VIRAL: Chinese mom and daughter bidding an emotional farewell to Filipina domestic helper

VIRAL: Chinese mom and daughter bidding an emotional farewell to Filipina domestic helper

  • Tear-jerking clip of Chinese family saying farewell to their Filipina domestic helper went viral online
  • The heartbreaking video had touched netizens hearts, with them going emotional as well
  • ‘Family bond’ can clearly be seen from the viral video of the Chinese employer and her kid to their helper

In a sea of heartbreaking videos of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) saying goodbye to their families at an airport’s departure are, a video clip is making the rounds on social media but this time depicting an employer and her family saying their farewell to a domestic helper who had to return to her hometown.

The video, shared by a Chinese Facebook page Kuching Talk, showed a nanny, many believed to be a Filipina, bidding her employer and a young girl goodbye tearfully, which made netizens going emotional as well.

The young girl held the domestic helper closely and was sobbing hard, refusing to let her go. The nanny can be seen crying too and was talking to the girl softly. The child’s mother kept on comforting the little girl, even as she was crying herself.

The tear-jerking clip certainly touched the hearts of Internet users around the world, with views reaching over 1 million and receiving 14,000 reactions on Facebook since its posting.

“When you treat someone from the heart, you will receive a treat from his or her heart, (as well),” commented one Facebook user.

Netizen Lee Ling Phang wrote, “Very close bond with the maid. Good to know the employer treats their maid like family member when some mistreat theirs,” referring to reports that most domestic helpers abroad experience abuse at the hands of their employers.

Jenna Harris, a Filipina who is currently working in Hong Kong, shared what she does to avoid hurting her employer’s children. “That’s why every time I go home for a vacation, I rather choose to leave my employers house early in the morning when the kids are still sleeping so they can’t see me leaving.”

Another Chinese netizen, Karen Ho, also observed that perhaps the “Kakak” or “yaya” is very good, commenting: “Kakak must have treated the little girl very well, otherwise she would not have miss her that much.”

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‘Ukelele boy’ serenades people in order to go to school, goes viral on social media

‘Ukelele boy’ serenades people in order to go to school, goes viral on social media

  • A young boy plays ukulele in order to send himself to school and help his parents out
  • Video of a skillful 11-year-old busking with a ukelele at Mactan Airport goes viral
  • The boy spends his weekends traveling to Mactan Island in order to earn money

A video of a young boy from Cebu went the rounds on social media after showing off his skills in playing the ukelele, performing covers of hit songs “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and “Buwan” by Juan Karlos Labajo.

The boy, now identified as Jonlie “Tongli” Cabradilla, 11, plays his ukelele to customers outside a restaurant near the Mactan Cebu International Airport in Lapu-Lapu City.

Netizens were charmed and their hearts were stung when they learned that Cabradilla serenades the public in order to obtain money to go to school and help provide for his family.

He lives in Barangay Lawaaan 2, Talisay City but journeys to Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island every weekend with his mother and father to busk for money.

Posted by Batang Coolboys S Cabradilla on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cabradilla is the second of six siblings and has told Cebu Daily News Digital that his parents have no permanent jobs which led him to find other avenues where he could help them out.

After learning that he could earn money by busking in populated areas on Mactan Island, Jonlie’s family decided to make it a weekend activity.

Jonlie learned to play the ukelele at the age of four when his father introduced the instrument to him. He would sometimes busk together with his cousins and are usually found outside a mall in Lapu-Lapu City in the morning of Saturdays and Sundays, but one fateful encounter with TJ Clemente gave the young musician the spotlight online due to his viral Facebook post.

It was there that Clemente recounted how he met the boy when they were on their way to a restaurant near Mactan Airport. Jonlie approached them as soon as they stepped-out of the taxi and started playing out of the blue.

Saludo ako sa’yo! Sana one day ma-discover siya para makapag aral siya at para mas makapag provide sa family niya,” wrote Clemente.

Galing ng batang to! He’s from Cebu. Makikita niyo siya outside Rico’s lechon. Sabi niya sakin tumutugtog siya para…

Posted by Tj Clemente on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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Pinoy pilot surprises parents on his debut-flight, warms the hearts of Netizens

Pinoy pilot surprises parents on his debut-flight, warms the hearts of Netizens

  • Filipino pilot surprises his passenger-parents via an inflight announcement.
  • Bernardo’s parents were teary-eyed over their son’s sweet message.
  • Captain Genesis Bernardo salutes all parents who serve as inspiration to their kids.

