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Face of Jesus Appears On Hillside After A Landslide. Is It A Miracle or Coincidence?

There’s a new tourist attraction at the San Francisco area of Putumayo, Colombia that almost leaves every visitor in awe.

According to reports, a landslide hit the area last Saturday. But it seemed that the horrible event turned into a miracle when a vision of Jesus Christ appeared at the collapsed spot.

Today, local landowners are charging each visitor to view the holy image. According to Ximena Rosero Arango, one of the tourist,

If you believe in Jesus you will see your image.

Meanwhile, the police were called in to control the crowd as believers from across the country continue to gather to witness the apparition.

While some are willing to travel miles to reach the mountain and photograph the figure, some are skeptic and even took to social media their amusement stating if it is really a miracle or just plain coincidence. Others also expressed,  “I just see a mountain of earth surrounded by trees.” 

This wasn’t the first time the miraculous face of Jesus appeared on an object. A few years ago, claims of seeing Christ’s apparition were accounted.

A bank employee said he woke up and found a burning frying pan on his cooker. When he looked at it, he saw the face of Jesus glued from top to the bottom of the burned pan


A local from Texas also claimed to seeing the holy image staring back at him while he was munching on his taco. In an interview, he said it is a blessing from God.


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