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Guy chokes on his necklace while on a theme park ride

Guy chokes on his necklace while on a theme park ride

  • Two couples are seen on a theme park ride
  • Boyfriend’s necklace accidentally goes in his mouth
  • Netizens find it funny

A video circulating on social media shows one reason you shouldn’t wear jewelry while doing some activities.

@MiniMuffinHeart posted a video on Twitter of herself and her boyfriend on a theme park ride.

They were smiles as they enjoyed the ride.

The boyfriend could be seen wearing a necklace with a circular pendant.

The pendant kept on flying about until it went inside the guy’s mouth.

The guy started choking but eventually got it out of his mouth.

His girlfriend can be seen laughing at him.

The post has 86k retweets and 317k likes.

Netizens were disappointed as most of them were expecting something gory.

There are a lot of things that could happen if one does not do the necessary things when on a ride.

Always follow the rules and regulations of each ride. Keeping your head, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times is very important to avoid injuries.

Whenever the machine stops, do not stand up on your own. Instead, wait for further instructions.

Those straps that the rides have are sometimes not that secure, so alerting proper authorities about it is advised. More importantly, do not remove the straps during a ride. Back in 2009, a man in Star City fell to his death during an inverted roller coaster ride.

Clothing should be kept short, jewelry removed, long hair tied up because these can get stuck on a machine’s gear.

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Gay couple shows unconditional love in having a ‘pride family’

Gay couple shows unconditional love in having a ‘pride family’

  • There are families that show the same love regardless of their gender.
  • The gay couple has to juggle with the roles of mother and  father which they have very challenging
  • Love will overpower any discrimination that may come along.

A Twitter user named Bobbie shared their family picture with a caption “For the Love, retweet this with your #PrideFamily”

Unlike a typical type of family, both parents are of the same gender. This is a real picture of a “Pride Family” where both have to play the role of parents regardless of their gender.

In an interview of the Dailypedia via a message, Bobbie shared their experience as a pride parent. Bobbie said that they are parenting the baby of his sister. Both of them have to juggle with the role of being the mother and the father which they have found very challenging.

The couple said that they were having “fun to take care of a family that is bonded with love and not because of the norm.”

The community still discriminates against this type of relationship but slowly some are becoming more open-minded.

What is more challenging for a pride parents like them is how they would explain to the child about their relationship and sexuality. “I’m sure in the future we will have to the ‘talk’ about his parent being gays and I wouldn’t lie about him about it,” he said.

Now as pride parents they will do their best to give their love to him so when the time comes, love will overpower any discrimination that may come along.

With the use of social media, he thought that it would be a great platform to bring awareness to the community they are part of. He believes that “love will always supersede anything.”

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Man apologizes to son for not having money to celebrate graduation, son says his love is enough

Man apologizes to son for not having money to celebrate graduation, son says his love is enough

  • Dad wants to take his son out to Jollibee but does not have enough
  • His son says that his love and presence is enough
  • The son promises to give the world to his dad
  • Netizens were brought to tears


Graduation is one of the most significant events in a student’s life. Most celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Sadly, not all people get to experience this event with all the trimmings.

Ryan Reyes shared his graduation story on Facebook which had netizens in tears.

On his graduation day, Ryan’s father told him that he was so sorry that he could not treat his son out for a meal because of insufficient funds. His plan was to go out with his son and maybe eat at Jollibee, but his budget did not allow this.

“Nak, pasensya na wala pa ako pera eh, kain sana tayo sa labas, kahit Jollibee lang sana.”

This statement broke Ryan’s heart to the point where he had to hold back his tears.

“Hindi pa nag uumpisa ang lahat pero ito na yung dumurog sa akin kanina. Pinilit kong itago ang mga luha na gusto ng bumagsak mula sa aking mga mata.”

Ryan said that this graduation is not even about him, it is all about the man that drives every day just so his son could have better days.

“Para ito sa isang driver na binaybay ang pagsubok ng buhay para makapagtapos ang anak niya. Para ito sa isang tatay ng tinanggap niyang buo ang anak na bakla. PARA SA ‘YO ANG ARAW NA ITO, PAPA”.

Ryan said that it does not matter that his dad couldn’t take him out because he knows the struggles he’s been through.

He said that his dad’s presence and love is already enough.