An AirAsia pilot shared on facebook how he surprised his parents on his first flight with them as passengers en route to Taipei, showing his deep gratitude via an inflight passenger announcement.

Airline announcement scripts can vary according to the time of day, the length of the flight, the aircraft type, the origin and destination and of course, the airline. Allstar, Captain Genesis Bernardo speaking before take-off did the usual spiel but also took his chance to welcome his parents Paul and Solly Bernardo.

“After so many years of flying in the airline, I have always dreamed of having you on board as my passengers. I would like to thank you for loving me unconditionally as your son, and for teaching me to do my best in everything that I do. I also thank you for inspiring me to never stop dreaming big and making me believe that everything is possible as long as you have faith. You are one of the biggest reasons why I am here commanding a flight and flying this airplane. It’s truly an honor and my pleasure to have you on board. I am so proud of you for bringing me where I am right now, and I hope, I also make you proud.”

Bernardo also took his time to thank other parents who served as inspiration to their kids and proceeded to empathize with the rest of the passengers who got inspired by their own parents to achieve their dreams like him.

His parents’ reactions, were tearing-eyed as the pilot’s message went on. The video was recorded Captain Bernardo’s brother Joshua Bernardo who was celebrating his birthday at that time.

“The greatest fulfillment of a parent is when they see their child achieve success… and the happiest moment of a child is when he sees his parents being proud of his achievements,” added Bernardo in his facebook post.

Posted by Genesis Bernardo on Sunday, March 10, 2019

He also gave a shoutout to his AirAsia family for making the event special and possible.

Netizens were touched by the son’s heartwarming act, sending countless “salutes” in the comments section and now reached over two thousand. The facebook video now having over a million views.

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Netizens poke fun at ‘tahong’ moment on ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’

Netizens poke fun at ‘tahong’ moment on ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’

  • Netizens laugh at UKG’s tahong joke with host Winnie Cordero.
  • In the segment, a chef demonstrated how to cook mussels when Cordero made quite an awkward yet funny comment that made everyone in the studio burst into laughter.

We all know that whenever personalities are on air, they must remain professional. In other circumstances, however, hosts just can’t help but joke around and laugh on set.

Image: Screengrab of video from FTTMPH | Twitter

One of those moments is Winnie Cordero’s “tahong” moment on the morning show Umagang Kay Ganda. In the segment, a chef was demonstrating how to properly cook the mussels.

There was nothing wrong with it, however, it got a bit of a double meaning as Cordero was complimenting the quality of the mussel.

“Pero ang ganda ng tahong nitong si Jean oh lahat nakabuka.”

A Twitter user uploaded the particular moment and Netizens immediately reacted to the hilarious clip.

Vaughn Ivo on Twitter: Tahong pa! Sh*ta yung tawa ko ! Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

Image: Screengrab of @MarJensen’s tweet

hinang hina ‘ko sa ukg vid na abt tahong hahahahuhu

Image: Screengrab of @chadgomezx’s tweet

Nakabuka daw lahat ng tahong ni ate hahahaha

Image: Screengrab of @kuya_p0p0y’s tweet

Ang ganda daw ng TAHONG kasi lahat nakabuka, sabay TAWA. Sabagay ako din natawa. hahaha

Image: Screengrab of @ixed009’s tweet

Ang ganda ng tahong ni Jean oh, lahat nakabuka

Image: Screengrab of @_Jhnlfrdrblnd’s tweet

Bat kasi nakabuka yung Tahong

Image: Screengrab of @mareeyacharees’s tweet

ganda ng tahong ni jean, lahat nakabuka HAHAHAHAHAHAYA OO NGA GANDA NGA HAHAHAHHAAHHAA

Image: Screengrab of @marxxelo_’s tweet


Good morning especially sa magagandang tahong ni jean na nakabuka

Image: Screengrab of @adriangalauran’s tweet

30 mins ko na tinatawanan yung “tahong ni jean” OMG HAHAHAHHAHAHA napawi yung pagod ko

Image: Screengrab of @itsmesteffanny’s tweet

Me. Sometimes? Most of the time? Charot. Haha

ABS-CBN Journalist Jeff Canoy also joined in the fun as he took a photo with Winnie Cordero and tweeted it with the caption “Kinamusta ko ‘yung mga tahong ni Tita Winnie. Happy weekend! @ukgdos”

Image: Screengrab of Jeff Canoy’s tweet

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A baby found abandoned in a cemetery in Quezon Province

A baby found abandoned in a cemetery in Quezon Province

  • Abandoned baby found in a cemetery in Candelaria, Quezon
  • A netizen named Roy Dudas shared the video and immediately went viral on Social Media

In the early morning of May 18, 2018 (Monday), a baby was heard crying at a cemetery in the area of Masin Norte, Candelaria, Quezon.

