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A Barkada’s Ultimate Throwback Photo delights the netizens

Joe-Marie also appeared in ‘It’s Showtime’ and won Miss Q and A intertalaktic.

Today, cameras are treated like necessities because of its function to capture moments and memories. In social media, you would see people posting photos of them when they were a lot younger, also called as ‘throwback.’

One Facebook user by the name of Kenneth Santos posted an ‘ultimate throwback’ of him along with his four other friends. He posted two photos to make a comparison. The throwback photo showed them in basketball attire while the current photo showedthat all of them have grown up to be normal adults.

But one thing about it had everyone surprised.

The current photo shows that one of Kenneth’s friends whose name is Joe-Marie Santos Jalla, went from a teenage boy to an adult woman with long hair while wearing woman’s clothes.

But everything was good as most netizens had positive things to say about it. Most were happy that the friends still accepted Joe-Marie for who he is and his decision.

Netizens also assumed that the only reason he started playing basketball was to get closer to men to which he responded with “Para po sa kaalaman ng lahat grade 4 pa lang po bakla na ko and high school kung saan ako nagsimula magbasketball. Oo bakla ako pero di ito hadlang para makapaglaro ako ng basketball – naglalaro ako hindi para mapalapit sa mga lalaki o maka tsansing katulad ng mga nababasa ko, naglalaro ako dahil pinakikisamahan ko mga tropa ko.”

Furthermore, he said, “In fact, sila pa ang nagpo–provide ng shoes, jersey and shorts ko para lang makasama ako. No regrets naman kasi naging masaya ako together with them. Ito ang tunay na magtotropa – walang boundaries no matter what sexual1ty na meron ka.”

Joe-Marie also appeared in ‘It’s Showtime’ and won Miss Q and A intertalaktic.

Written by Charles Teves

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