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Woman pushes famous priest Marcelo Rossi from the altar during the Mass

A woman pushed Priest Marcelo Rossi from the altar while preaching in Brazil The famous priest was…

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A touching photo of a proud mother smiling at her son’s graduation goes viral

Mark Wata’s photo went viral as it brought inspiration to the netizens His mother was the…

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Scientists claim they found the cure for baldness

Scientists inserted follicles into mice They claim to be able to control how much hair would grow…

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Realme honors fathers everyday!

Realme via a video reminded Filipinos they should feel fortunate to have their fathers Being a father is not limited to one gender Realme suggested that women and gay men can be fathers, too Realme is one of the hottest phone brands in the country today. Its products are geared more towards gaming, which is a large chunk of the mobile phone market. Plus the prices are really…

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