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VIRAL: Unusual creature caught dancing on cam

VIRAL: Unusual creature caught dancing on cam

  • An unknown creature is seen walking
  • The creature then does a weird dance

A netizen named Vivian Gomez posted a video from her closed-circuit cameras on her Facebook which had netizens thinking.

She posted the 10-second clip to find some answers. The video shows a big shadow from the corner, and suddenly, an unusual creature with a large head started walking, doing a little dance at the end.

“So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out…what the heck??”

The creature is short and thin, with an unusual body type. Its face cannot be seen as it was walking away from the camera.

Vivian claimed that only one of her cameras captured the scene, the other two did not.

“First I saw the shadow walking from my front door when I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.”

People are still trying to figure it out. The majority of the netizens didn’t even take it seriously and saw it as something silly.

“This is so creepy! I hope you find something out”

“hey Vivian Gomez if u look at it really close when the video is large it looks like a kid in flip flops and underwear. when he gets to the driveway it looks like he has underwear and shorts or something on its head”


“If it is real it looks like it’s a child! I would be more concerned a small child is in danger than a ghost. The time frame seems too late for any child to be out. The behavior is really strange too! Send it to the police.”

“Maybe somebody running around naked… high as a kite!”

The video has nearly 5 million views.

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Dog finds owner’s lost Airpod

Dog finds owner’s lost Airpod

  • Owner lost his airpod a month ago
  • Dog returns it to him
  • Dog is rewarded with toys and food

Apple Airpods are not cheap since they usually range from 150 to 199 US Dollars.

They are placed in a case where they are charged every time they are in there. The Airpods are not connected to a single wire so it is very easy to lose them. Losing them can really hurt the owner’s wallet.

Twitter user @hljnsn shared how he found his left Airpod, a month after he lost it.

He posted a photo of his dog smiling at the camera with the Airpod in front.

Apparently, his dog found his Airpod and gave it to him.

“I lost my left Airpod more than a month ago and I made peace with it but OMG TODAY OUT OF NOWHERE MY DOG CAME TO ME WITH MY LOST LEFT AIRPOD”

He has no idea how his dog found it but he is glad it did.

“wtf I have no idea where this kid found it look how happy he looked when he gave it to me. I fuckin love this good boi fuck”

The dog will then be rewarded with a lot of new toys and beef jerky.

“he fuckin deserves it I’m buying him tons of toys and jerky tomorrow damn”

His post has over 70 likes and 13k retweets.

The dog actually has its own Instagram.

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Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much money, says former PSC Chairman

Hidilyn Diaz is asking for too much money, says former PSC Chairman

  • Aparicio Mequi reveals that Hidilyn Diaz wants to be financed heavily for her training
  • Mequi says that Diaz wants her boyfriend to be her conditioning coach
  • The athlete is being bashed on social media

Athletes are starting to train as the Olympics get closer and closer. Hidilyn Diaz has one goal in mind, and that is to make history again by being the first ever Gold Medalist in the country.

However, she feels that she lacks the finances to get the highest level of training that is needed for her to do so.

On Monday, in her Instagram story, she asked if she could get sponsored privately for her training in the Tokyo Olympics.

“Hirap na hirap na ako. Sa tingin niyo okay lang kaya, nahihiya kasi ako pero try ko kapalan ang mukha ko para sa minimithi kong pangarap para sa ating bansa na maiuwi ang gold medal sa Olympics.”

Diaz will be competing in the World Weightlifting Championship and fans understand that this is not an easy task.

The Philippine Sports Commission responded and said that they have been supporting her financially, and as a matter of fact, she has one of the highest salaries in the country and that her wishes are usually granted.

Diaz has already received P4.5 million of training funds for her participation in Hainan and Guangxi.

View this post on Instagram

I gonna miss my hair. #labanHidilyn

A post shared by Hidilyn Diaz OLY (@hidilyndiaz) on

Her coach is getting a handsome monthly salary and food allowance. Her NSA’s request for funding for competitions was also approved.

She also received 3 million pesos after her Olympic feat, and that’s just from the government incentives act.

A new weightlifting gym has just been built in the RMSC after she requested to see improvement in the old gym that she works out in.

Now she is getting bashed here and there on social media as former PSC chairman Aparicio Mequi revealed a lot about the athlete in a Facebook post.

He reveals that what Diaz really wants is for her boyfriend, who is from Guam, to be her coach with a specific salary, plus a condo just for them. She looks like she is asking for a lot.