“Alam ko at naiintindihan kong sa ngayon ay hindi mo ako mapapakain sa mamahaling restaurant or kahit fast food chain man lang after graduation. Wag kang mag alala papa, PRESENSYA AT PAGMAMAHAL MO PALANG BUSOG NA BUSOG NA AKO.”

Ryan promised to give back to his dad. He also says that the sacrifices that his father showed will remain unrivaled.

“Kung tutuusin, ay napaka swerte kong tao na binigyan ako ng Diyos ng tatay na katulad mo. WALA KANG KATULAD!!

His post has over 70k likes. Netizens were left in tears as the story touched their hearts. The story became such an inspiration to many, especially those that do not have much in life.

“Crying!! 😢 Salute to you tatay! 👏 Hanga ako sa mga katulad mo! Congratulations, Ryan Russel Reyes! 🎓 Your papa is also blessed to have you in his life. May God bless you forever! 😊”

“Naiyak ako. Congratulations to you. Well deserved. Achieve na achieve! God bless you at ang tatay mong napaka dakila”

“God speed sa inyo ng fam mo❤ u deserve it be!!!”

“Jollibee, baka naman po pls! graduation party pra sa isang mapagmahal at dakilang ama!”

“Congrats po. 🙂 Nakakainspire naman po kayo lalo na sa papa mo. 🙂 goodluck to ur next journey and Godbless :)”

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Pedophile steals one man’s photos, uses them to prey on little girls

Pedophile steals one man’s photos, uses them to prey on little girls

  • JB Magallanes’s photos were taken by a poser named JB Pascual
  • The poser was actually a pedophile chatting up little girls
  • Magallanes is still trying to clear his name

As a social media user, you need to understand that you are exposing yourself to the world and the dangers that come with it. It doesn’t matter if your accounts are private, once you have put out information, there is no taking it back.

Posers are one of the most common social media problems that people deal with.

Somebody takes your pictures, makes an account then starts going around the platform pretending they’re you.

It is very dangerous because the owner of the photo can be blamed for bad things since it’s their photos that are being used.

One victim of this would be JB Magallanes (@jbjbjbm_).

Apparently, somebody took his photos and created a Facebook account named “JB Pascual.”

This JB Pascual has been blowing up on social media because he sends explicit and inappropriate messages to little girls.

Benjamin Cristobal, a netizen, found out that this JB Pascual messaged his 13-year-old sister.

The screenshots show that JB Pascual asked the little girl if she watches porn, the girl then says she’s 13 and that he is risking himself.

JB mentions that his libido is up, then asks if they can be friends, the girl said “no.”

Twitter user @marccristobal then posted all about it saying that they should be aware of this pedophile from Quezon City named JB Pascual. Unfortunately, pictures of JB Magallanes that were misappropriated by the poser accompanied the warnig.

The tweet had over a thousand retweets, but Magallanes messaged him and asked him to delete it while explaining everything.

Magallanes knew that he had to clear his name and prove his innocence, so he went to twitter.

“Guys, if ever na may mag message ulit sa inyo na ganto or kahit ano pang account na may gamit ng picture ko it’s not me, nakausap ko na yung nagpost neto and i ask to delete the tweet and ill make a post for this para maaware lajat ng nagreact and nag retweet sa tweet na.”

Magallanes then says he only has one account for each social media platform that he is in.

“To clarify all of the fake accounts/poser accounts/dummy accounts using my pictures and name is not me, i have only one facebook account and one twitter account to prove, my family and friends know me, and please help me to spread this out para hindi na maulit yung ganto.”

He is also ready to prove his innocence with government issued-ID he possesses.

“And I can prove that with my bio and any government issued ID and Certificates including NSO Birth Certificate.”

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VIRAL: Unusual creature caught dancing on cam

VIRAL: Unusual creature caught dancing on cam

  • An unknown creature is seen walking
  • The creature then does a weird dance

A netizen named Vivian Gomez posted a video from her closed-circuit cameras on her Facebook which had netizens thinking.

She posted the 10-second clip to find some answers. The video shows a big shadow from the corner, and suddenly, an unusual creature with a large head started walking, doing a little dance at the end.

“So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out…what the heck??”

The creature is short and thin, with an unusual body type. Its face cannot be seen as it was walking away from the camera.

Vivian claimed that only one of her cameras captured the scene, the other two did not.

“First I saw the shadow walking from my front door when I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.”

People are still trying to figure it out. The majority of the netizens didn’t even take it seriously and saw it as something silly.