A concerned citizen by the name of Roy Dudas on Facebook shared a video on how they found the abandoned baby in the middle of two tombstones. The baby was wrapped in white cloth as he was lying in the dirty floor of the cemetery.

As there was no information about the baby and the parents, the concerned citizens decided to take the matters in their own hands as they take care of the child.

The netizens expressed their disappointment on the citizens as they took a while to lift the baby from the floor:

Bket ang tagal nman po kunin, natagal pa sa pagkuha, kawawa nmn ang baby baka sobrang gutom na cia plus madami insekto. Sana pinaampon na lng c baby kesa iwan na ganyan situation.

And others expressed their disappointment on the real parents of the child:

Nasaan ang puso ng magulang niyan at iniwan na lang ng ganyan ang ealang ka muwang muwang na bata pina migay na lang sana niya kong di kayang palakihin kaysa iiwan ng ganyan sa simenteryo buhay pa anak niya tinapon lang sa simenteryo😢😢sana mahanap ang gumawa niyan para ipa kulong yan baka ulitin uli just in case na manganak uli dapat bigyan yan ngbleksiyon para di na ulitin yong ginawa pag tapon ng anak niya

It is still unclear as to where the citizens brought the baby after he/she was brought outside the cemetery.

UPDATE: The mother of the abandoned baby was already identified as Lara Sentillas when her grandmother Gloria Perez went to the Candelaria police station on Monday night.

Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar, Calabarzon Police regional director, texted Inquirer for update, “Lara Sentillas po ang name. Magco-coordinate po ang Candelaria police sa DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) para makasuhan.”

Eleazar said she would face criminal charges over the abandonment of her baby (Republic Act No. 7610 or the Anti-Child Abuse Law).

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Disgusting Act! Woman poops in a restaurant then throws it to the service crew

Disgusting Act! Woman poops in a restaurant then throws it to the service crew

  • Female customer poops at a Tim Hortons restaurant in Canada and then throws it to the employee
  • The whole disgusting act was caught in a video footage that went viral
  • The Canadian woman got arrested but was later on released by officials

We all know the hard work that every service crew put into their job. They have to deal with shifting schedules, long day of wiping tables and getting orders, demanding customers, and just recently, they also have to deal with…pooping customers?

Well, as disgusting as it sounds, this really happened in one of the restaurants in Canada.

LOOK: On a video footage posted on Facebook that has since gone viral, it can be seen that a customer seems to be dissatisfied with the restaurant’s service so she then decided to poop in the middle of the room right then and there.

This disgusting act happened in Tim Hortons, Canada.

As seen on the video footage, the woman was arguing with the restaurant’s employee for a while when all of a sudden she grabbed some napkins on the side, removed the jacket tied to her waist, went in the middle of the floor then pulled down her pants.

Everything happened so fast that when the employee approached her, she just leaned her buttocks against the restaurant’s wall then pooped right there.

And as if pooping is not disgusting enough, she picked up her feces then threw it to the crew when he backed away.

Although it wasn’t caught in the footage if the feces landed on him, the woman still continued with her disgusting act.

She even threw the tissue that she used in wiping her buttocks to the employee.

Although it was not clear what really happened before the distasteful act, it was reported that the woman got arrested but then, later on, got released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

According to the report, officials are still reviewing the incident and there’s still no update whether the woman will be charged.

Meanwhile, the other customers of Tim Hortons remained unbothered by the whole incident.

Watch the whole story here:

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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VIRAL: Flash mob of graduating students in San Pablo, Laguna

VIRAL: Flash mob of graduating students in San Pablo, Laguna

  • Graduating students’ flash mob goes viral on social media
  • Netizen shares a video of students dancing on their graduation day
  • Netizens shared their amusement over the said video

Since the hit Disney channel movie, “High School Musical” premiered, surely everyone has at least once dreamed of singing and dancing during school breaks, proms, and of course, graduation day. However, not everything that we see in movies can be done in real life. But is it really that undoable?

Well, as for these students of a school in San Pablo, Laguna, nothing is ever impossible…


A video of a flash mob of student completers and graduating students of San Jose National High School in San Pablo, Laguna is viral now on social media. The students danced the night away during their moving up ceremonies and commencement exercises.