“So, as I promised my colleague Jesus S. Matubis Jr, here are additional info re the boyfriend of Hidilyn. She wanted PSC to hire him as her strength and conditioning (S&C) coach with a salary of $1,500 and condo inclusive of utilities at $400 or a total of $1,900/month!” said Mequi.

Mequi added that if he really cared about Diaz, then he wouldn’t be asking for too much.

This is one of the few times where Diaz’s request was not granted.

Mequi hopes that Diaz won’t use this as an excuse if she is not able to deliver during the competition.

People are still waiting for Diaz to answer these accusations.

“Demanding pala si Ate Gurl. I think her demands are over and beyond what she is entitled to. ‘Yong tipong inabot mo na ang kamay mo, gusto ka pang lamunin ng buong-buo. Disgusting.”


“conditioning coach!!WTF is a conditioning coach for?ek ek pepe conditioning!!!”

“Hingi tulong tapos mo batikosin si Duterte.kapal ng mukha mo.hidilyn.magsama kau ng Dilawan mo.kapal mo babaeta ka.”

“Bronze lang pala nakuha ganun na xa ka demanding akala mo gold ang nakuha…dika mananalo kasi imbes magpalakas ka pinapa ghina ka bf mo ang trainer…OMG!”

Recently, Diaz met up with PSC Chairman William Ramirez and discussed her requests.

Ramirez released a statement saying,

“The government will continue to support her… We have pledged our support before and will continue to do so because we are focused on that Olympic gold as much as Hidilyn is.”

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Teacher tells students to make their faces as their notebook covers

Teacher tells students to make their faces as their notebook covers

  • Teacher jokingly tells his students to make their faces as their notebook covers
  • One student takes it too seriously and actually complied
  • Netizens found the story hilarious

Jom Borja shared on Facebook a moment from one of his classes where he asked his students to have their faces on their notebook covers.

It started off with him asking his students to write down requirements for their advisory class. He then required his students to have a notebook but it had to have their faces on the cover.

Me: Okay. Pakisulat ng requirements sa subject ko. 1. Notebook

Student: Sir anong color?

Me: Wala. Pero mukha ninyo ung ipapang cover ninyo.

Students: (Nagtawanan)

Jom then got a little serious and said that he wasn’t joking. The students then thought he really meant his request.

One student then asked what would the back cover be. Jom then said it would still be them, but instead of their faces, it would be the back of their heads.

This sent his students into bursts of laughter.

The post then shows photos of one of the students who complied with what Jom asked and put his face as the cover for his notebook.

Netizens found the post really funny. It now has over 100k likes on Facebook.

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Guy attaches house keys on dog’s collar for safekeeping

Guy attaches house keys on dog’s collar for safekeeping

  • Guy attaches house keys to dog’s collar for his cousin
  • Posts a note on the front door saying Butter the dog has the keys

Dogs, according to historians, were the first animals humans domesticated. So the history between the two go way back.

They’ve been called man’s best friend and here’s a scenario that proves this.

Marie Jhoanna posted photos in a Facebook group showing a key attached to her dog’s collar.

She also posted a photo of a note on her front door saying, “Yung susi na kay Butter.”

She captioned the post, “Yung ang taba ng utak ng pinsan ko”.

Apparently her cousin went out and left the keys to the house attached to the dog’s collar. Whether her cousin thought it was easier for Marie to find the keys or it would be safer from thieves remains unanswered.

Netizens found it to be funny, but some were worried that some stranger might have hurt the dog to get the keys.

The post has nearly 5k likes.

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Reincarnated? Redford White and Babalu’s look-alikes are abuzz

Reincarnated? Redford White and Babalu’s look-alikes are abuzz

  • Redford White’s look-alike is a sari-sari store vendor.
  • Babalu’s look-alike is a driver.
  • Netizens joked that these look-alikes are the two comedians who came back from the grave.

Have you ever seen somebody who looked exactly like someone you know?

A post by facebook user Cesar Sebastian Jr. showed as doppelgängers-like of two of the most famous comedians in the country’s entertainment history, Redford White and Babalu.

The photo showed Babalu as a driver for a softdrinks company, while Redford White is a sari-sari store vendor with the caption: “They re not dead!!!!! They re alive!!!!!!”

Netizens are jokingly saying that the two comedians are back from the dead.

Babalu died  of liver cancer on August 27, 1998. Redford White died 12 years later at the age of 54 from lung cancer and a brain tumor on July 25, 2010.

The post has over 11k likes.

