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Pope Francis: “One cannot love only as long as it’s convenient”

  • Pope Francis discussed the importance of fidelity and loyalty in a relationship.
  • He added that unconditional love is actually a human need.

In his catechists series on the Commandments on October 24, Pope Francis stated that no relationship is authentic without fidelity and loyalty.

“One cannot love only as long as ‘it’s convenient’; love manifests itself beyond the threshold of one’s own advantage, when everything is given without reserve.”

He then added that love is not an arrangement until further notice as fidelity is needed in mature human relationships. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, but friendships as well. He said that a friend “proves himself authentic because he remains a friend in all circumstances.

“The faithful Friend who welcomes us even when we make mistakes and always wants what is good for us, even when we do not deserve it.” 

Pope Francis then added that unconditional love is actually a human need.

“And those who do not receive this acceptance carry within themselves a certain incompleteness, often without knowing it.

“The risk is calling unripe and immature relationships “love,” with the illusion of finding the light of life in something that is at best only a reflection of it.”

He warned people that this may lead people to giving too much weight on physical attraction.

“Fidelity is indeed a way of being, a style of life. One works with loyalty, one speaks with sincerity, one remains faithful to the truth in one’s own thoughts, in one’s own actions.

“A life woven in fidelity is expressed in all dimensions and leads us to be men and women who are faithful and trustworthy in every circumstance.”

Written by Jacks

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