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Recent survey says 3 out of 5 Filipinos pick career over love life

  • SWS says 3 of 5 Filipinos prefer their job than their love life
  • 59% of adult Filipinos pick career while 41% select love life
  • Most of the respondent s who chose career over love are single

The latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted last December 8 to 16, 2017 has shown that three out of five Filipinos selected career over love life.

Regardless of their gender, 81% or four out of five who chose their respective careers are single. There is 57% who wanted to live a happier love life while 54% who are in a very happy relationship but preferred the same.

The SWS survey found out that 14% emphasized that they “do not need to have a love life”, while 29% shared “it could be happier”, and 57% explained that their love life is “very happy”.


The study showed that 84% believed that it is possible to succeed in both love and career at the same point in their lives with 58% who answered “definitely possible” and 26% who answered “somewhat possible”.

There is also about 3% who answered “definitely impossible” and 5% who answered “somewhat impossible” or only 8% who believed that it is impossible to be victorious in their respective career and love life at the same time.

The preference for success in both the career and love life was high among those who have live-in partners and married individuals.

According to the SWS survey, among the respondents who agreed that they experience success in both their career and love life were men with live-in partners at 76%, married men at 72%, single men who are widowed/separated/divorced at 59%, and single men who never got married at 36%.

On the other hand, it was also high among single women at 30%, 55% from single but widowed/separated/divorced women, 68% from married women, and women with live-in partners at 72%.

The personal experience of having a “happy” career and love life at the same time was highest among respondents who are “very happy” with their love life at 76%, followed by individuals whose love life “could be happier” at 58%, and the people who have no love life with only 38%.


The SWS survey said that respondents who were happier with their love life are married with men at 71% and women, at 62% versus those who have live-in partners with 62% of men and 53% of women.

However, there were single men at 36% and women at 28% who had never been married while singles who are widowed/separated/divorced have men at 21% and women at 23%.

The survey also found out that younger single men are “happier” with their love life in contrast to younger single women when it comes to being single.

The study also revealed that 28% of single women aged 18 to 34 years old were “very happy” with their love life compared to single men of the same age group at 45%.

Meanwhile, 35% of single women aged 35 years old and above were “very happy” with their respective love life compared to single men of the same age group at 16%.

The SWS survey concluded that having no relationship was more common among older single respondents compared to the young ones.

The study was conducted with 1,200 adult respondents through a face-to-face interview.

Written by Super Kaloy

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