The video was shared on Facebook by one of their teachers, June Kathleen Bolivar- Mandayo. Up to this time, it has already reached 1.7 million views and 51,000 shares on Facebook.

And just like an ending in one of the “High School Musical” movies, the students finished their school year with a bang, dancing on the songs “The Time” by Black Eyed Peas, “Best Day of my Life” by American Authors, and of course, a song from the “High School Musical,” “We’re All in this Together.”

Watch their very lively performance here:

What’s great with their performance is that everyone is very game and not one student is seen being a ‘kill-joy’. The students’ happiness of finally moving up or graduating can really be observed by the way they energetically danced without any limitations.

Netizens also expressed their amusement over the viral video with some wishing for it to happen in their own schools, too. Who wouldn’t? They just proved that school can be cool, too!

(Video grabbed from June Kathleen Bolivar- Mandayo’s FB account)

What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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Netizen expresses disappointment over an irresponsible pet owner!

Netizen expresses disappointment over an irresponsible pet owner!

  • Facebook netizen shared a video of a dog whining inside a cage because of the heat.
  • Netizens expressed their anger and disappointment over the pet owner

“A dog is a man’s best friend,” this is probably the first thing that will come to one’s mind when asked why many people love dogs. This is a common phrase that summarizes the close relationship and loyalty of dogs with a man.

People take pride in their dogs, often, treating them like their own child. Who wouldn’t? Dogs are the best. They stay with us and we know that no matter what happens, they are our ‘constant’.

However, if we want our pets to be with us forever, we must take care of them appropriately, or else, we might feel sorry if something bad happens…

LOOK! One netizen shared on Facebook a video of a dog whining inside a pet cage.The pet owners seem to have decided to put the dog outside the car while traveling. According to the post, the dog has been barking and whining the whole time that it was inside the cage because of the heat outside.

The video was taken along the North Luzon Expressway or NLEX.

Post reads: “How can this owner not put the dog inside the car where it can be cooler? The dog kept on barking and whining. I could just imagine the heat while traveling for hours along NLex.”

WATCH! As seen in the video, it is very disheartening to see the dog whining and suffering. Being in a cage is already uncomfortable enough for an animal, what more if it is outside the scorching heat?

After the video was posted, many netizens have expressed their disappointment towards the inappropriate treatment of the pet owners towards the dog. Many netizens also commented how unsafe it is for a dog to be outside the car while traveling and that it is already a form of animal cruelty.

Although some netizens also reasoned out that maybe there is a reason on why the owners decided to put the dog outside the car, still, many got angry over the unsafe treatment towards the dog.

REMEMBER: As pet owners, one must take note of a pet’s well-being and take care of them appropriately. It is important to provide a safe and healthy environment for our animals. If one decides to own a pet, then remember that it is a lifetime commitment and it is a must to be always responsible.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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MMDA officials beat up a buko vendor selling on the streets

MMDA officials beat up a buko vendor selling on the streets

  • Buko vendor gets assaulted by MMDA officials
  • Citizens around the area pleaded them to stop but to no avail
  • Netizens got angry and ask for justice for the street vendor

We all know that it’s hard to make a living. Many people work hard just to provide for their families and loved ones. That is why street vendors are very admiring because they persevere even under the blazing sun. Although we know that sometimes they work in places where they are not allowed, still, their work is decent enough.

However, it looks like working a decent job is still not allowed for some of these MMDA officials…

LOOK: One concerned netizen posted on Facebook a video of a man getting assaulted by MMDA officials. According to the post, MMDA officials physically assaulted the man who happens to be selling Buko on the streets.

“Para sa mga abusadong MMDA, oo sabihin na nating bawal magtinda sa pwesto niya pero bakit kailangan niyo siyang bugbugin? Willing naman siyang lumipat ng pwesto ng mapayapa. NAKIUSAP SYA SAINYO PERO ANO? ayan lang kinabubuhay ni kuya may asawa at mga anak siya kaya ayaw niyang ibigay kariton niya. Wag naman kayong abusado hindi deserve ni kuya ganyanin dahil nagtratrabaho siya ng marangal mas marangal pa sa ginagawa niyo.”

Accordingly, selling Buko is the only source of living of the man and when he tried to defend his post, the officials just ganged up on him and even tried to tie him up.

Based on the post, the Buko vendor was even pleading to the officials that he is willing to leave and transfer, however, they were still too harsh on him.

