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Lady Strips off Clothes in Petaling Street Market Over Unpaid Chicken Rice

A seemingly drunk woman was caught in a confrontation with one Malaysian jewelry shop owner outside a restaurant in Petaling Street market in Kuala Lumpur, and ridiculously stripped off her clothes instead to get away from her misdeed.

According to Ms. Wong (owner of a nearby jewelry store where the incident happened), the lady, together with a Caucasian guy, went to a restaurant beside her shop, finished two plates of chicken rice, and then tried to leave without paying the bill amounting to RM18 (or Php 223.00).

When the restaurant operator stopped their escape, the lady furiously denied eating in the restaurant. But after showing a CCTV footage revealing their presence eating the chicken rice, the lady was quick to change her statement and said she has already paid for what they’ve eaten.

And then probably to divert the situation and finally get away from what she did, the foreign lady who’s believed to be a model, created a scene, started yelling, pestered the other lady and finally stripped off her clothes before the eyes of the store owners and all the speculators.

Video was posted in Youtube and went viral. Watch as this lady stripped clothes off in petaling street market:

It was indeed an absurdly smart escape as the ‘stripper’ and her accomplice managed to sneak away before the cops arrived.

Written by Jas Cruzada

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