“This is so creepy! I hope you find something out”

“hey Vivian Gomez if u look at it really close when the video is large it looks like a kid in flip flops and underwear. when he gets to the driveway it looks like he has underwear and shorts or something on its head”


“If it is real it looks like it’s a child! I would be more concerned a small child is in danger than a ghost. The time frame seems too late for any child to be out. The behavior is really strange too! Send it to the police.”

“Maybe somebody running around naked… high as a kite!”

The video has nearly 5 million views.

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Dog finds owner’s lost Airpod

Dog finds owner’s lost Airpod

  • Owner lost his airpod a month ago
  • Dog returns it to him
  • Dog is rewarded with toys and food

Apple Airpods are not cheap since they usually range from 150 to 199 US Dollars.

They are placed in a case where they are charged every time they are in there. The Airpods are not connected to a single wire so it is very easy to lose them. Losing them can really hurt the owner’s wallet.

Twitter user @hljnsn shared how he found his left Airpod, a month after he lost it.

He posted a photo of his dog smiling at the camera with the Airpod in front.

Apparently, his dog found his Airpod and gave it to him.

“I lost my left Airpod more than a month ago and I made peace with it but OMG TODAY OUT OF NOWHERE MY DOG CAME TO ME WITH MY LOST LEFT AIRPOD”

He has no idea how his dog found it but he is glad it did.

“wtf I have no idea where this kid found it look how happy he looked when he gave it to me. I fuckin love this good boi fuck”

The dog will then be rewarded with a lot of new toys and beef jerky.

“he fuckin deserves it I’m buying him tons of toys and jerky tomorrow damn”

His post has over 70 likes and 13k retweets.

The dog actually has its own Instagram.

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Kid allegedly killed his cat for disturbing him while he was playing Mobile Legends

Kid allegedly killed his cat for disturbing him while he was playing Mobile Legends

  • Kid says he was trying to rank up
  • But his cat kept on disturbing him
  • He then hung the cat and posted photos of it on Facebook

A netizen named Drexel Cruz posted photos on the Facebook page MOBILE LEGENDS PHILIPPINES which was later reposted by another Facebook page dedicated to cats called Muningning.

The photos show a dead cat hanging from the gate of a house with a thin cord tied around its neck.

“Hayop kang pusa ka dahil sa ‘yo natalo ako sa mobile legends knina. Grrrr hindi mo na ako maiistorbo,” Drexel wrote.

He said that the cat was really annoying and he tried to put up with it, but the cat got in the way of his Mobile Legends game.

“Ilagay nyo po sa posisyon ko ang mga sarili nyo. Kung may pinaghihirapan po kayo at sisirain lang ng iba, mas magandang burahin nyo yung naninira.”

People who play the Mobile Legends game know that ranking up is not easy as it requires a crazy amount of effort. This is exactly what Drexel was thinking when he killed his cat.

“Sa mga na trigger sa post ko ipagpaumanhin nyo po ang ginawa ko, mas importantante po ang rank kesa sa buhay ng pusa. madali lang naman sila mag parami, pero ang rank mahirap ipunin.”

Netizens showed their disgust towards what Drexel’s inhumane deed.


“Bobo mo!!!naglalambing lang sayo ung pusa binigti mo na,kailangan mo na magpatingin sa doktor pero dapat makulong ka muna👎”

“P*TANG *NA Mo patayin ko parents Mo madali lang nmn din magparami ng Tao animal kA”

“Nang dahil lang sa mobile legend pinatay mo yung pusa gawa rin yan ng DIYOS kuya kaya wala kang karapatan na pumatay rin ng hayop GAGO ToH tang ina KA”

“Nang dahil lang sa mobile legend pinatay mo yung pusa gawa rin yan ng DIYOS kuya kaya wala kang karapatan na pumatay rin ng hayop GAGO ToH tang ina KA”

However, some netizens claimed that the picture is old and is really from a news report about a case of animal cruelty. Either way, Drexel’s goal seems to be to get people upset and triggered which his post has certainly accomplished.

The post has nearly 5k likes.

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Student shares how she saved 26,000 pesos from her school allowance

Student shares how she saved 26,000 pesos from her school allowance

  • Students says she saved 26,000 pesos from her school baon
  • Says that you should have a mindset of “needs over wants”
  • Says that you have to really want it

Students find it really hard to save their money, as there are too many temptations,  like food, hangouts, and various material things.

