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Bongbong Marcos plans to set foot in Malacañang as President

Bongbong Marcos aims to run for the presidential election Marcos stated that he plans to build a…

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“Sorry sir pero bawal po magfit ang lalaki ng swimsuit na pambabae.” Transgender gets discriminated at an H&M branch in Cubao

Transgender and fashion designer gets discriminated in a branch of popular international brand…

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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte as role model? Harry Roque: “Tanggap nila ang Presidente for who he is.”

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque says that President Rodrigo Duterte doesn’t need to be…

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Crowd watches gay couple having intimate moments in a Hong Kong apartment

A couple in Hong Kong gathers a crowd as they were witnessed to have sex in a well lit apartment The couple could face charges for public indecency as the police are already investigating the scenario Residents of the Seung Wan neighborhood in Hong Kong witnessed a shocking show as a couple was getting it on inside a well-lit apartment room. The whole scene can be viewed…

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