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Teenager slaps sick grandma: Issues apology to netizens

In his apology video, Padel revealed that their families are being affected by the issue and some netizens threatened to kill him and burn his house down.

Recently, netizens were disturbed by a video circulating on social media about a teenager doing an acrobatic stunt and suddenly slapping a grandmother, prompting him to give a public apology.

The teenager, 16, is a ‘kasambahay’ or helper of a grandmother who has dementia in Calbayog, Samar. He is also a small YouTuber and Tiktoker sharing video content.

His video of slapping a grandmother, assigned to him by his employer supposed to be cared for, garnered negative reactions from the netizens.

One netizen reacted ‘lutong’ to describe how powerful the slap was.

Another netizen added that he represents why some people do not accept LGBTQ and become a stain to the said community.

Others have directly cursed at him out of anger.

After receiving threats and negative feedback from netizens, the teenager posted a video on his youtube channel apologizing for his abusive actions.

In his apology video, Padel revealed that their families were affected by the issue, and some netizens threatened to kill him and burn his house down.

“Nadadamay na pati pamilya namin…Makapagsabi kayo na—patayin yung bakla, sunugin yung bahay,” he lamented with teary eyes.

He then informed the netizens about the other videos circulating as fake. He denied hurting the grandmother in other videos. He admitted that the first video was the only video where he appeared physically abuse the older woman.

The teenager who went viral pleaded to critics to stop giving negative reactions and sending hate comments. He clarified that actually, the older woman also hurt him, and the instructions of his employers of hitting back were implanted in his mind. Thus, he did that. He also claimed that his employers do not give him hazard pay. He is not compensated after being hit or exposed to an altercation with the older woman.

The assumed sympathy that the viral teenager pleaded in his video appeared to be added backlash.

One netizen noticed how he played as a victim.

Further, a netizen added that he deserves all the hate.

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