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Pedophile steals one man’s photos, uses them to prey on little girls

  • JB Magallanes’s photos were taken by a poser named JB Pascual
  • The poser was actually a pedophile chatting up little girls
  • Magallanes is still trying to clear his name

As a social media user, you need to understand that you are exposing yourself to the world and the dangers that come with it. It doesn’t matter if your accounts are private, once you have put out information, there is no taking it back.

Posers are one of the most common social media problems that people deal with.

Somebody takes your pictures, makes an account then starts going around the platform pretending they’re you.

It is very dangerous because the owner of the photo can be blamed for bad things since it’s their photos that are being used.

One victim of this would be JB Magallanes (@jbjbjbm_).

Apparently, somebody took his photos and created a Facebook account named “JB Pascual.”

This JB Pascual has been blowing up on social media because he sends explicit and inappropriate messages to little girls.

Benjamin Cristobal, a netizen, found out that this JB Pascual messaged his 13-year-old sister.

The screenshots show that JB Pascual asked the little girl if she watches porn, the girl then says she’s 13 and that he is risking himself.

JB mentions that his libido is up, then asks if they can be friends, the girl said “no.”

Twitter user @marccristobal then posted all about it saying that they should be aware of this pedophile from Quezon City named JB Pascual. Unfortunately, pictures of JB Magallanes that were misappropriated by the poser accompanied the warnig.

The tweet had over a thousand retweets, but Magallanes messaged him and asked him to delete it while explaining everything.

Magallanes knew that he had to clear his name and prove his innocence, so he went to twitter.

“Guys, if ever na may mag message ulit sa inyo na ganto or kahit ano pang account na may gamit ng picture ko it’s not me, nakausap ko na yung nagpost neto and i ask to delete the tweet and ill make a post for this para maaware lajat ng nagreact and nag retweet sa tweet na.”

Magallanes then says he only has one account for each social media platform that he is in.

“To clarify all of the fake accounts/poser accounts/dummy accounts using my pictures and name is not me, i have only one facebook account and one twitter account to prove, my family and friends know me, and please help me to spread this out para hindi na maulit yung ganto.”

He is also ready to prove his innocence with government issued-ID he possesses.

“And I can prove that with my bio and any government issued ID and Certificates including NSO Birth Certificate.”

Written by paulie walnuts

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