Watching the video posted, it is really heartbreaking to see the man getting beaten up by many officials despite working a decent job. It can be seen that when the vendor tried to get out of their beatings, they still continued to beat him like he was some person who committed a heinous crime.

It can also be heard on the video that many citizens around pleaded for them to stop and just let the man go, nevertheless, the officials were still unstoppable. Also, it can be seen that when the vendor gets inside his selling carton, the officials tried to get him out by tipping over his carton.

At one point, when one of the officials found out that they were being filmed, he even tried to reason out their act like they did nothing wrong.

Scared that the video will get viral, the MMDA who happens to be the lead in beating up the vendor tried to stop the netizen from filming. He even wanted to get his phone saying that filming is not allowed especially when he found out that he was caught in the act.

The Buko vendor was left with nothing but a black eye on his face, as a result of the assault. Many netizens got angry with the wrongful treatment of the MMDA officials toward the street vendor and ask for justice to be served.

Netizens also want to report it to the authorities and even asks that the MMDA officials involved getting fired.

UPDATE: According to MMDA Spokesperson Celine Pialago, the “Buko vendor in the viral video and his two brothers were arrested by CIDG because of their pending murder case for 10 years.”

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts! (Photos and video grabbed from FB netizen)

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Student slaps her school mate out of jealousy!

Student slaps her school mate out of jealousy!

  • Viral video shows a girl slapping her school mate three times due to jealousy
  • Mother of the victim asks for justice for her bullied daughter
  • The girl involved asks for forgiveness and the school releases an official statement

On a viral video circulating the net right now, it can be seen how a group of girls are outright bullying another passive girl. The girls involved in the video are identified to be students of a catholic school in Lucena city.

The bullying incident

In the video, the student, identified as Zydney, was seen slapping and reprimanding her school mate, identified to be Tasha. The video was taken by one of Zydney’s friends and it seems that her group is ganging up on Tasha. Throughout the whole incident, Tasha remained passive and is not fighting back.

It turns out that the reason behind the slapping act is because of Zydney’s jealousy over something at Tasha. Additionally, before the video ended, it can be seen that another one of Zydney’s friends is pointing at and reprimanding Tasha before leaving her alone.

Watch video:

The mother’s statement

Tasha’s mother, who is an OFW in Abu Dhabi, only found out about her daughter getting bullied through the viral video. Being far away from home, she took her anger on Facebook and said that a simple sorry is not enough for what happened. She asked for an immediate action coming from the catholic school.

She also has a message to those people who were asking to take down the viral video. Tasha’s mom is certainly heartbroken and angered by the incident especially that she can’t be by her daughter’s side at this time.

However, she assured that she will not leave her daughter alone in this fight and will make sure that they will get justice for what happened.

The girl’s apologies

Also through Facebook posts, Zydney apologized for the incident and said that she deserves all the bashing from the netizens.

According to her, the slapping incident happened last August 2017 and that she regrets everything she’s done. In the end, she also apologized to Tasha, saying “patawad Tasha.”

Statement from the school

Because the video went viral and many netizens reported it to the school’s officials, they released an official statement regarding the matter. They stated that due process will be given to all parties involved. They also addressed the issue regarding their ‘lack of action’ about the incident and stated that they are actually already working on it.

Update: On recent statements grabbed from the Facebook account of Zydney, it looks like she’s already fed up with all the netizens bullying and bashing her.

She also tried to defend her actions by saying that she is not the one who even started the feud.

Up to this date, many netizens are still posting ill-comments on the Facebook account of Zydney.

These are just some of the screenshots of the netizens’ comments on Zydney’s posts.

The cycle of bullying

Bullying is real and is actually common in the school setting. What is saddening is that it goes unnoticed most of the time and often, there will only be actions when it’s too late already, or even worse, no action at all. Additionally, the victims of bullying are too scared to report it to someone and more likely to just keep it to themselves.

This is a call to everyone that when you see someone getting bullied, reach out and help. However, with the power of social media right now, it is too easy to say mean things about people. Bullying will not be solved by also bullying and bashing the bully. Although we know that the bullies are really on the wrong, wishing bad things to them is also a form of bullying in itself.

We cannot stop bullying through bullying. In fact, it is not only the victims of bullying who needs help but the bullies too. Help each other. Speak out when you know that something wrong is going on. Stand up for yourself and stand up for others. Stop the cycle of bullying. Reach out.

(Screenshots grabbed from the FB accounts of the involved parties)

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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