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Young Boy Gets Heartbroken After His Pet’s Funeral

Every child has had a pet once in his life. A pet whom he loves and cares for, and losing it is the most heartbreaking event a child could ever experience. And to hold a funeral for your pet? Much more heartbreaking.

A video of a toddler saying goodbye to his pet goldfish has gone viral. As of writing the original video already has over 5 million views. A boy named Kowen Geherman was filmed by his mother Brooke as he bid goodbye to his pet, Jessie. The video started with Kowen kissing Jessie and saying that he will flush his pet in the toilet. What seemed to be just a normal goodbye became a heartbreaking one as Kowen burst into tears after flushing down his pet goldfish.

Watch the heartbreaking video that will make you remember how you were broken when you first lost your pet. Do you still remember how it felt when you had to say goodbye to your pet?

Written by G.A. Viray

G.A. had a lot of professional working experiences in different fields and industries before finally deciding to write articles in 2014. She is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian who also has a passion for teaching, training and facilitating. More than all her skills and passions, she is very much grateful that she is blessed with an adorable daughter and a loving husband.

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