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Media guide gives wrong name origin of Cebu, sparks anger in netizens

Filipinos are all about their history and netizens had negative reactions toward a video by Pop Inquirer.

Pop Inquirer made a video entitled “InqPOP! Goes To Cebu.” The main focus of it was Cebu’s different foods. The video started with the host giving a little history about Cebu.

15 seconds into the video the host says, “Cebu is derived from the word “Sebu” or “Sebo,” which literally means animal fat.”

That was the moment that got netizens riled up. Most netizens know that the information the host gave out was incorrect.

WHAT THE ACTUAL F—HAHAHAHA SERIOUSLY THO i swear this is getting out of handIt came from Sibu which means trade and puso isn’t wordplay from the TAGALOG word “puso”. Feeling important nasad mo?

Posted by Jt Tancawan on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jt Tancawan posted screenshots of that portion of the video, which has over 2500 likes and over 3000 shares. People were commenting all kinds of nasty things and it is obvious that the majority of them are from Cebu. Some even went as far as to insult Manila and its name origin.

“Manila Conya Gurl, I forgive your very bad research. Because I’m glad you’ve finally eaten my favorite Spicy Bull’s Penis Soup. I’m sure Erik Matti is even more jealous now. #InqPop #Inquirer #streetfood #Cebu #ErikMatti #lansiao”

“”Cebu” is derived from the word, “Sebu” or “Sebo” which literally means ANIMAL FAT. Tabaaaanngg lordddd naunsa tawn mo diha InqPOP”

“@InqPOP add BOGO to your vocabulary #Cebu #StreetFood”

“Just so you know, you did a really bad research on your Cebu segment. Get your facts straight.”

According to Cebu City Tour: “Cebu is a province in the Philippines consisting of Cebu Island and its other surrounding islands. Its name’s derivation has many alternative interpretations but according to history, it was derived from the word “Sibu” which means “trade.” During the reign of Rajah Humabon, the island has since become an important trading center where various products are being bartered like agricultural products, precious stones, perfumes, etc. Its harbor has become known in the vernacular as “Sinibuayng Hingpit” which means “the place for trading,” that later was shortened to sibu or sibo (“to trade”) from which the modern name “Cebu” came from.”

Most of the resources you can find online, and even netizens have the same origin of name of Cebu as the one written above.

Written by Gianni Russo

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