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Woman known as ‘Pambansang Tsismosa’ finished three courses in college

Woman known as ‘Pambansang Tsismosa’ finished three courses in college

  • The segment director of Eat Bulaga was happy because of her being talkative about what she knows about their barangay
  • She was a consistent honor student and finished three courses in college

In Rosario, La Union, a woman named Gliceria de Leon or Manang Hising called “Pambansang Tsismosa” was featured in Eat Bulaga’s segment Juan For All, All for Juan in 2014.

Manang Hising said that the segment director of the program was happy because of her being talkative about what she knows about their barangay.

“Hindi ako nahihiya kasi ako yun eh. ‘Di ba, be true to yourself. Maprangka ako. Kung ano ang gusto ko ay sinasabi ko,” Manang Hising said.”

After five years, Manang Hising is still the star of Juan for All, All for Juan as her video went viral again. This episode is one that many people in other countries enjoy watching.

“Yung mga kababayan namin na nasa ibang bansa, napanood nila yun. Tuwang-tuwa sila, tawa sila nang tawa. Parang naibsan daw yung kalungkutan nila,” she said.

Because of her viral video, she is well-known in her barangay as a storyteller who likes to talk.

Manag Hising clarified that the reason behind her being talkative was because she was volunteering in their barangay as a health worker and she was also assigned to give lectures about family planning to couples before they can get married.

In 2007, she said in her story that she was an Outstanding Family Planning Motivator and that she was usually assigned to be the emcee whenever they have programs.

For her, being talkative and outspoken is her asset. Though she knows that gossip has no good intentions, she makes sure that it will not spend all of her time in idle chatter.

Even though she was known as a gossip, she was proud to say that she had finished three courses in college.

She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business management, another in Business Entrepreneurship and a Master Degree in Local Administration. She was also a consistent honor student.

She is not only proud of herself but she is also proud of her three children who all graduated as valedictorians of their respective classes. They also graduated as cum laude and magna cum laude from their college.

For those people who always criticize her on social media because of her being a “tsismosa,” she said she isn’t irritated or affected for she knows who she really is.

“Kilala ko kung sino ako. Why should I entertain them? Wala akong pakielam, hindi naman ako nanghihingi ng ikinabubuhay ko sa kanila. This is my life.”

Manang Hising admitted that she cannot avoid hearing gossip but she tries to not tell anyone about what she learns.

She is currently working as an administrative aide ticket collector in Rosario, La Union public market.

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