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Touching video of daughter reuniting with her parents after 30 years goes viral

The video was made by Luis Cortes Romero, an immigration lawyer in Seattle, Washington.

A heartwarming video of a daughter reuniting with her parents after 30 years recently captured hearts online.

The video was made by Luis Cortes Romero, an immigration lawyer in Seattle, Washington.

Romero’s mother lives in the United States and his grandmother in Mexico.

In his caption to the video he uploaded on Twitter, Romero wrote that the reunion happened after he “surprised his mom by reuniting her with her parents after three decades of them not seeing each other.”

“Her parents live in MX (Mexico), and my mom cannot visit bc (because) of her imm (immigration) status. When I went to law school, I vowed to figure out a way to reunite them, & was able to help them get visas,” he said.

In the video, Romero’s mother could not contain her tears and both daughter and father locked in an emotional embrace. Then later on, she also hugged her mom tightly.

Romero’s two aunts, who also came, also cried out too as they embraced their parents whom they haven’t seen for a long time.

“My aunts—my mom’s sisters—come into the video at the very end. I had invited them to come over, too, because it had been many years since they saw their parents. So, they were also surprised,” Romero said in another tweet.

The lawyer has narrated how he went to great lengths to arrange their surprise reunion.

“I will note that we had to go through four denials, and the visas were granted on the fifth try,” he said.

“They live in a small rural town in Mex, so it required them to travel for several hours by bus each time. Her dad is deaf/mute and illiterate, so it made things more challenging. 😪,” he added.

Soon after the reunion, Romero said they celebrated his grandfather’s birthday with his mom.

“This is one of my favorite photos—my mom doesn’t smile much in photos, but we caught this one at the perfect moment,” he wrote as a caption to a photo of his mom together with her parents.

The touching video has warmed the hearts of many netizens.

Here’s what they said:

“Thank you. I’m not sure if I’m crying because this filled my heart overflowing with love to witness this reunion or overflowing with shame that our country makes it so hard for some families to just love one another. Bless you and your family.”

“They must be tremendous people to have raised such an amazing person. In yiddish, the word ‘naches’ means ‘warmth at the achievement of your children’ and boy did you give your parents all the naches.”

“This what failed immigration policies look like… Nobody should be separated from their families for decades! It’s just cruel.”

“You are your ancestors wildest dreams! Congrats on ALL your hard work. This is absolutely beautiful. What an amazing day for your familia!”

“Tears. Tears for them. Tears for all of us. Tears at man’s inhumanity to man. 💔”


“This is so lovely, but the pain of such lengthy separation is clear. I bet you’ve more than made your family proud.”

“Congratulations man. This was beautiful. I’m glad you were able to do this for them.”

“This is the best thing I’ve seen on this hellsite in months. I’m so happy for your mom, and your family. ❤️”

“About broke my heart~ The sobs said everything. Amazing to be able to watch this wonderful moment!”

“What a beautiful moment and what an amazing thing to do. ❤️”

The viral video has since garnered more than 280,000 likes and has been shared over 52,900 times.

Written by Angelle De Leon

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