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Netizen shares how his neighbor messed up on their vehicle, almost shot him and his brother after a heated argument

Trevor Jaafar, in a post wrote on Facebook, said that he almost got shot by an angry neighbor back in April 22.

Trevor, his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend were headed to Japan when they saw that their pick-up truck had been messed around with.

The pick-up truck had scratches and had permanent writings on the windows that said “huwag pumarada sa harap ng gate.”

“Our truck was parked right outside my brother’s house. We did not block any of our neighbors’ gates or driveways.”

They were curious to know who owns the house nearest to their parked truck, so they went to that house to ask about the situation.

The owner of the house, and the suspect, was Norman Serrano Pilares, who according to Trevor, was a known bully. Things got heated quickly.

“We politely asked him if he knew who vandalized our truck. His response to us was ‘pukinang inamo’,” he said.

He also said “He (Pilares) then went back inside his yard, still cursing loudly. We decided not to escalate the situation, also considering that we had a flight to catch, so my brother and I walked away.”

The party decided to walk away and head straight to their car when all of a sudden they heard Pilares cursing loudly behind them and saw that he had a firearm and was planning on using it. The party realized that they might not even see Japan.

The party was terrified, but Trevor and his brother were able to successfully take the gun away from Pilares and was able to restrain him. People do not really like Pilares and they were happy to see him pinned down as they were waiting for the authorities to arrive.

Something life changing happened to me recently; I almost got shot. Last April 22, my brother, his girlfriend, and I…

Posted by Trevor Autry Jaafar on Sunday, April 28, 2019

A guy pretending to be a policeman approached them, took the gun away, and ran with it. He was later identified as Jayson Lopez who is a friend of Pilares.

Everybody involved headed straight to the police precinct when the police arrived. Pilares said his actions were justified because Trevor and his party were trespassing and that a gun was never used but the CCTV footage says otherwise.

Trevor then theorized that Pilares intimidates people in the community and that he has bullied several others before. He hopes that people who had problems with Pilares would come out and expose him for who he really is.

Written by JO-EST B. TAN

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