowed P100 from a co-worker a so to buy a decent meal for the day.

The $200 from his blessing was said to be shared fairly among his co-workers. Likewise, for a family man who struggles to meet both ends by a meager P12K monthly salary, such ridiculous amount of moolah is enough to challenge his conscience and usual empty pockets. But then again, a  god-fearing Pinoy spirit in him prevails, –  so he’d rather be poor and honest for the rest of his life – than gaining riches, yet filled with guilt & shame.

The likes of this guy, indeed,  is giving not just his brothers on-duty, but the corrupt government leaders of ours A REAL LESSON ON DEPENDABLE AND HONEST SERVICE.

He did it so well. May his tribe increase.


Written by dailypedia


  1. dapat may promotion yan …. para nmn kahit paano nagbunga ang kanyang pagiging honest ….

  2. Don’t use words such as “moolah” if you are aiming to write good proper articles for everyone to read

  3. He is an orphan.his parents died when he is just 7 yrs old..that is why I am so proud of him..

  4. Can’t believe minimum wage is at 12,000. Kudos to kuya for his honesty but the government should do something about the wages. There are a lot of hungry Filipinos out there and the government isn’t doing anything to help the needy.



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