Priest Calls Cheetos “Demonic Crisps”; Says Children Who Eats It Will Be “Nourished By Demons”

If you love Cheetos, this will interest you.

You may have noticed the brand’s new crisp product with faces of skeletons and vampires. Well, according to a Catholic website, the children who will eat these food items will be “nourished by demons”.

An anonymous author from, a right-wing religious website, posted,

Parents be aware of Demonic crisps” adding that, “Demons, skeletons and vampires – these are the new variants of Cheetos snacks. All under the guise of innocent family fun.Is this not dabbling in the dangerous world of demons?

The statement was also backed up by the publication saying,

We view these crisps as dangerous as by eating them children will be nourished by demons.

These allegations were answered by Cheetos saying that

The Cheetos Monsters range in Poland was inspired by all-things spooky but fun and we’re surprised to hear that other links have been suggested.

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