One student by the Facebook name of Coristine Scimorious (not her real name) shared a story on how she saved 26,000 pesos of her school money in just 10 months.

She said it wasn’t easy. Instead of wanting to save, she ended up spending it on food.

“Mahirap talagang mag-ipon, kasi unang una sa lahat, ang hirap iwasan ng pagkain. ‘Yung tipong iipunin mo sana e ipambibili ko pa siya ng pagkain.”

Then she looked for solutions to solve her problem and finally found the right one. She opened a BPI Kaya Savings account that although charges five pesos per withdrawal, only requires a 150-peso initial deposit, and requires no maintaining balance.

This is perfect for students who want to save up.

“Convenient siya sa mga students kasi PHP 150 lang ang bayad upon opening sa account tapos walang maintaining balance. Though kada-withdraw mo lang e mababawasan ka ng PHP 5.00.”

She says that she usually gets 150 pesos per day but only spends 20 pesos because she always brings with her food for lunch. Furthermore, saving up to 650 pesos per week was her goal.

“Kada-week, ang goal ko talaga is maka-save ng PHP 650. Ang baon ko sa isang araw ay PHP 150 pero, ang ginagastos ko lang ay either 20 ganoon, kasi nagbabaon na ako ng kanin at ulam for lunch.”

She added that her parents would not pay for concert tickets, so she took it upon herself to save money so she could experience seeing her favorite artists up close.

She then realized that she was saving, on average, 2,600 pesos a month. She thanked her willpower for making this happen.

After 10 months of being thrifty, she was surprised that she was able to save up to 26,000 pesos, which caught her by surprise.

“Hanggang sa nagulat na lang ako na after 10 months, may PHP 26,000 na pala ako.”

Everything was attributed to her mindset of needs over wants. Her purpose of sharing this story is to motivate fellow students to do the same if they want to accomplish a similar milestone.

Her post has over 30k likes.

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Netizen asks, ‘What was the dumbest thing you did for love?’

Netizen asks, ‘What was the dumbest thing you did for love?’

  • Netizen shares how she put in the effort for her crush
  • Her followers share the same experiences

“hi friends pls tell me abt the farthest, dumbest and most unnecessary thing you did for a crush/SO bc i know love makes us stupid”

This is what Chesca Persia asked her Twitter followers. She wanted to know the stupidest things they’ve done for people they were attracted to.

She shared her own experience with her crush. She even took a Physics class just to be close to him. They dated for a while, and one day she saw his resumé which she thought could use some work so she edited it.

“tapos i saw his resume while we were on a date sKsskKsksK i snappedt and edited that shit HAHAHA ang pangit ih”.

She said the guy ended up being the top student in his class because of what she did for him.

“that got him his first uno in the class”.

“keep those kwentos coming @/ my mentions and quote rts! i guess everyone’s dumb when they’re inlove good to know im not alone 😂

A lot of her followers shared similar experiences.

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Woman attacked with a needle, might be affected with a virus

Woman attacked with a needle, might be affected with a virus

  • An innocent bystander gets attacked with a needle
  • She might have been infected with a virus
  • Doctor urges her to get tests done

Clarisse Cruz shares a sad story about her friend whose identity she kept hidden. Her friend had made a thread on Twitter about her experience and Clarisse shared it on Facebook.

The friend was walking along a footbridge when she came across with decent-looking old lady who suddenly punched her arm.

Her friend decided to ignore the unusual incident and continued her way to the mall. After a while, she noticed that her arm had rashes and was going numb. She also noticed a red dot in the area where she was punched.

She realized that something had pierced her skin since blood came out when she squeezed it. This had her really worried as she initially thought that it was just a blunt force trauma.

She told her story to nurses who were shocked because they had previous cases like this.

They advised her to get a medico-legal and based on their previous patients, have herself tested since those patients were mostly infected with HIV or Hepatitis.

The doctor confirmed that her skin was penetrated with a needle and that he suspected it could be infected with a virus. The doctor also said that if the puncture wound is shallow, then there is a good chance she won’t be getting any diseases. A deep wound would increase the chances of an infection.

They checked on her vaccination records and confirmed that she would be safe from hepatitis. Unfortunately, since there is no cure or vaccine for HIV, it means she could have been exposed to a deadly virus.

Clarisse said her friend does not deserve this.

The post has nearly 30k likes.

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