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NBI reports that among ‘date-rape drug’ users are celebrities: Their numbers are said to be alarming

The list is on their hands

Just two (2) days ago, the country’s brave undercover ageants have recorded a grim rate of high-profile personalities who are alleged consumers of illegal “date-rape” drugs aka as liquid ecstasy.

In a recent interview with GMA’s “24 Oras”, Anti-Illegal Drugs Unit Chief Atty. Joel Tovera of NBI has corroborated the facts – as per the submitted names of popular suspects (or is it user?) – in lieu with the series of incidents involving this dangerous drug, of late.


 “Marami na po tayong natatanggap na tawag na itong mga ganitong klase ng tao ay gumagamit ng GHB. We will consider those information subject to further verification by our agents on the ground,” Tovera said.

Fastly Becoming Popular

GHB (acronym for gamma hydroxybutyric acid) or liquid ecstasy in a layman’s term,  is an unlawful drug far more notorious than “Shabu” (methamphetamine)  in terms of market cost & health effects.  Price tag of this colorless/odorless drug in liquid form comes at P10,000 per 100mL, – enough to knock a user down,  allow one to forget & be permissive about everything (sexually the most).

Worse, the drug kills if taken in an overdose – highly popular in the western countries, particularly in US as anti-depressant. Rumors has it that GHB has already been “cooked” here in the Philippines, and widely gaining curiousity not alone for celebrities, but for female college students in the capital – who are easy preys by sexual predators.

Just few days ago, NBI agents seized samples of the substance during raids in an exclusive-residential condo in Mandaluyong City as seen in national tv.  The operation hopes  to pinpoint and/or expose other manufacturers in hiding.

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Whos Who behind the high?

With NBI’s dogged determination to cease the production of this seriously fatal drug,  it just a matter of time to connect the dots and seize the money-making brains behind this liquid ecstasy gaga’ – they, who feeds on the party-lover’s poor victim’s weakness and longing for a “cloud 9” experience – staring the showbiz clients you’ll never imagine to land in the red list of NBI notebook.

Thus, for abusers, it spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E,  (If not Scandal or Death).

NBI’s Hunt is on…

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