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  1. Take down your irresponsible post of “Aswang in Davao del Norte?”. This year-old video did not happen in the Philippines. I’m sure you knew that but you still irresponsibly posted it with that intruiging headline. For what? To get more hits for your site “thedailypedia.com” and attract more advertisers? That’s the lowest kind of a money-making scheme.

  2. hi there saw this news posted on your site, i am a family member of mark, for his privacy please delete this post regarding the accident he was into yesterday, he was discharged already and only suffered minor injuries, for the privacy of our family, kindly delete this post thank you!

  3. I am Luisa Perez, I was the one who posted on Facebook about the young girl from Jollibee Errmita last August 7. I would like to request to delete your post regarding the said issue. I have already talked to the mother of the child and we agreed that I should delete my post because it was all a misunderstanding. The child is now with her mother and my mistake was I did not verify her situation at the end of that day. So kindly please delete your post. Sorry, I made a mistake, and I should be responsible about it. Kindly consider this for their privacy and for my privacy as well. Thank you very much. God bless!

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