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Grab Driver suffers from heart attack on his first day

Grab Driver suffers from heart attack on his first day

  • A Grab driver is rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack
  • Declared dead on arrival, but breathed afterwards
  • God is real

You’ll never know when bad things will happen.

It was on May 10, when Nina Nuguid realized that life is important, and that anything bad can happen anytime.

Nina, just got out of a meeting and decided to call a Grab driver. She usually does not do this unless there is a meeting.

Her driver came at around 6pm in Tomas Morato. The driver reminded her of her father when he used to pick her up from school because he was all smiles when he greeted her.

She found out that it was his first time being a Grab driver, and it became evident since he asked for her assistance in using the GPS. After nearly 20 minutes of driving, the driver decided to park to the side to take a leak.

Nina got out of the car and took a picture of it in case something bad happens to her. She then went inside after that.

She said that the driver had no signs of any health problems, and only drank water before taking a leak. After the driver got done, Nina realized that he was at the back with both hands on the car, and had difficulty breathing.

She asked him if he was alright and he said he couldn’t breathe. She immediately called 911 and fortunately for them, an ambulance came by with no patients on board and got in contact with the grab driver right away.

Pag(ka)tapos niya umihi, pag lingon ko, nakita ko siya, dalawang kamay niya nakahawak sa likuran ng kotse at huminga siya ng malalim. Binaba ko yung bintana para tanungin kung hinihika ba siya, ang sabi niya hindi siya makahinga.”

He was then carried off to the ambulance, with the help of two other bystanders. They immediately hurried to the nearest hospital for treatment.

The grab driver was pronounced dead on arrival, with no pulse, but that is when she realized that a Man up there is watching over them.

All of a sudden, the driver was breathing as they were reviving him. Nina asked his father and sister to call Grab and tell them what happened. Grab called the driver’s family, while the owner of car kept on asking Nina for updates.

Dineklarang dead on arrival si manong driver, wala ng pulso pero sinubukan siyang i-revive. Walang imposible sa Diyos, himala huminga po si manong ulit.”

After several minutes, a patient came in suffering from cardiac arrest and since the hospital lacked staff, they asked Nina to help out with the revival of the patient.

As of now, the driver is in an unstable condition and is in a coma, confined at the East Ave Medical Center. Nina is asking for prayers.

She realized that anyone’s life can be taken from them at any moment. So we should appreciate people around because we’ll never know when will be the last time we will see them.

Minsan pa, wala ng susunod pang pagkakataon. Mahalin natin wag lang ang sarili natin, kundi mahalin natin ang kapwa natin kung paano tayo minamahal ng Diyos. Salamat po sa Diyos nating buhay.”

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Bong Revilla dancing in campaign ad angers netizens

Bong Revilla dancing in campaign ad angers netizens


The elections are coming up and we get to see new faces in different governmental positions. People are making their choices as this is written. Candidates are doing everything they can to win the people’s votes.

From appearing in various places to political advertisements.

One commercial that got the Filipino people riled up is from former senator and actor Bong Revilla.

Revilla has had a successful career in acting, usually portraying the hero.

He decided to pursue a political career and won a seat in the Senate back in 2004 and topped the race in 2010.

But in 2014, there was a warrant of arrest issyed against  him, and he surrendered before the anti-graft court immediately; due to his involvement in the Napoles pork barrel scam.

He was acquitted of plunder and was released in late 2018. His name has been stained ever since.

His political advertisement basically shows him dancing with the ‘Budots song’ in the background. Of course, netizens had a lot to say about this. Lolita Go, a netizen, posted on Facebook how she felt about all this.

She says, “Bong Revilla’s newest political ad sums up how fucked up we are as a country. It doesn’t even have to say a word. All it has to do is show a plunderer dancing, shaking his hips after being freed as if to mock the justice system and the voting public who will not take offense but will instead dance with it because it’s cute.”

Bong Revilla's newest political ad sums up how fucked up we are as a country. It doesn't even have to say a word. All it…

Posted by Lolito Go on Friday, May 3, 2019

She even says that her son finds the ad to be ‘cute’.

In addition, she is also criticizing her fellow Filipinos for playing a part in allowing this.

“If we allow plunderers to waste our hard-earned taxes with an advertisement that highlights our own foolishness and mocks us while we’re on our knees, I don’t know what else we can allow.

As Marx puts it:
History repeats itself. First as a tragedy, then as a farce.

