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LOOK: Grandmother’s funny feedback to Kuya J’s service amuses netizens

Grandmother leaves funny feedback about a fast food chain’s disappointing service Netizens…

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Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency plans to conduct drug test for students and teachers

PDEA suggests mandatory drug testing for all students and teachers of public and private schools…

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Group of Teachers admit that they may find it difficult to teach kids good manners under the current administration

Alliance of Concerned Teachers states that teaching good manners to students might be a challenge…

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Crowd watches gay couple having intimate moments in a Hong Kong apartment

A couple in Hong Kong gathers a crowd as they were witnessed to have sex in a well lit apartment The couple could face charges for public indecency as the police are already investigating the scenario Residents of the Seung Wan neighborhood in Hong Kong witnessed a shocking show as a couple was getting it on inside a well-lit apartment room. The whole scene can be viewed…

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