This Doctor from St. Lukes Hospital is eye-candy to netizens

Almost everyone wants to have their eyes checked at St. Luke’s Medical Center after they saw a viral video of this doctor while doing his thing as an ophthalmologist.

Dr. Mark Agas

He also became one of the trending topics of Co2lleges/Universities community pages like The FEU Files.

Mark Agas

Here’s the status of one of Dr. Agas’s clients, probably the original video uploader:

Dr. Mark Agas

Meet Dr. Mark Sylvester Agas – a resident Ophthalmologist working at St. Luke’s Medical Center since 2013. He is currently winning hearts of netizens after a Facebook Page named ‘Papa Ethan‘ shared a video of Dr. Agas on Facebook on April 18.

He won the admiration of netizens not just because of his great physique and face but also his brains. He’s a total package for a dream guy.

As of writing, the video already reached 424,223 views and 7,150 shares with tons of comments of admiration for the doctor.

While stalking his Instagram account, we found out that he was also a model and was featured last year as part of Cosmo’s 69 Bachelors.

Mark Agas #COSMO69 Bachelor.

Girls and girls-at-heart, all you can do now is look at him since he’s already taken… And since Mark is already taken, you can now check out his other siblings. Meet Ryan Agas and Junsi Agas, they’re also hot.

Ryan and Junsi Agas

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