Voting for people like him already proved to be a tragedy. If we allow tragedies like Bong Revilla to happen every so often, the tragedy is within us.”

She is basically urging people not to vote for Revilla, along with other netizens.

According to the SWS survey, as of May 4, the former senator is doing good at the 5th place. Revilla is number 16 on the senatorial race list.

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Media guide gives wrong name origin of Cebu, sparks anger in netizens

Media guide gives wrong name origin of Cebu, sparks anger in netizens


Filipinos are all about their history and netizens had negative reactions toward a video by Pop Inquirer.

Pop Inquirer made a video entitled “InqPOP! Goes To Cebu.” The main focus of it was Cebu’s different foods. The video started with the host giving a little history about Cebu.

15 seconds into the video the host says, “Cebu is derived from the word “Sebu” or “Sebo,” which literally means animal fat.”

That was the moment that got netizens riled up. Most netizens know that the information the host gave out was incorrect.

WHAT THE ACTUAL F—HAHAHAHA SERIOUSLY THO i swear this is getting out of handIt came from Sibu which means trade and puso isn’t wordplay from the TAGALOG word “puso”. Feeling important nasad mo?

Posted by Jt Tancawan on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jt Tancawan posted screenshots of that portion of the video, which has over 2500 likes and over 3000 shares. People were commenting all kinds of nasty things and it is obvious that the majority of them are from Cebu. Some even went as far as to insult Manila and its name origin.

“Manila Conya Gurl, I forgive your very bad research. Because I’m glad you’ve finally eaten my favorite Spicy Bull’s Penis Soup. I’m sure Erik Matti is even more jealous now. #InqPop #Inquirer #streetfood #Cebu #ErikMatti #lansiao”

“”Cebu” is derived from the word, “Sebu” or “Sebo” which literally means ANIMAL FAT. Tabaaaanngg lordddd naunsa tawn mo diha InqPOP”

“@InqPOP add BOGO to your vocabulary #Cebu #StreetFood”

“Just so you know, you did a really bad research on your Cebu segment. Get your facts straight.”

According to Cebu City Tour: “Cebu is a province in the Philippines consisting of Cebu Island and its other surrounding islands. Its name’s derivation has many alternative interpretations but according to history, it was derived from the word “Sibu” which means “trade.” During the reign of Rajah Humabon, the island has since become an important trading center where various products are being bartered like agricultural products, precious stones, perfumes, etc. Its harbor has become known in the vernacular as “Sinibuayng Hingpit” which means “the place for trading,” that later was shortened to sibu or sibo (“to trade”) from which the modern name “Cebu” came from.”

Most of the resources you can find online, and even netizens have the same origin of name of Cebu as the one written above.

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Girl did not mind earthquake, gets eyelashes done

Girl did not mind earthquake, gets eyelashes done


Remember the earthquakes that struck a large area of Luzon back a week ago?

The most affected area was Pampanga. The country was caught unprepared and questions whether the Filipino people are really prepared for disasters like these were taken in to account.

A variety of establishments decided to stop running their businesses due to the strong magnitude, which at the time was confirmed to be at 6.1 and for the safety of everyone.

But one girl, named Ann, seemed to not care about the whole thing, at least that’s what her photo on her twitter account showed. She posted a photo of her getting her eyelashes done during the earthquake. The photo immediately went viral and netizens found it to be funny.

“Biglang lumindol buti na lang maalaga ung mga nagperm ng pilikmata ko hindi ako iniwan. Narinig ko pa si kuya sa gilid ‘ayun nga oh nagaayos pa pilikmata,’ Kumusta naman? Nakakahiya! Sa ngalan ng kaartehan, ano?” she stated.

She was getting her eyelashes done and when the earthquake hit, everybody went outside, and they did the eyelash perming outside where everyone saw them which made it even funnier. Ann was thankful to the woman who was doing her eyelashes, as she did not leave her even with all the commotion.

Some criticized her for prioritizing her beauty over her safety, but she responded by saying it was the first time that she got her eyelashes permed so she was not going to let anything get in her way, not even an earthquake.

“tang***, 1st time ko magpaperm kanina edi excited ako ano? AH P*** biglang lumindol buti na lang maalaga ung mga nagperm ng pilikmata ko hindi ako iniwan. narinig ko pa si kuya sa gilid “ayun nga oh nagaayos pa pilikmata” kAmUstA nAmAn nAkAkAhIyA, sa ngalan ng kaartehan ano?”, she said.

Her post on Twitter has over 37,000 likes and over 3,500 retweets.

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