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Man details horrific experience dating a Filipina

Man details horrific experience dating a Filipina

  • Jona Nguyen had his identity exposed by his Filipina date’s family
  • Nguyen was threatened by his date’s father
  • Says that he actually feels bad for the Filipina since she can’t find true love due to her parents’ over protectiveness

Jona Nguyen, an Asian American, went on the well-known Facebook group “subtle Asian dating” and shared his terrifying experience with his Filipina date.

The Filipina’s name was Jewelia and they met on the dating app OkCupid.

They started off talking about online games and Jona decided that it was time for them to meet up.

“After a few days of talking, I asked if I can take her on a date, and she obliges. Got her address, and bam, its time to rock and roll.”

The day of the date, Jewelia called him and said that he has to meet her mom. He didn’t see any problem with it so he agreed enthusiastically.

When he got to her house, her six-year-old brother greeted him and asked if ‘he was the Jona guy’, he said yes.

Jona walked inside and met with Jewelia’s mom, who according to him had an unusual smile.

“She asks, ‘Are you j0na? The boy trying to take my daughter out on a date tonight?’ And in the process makes flicking gestures with her hand, with hot adobo sauce landing on my face. I say, ‘Yes I am.'”

The mom then asked Jona if he knows ‘THE ROUTINE”. Jona is oblivious to this and says no. The mom then called Jewelia down and she came down looking embarrassed.


“I ask, ‘what routine?’ And then the most wicked smile comes on her face.”

“You knot know da rooteen? Every boy has to go through the safety check!” says the mom.

Jona understands that Jewelia has protective parents and obliges to the “routine.”

“I see Jewelia in the corner of the room sitting on those little Asian stools, head in her palms looking away from me, fear and pain in her eyes as if I am about to become a sacrifice.”

The mom first asks for Jona’s driver’s license and he gives it to her. What surprised Jona is that she photocopied it.

“Mom then proceeds to look it over, walks away to another part of the room, and wheels out a PHOTO COPY MACHINE AND PHOTOCOPIES MY DRIVERS LICENSE.”

The mom then asks for his wallet and browses through it, then does the same thing with his social security card.



She then asks for his phone number.

“She then walks back over to me, asking me what my phone number is. I tell her, and then she takes out her cell phone, and calls me right there in front of me. My Three Days Grace ringtone goes off, and she tells me ‘Pick up da fone.'”

The mom then asks the six-year-old to get their polaroid camera so she can take a picture of Jona.

“The mom then asks me to stand against this white wall, and that she needs to take a picture of me. I say sure, and then have my mugshot taken.”

She attaches the Jona’s photos to a wall full of other pictures of Jewelia’s previous dates that had to go through the “routine.”

“On the walls, is a string, attaching itself from wall to wall. And on the strings, are literally over 30 polaroid mugshots of guys. Guys who have suffered through this ruteen. Guys who have had their drivers license photo copied. Guys who tried to sample a bit of this sweet calamansi. My picture then gets attached to this string alongside my drivers license and social security.”

The mom then asks Jona what his plan was, and Jona said that he would like to take Jewelia for a hike then got interrupted.

“No. You will take her to yogurtland on Cherry. She is to be home by 8 pm (It was currently 7:20ish PM). You are not allowed to touch her, and I will call you every 10 minutes and will want to speak to her. Do you agree to all this?”

Jona agreed but had no desire for a date anymore, he just wanted all of it to be over. Jewelia’s father then came down with an intimidating presence.

“Then I hear footsteps descending from downstairs. Huge sounding footsteps. Emerging into my sight is a hulking black man built like Dwayne The Rock Johnson. He walks over to my polaroid, takes a picture of it, takes a few steps toward me, and says, ‘If anything happens to Jewelia tonight, I will personally make sure I replace your mouth with your asshole and feed you your own shit for the rest of your life.'”

As they were leaving, Tonee the six-year-old takes down his car’s license plate number.

The drive to Yogurtland was quiet and Jona was just suppressing his anger.

They got there and were silent until Jona said, “Okay what the fuck was that?”.

Jewelia went,  “I’m sorry… my mom is a little protective.”




Jewelia then started crying and everyone was looking at them. Jona tried to calm her down when all the sudden the mom called him and asked to speak with her daughter.

After a few minutes, Jona said that its time to go and angrily told Jewelia that they will never see each other again.

“Hell no, your damn family is crazy!!”

Jewelia started yelling, gaining even more attention from other customers.

“She starts going hysterical. She starts screaming loudly, yelling, sobbing tears, slamming her fists on the table, and is quivering in fear. I’m so afraid, attempting to calm her, and panicking because the other few customers in this yogurtland are just staring at me.”

He breaks the number one rule by putting his hands on her shoulder in an attempt to try and calm her down.

“I then put my hands on her shoulder to try to calm her down, and am trying to reassure her that everything is okay. Then I hear a loud clack. A whiplash of hell entering. ‘GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!'”

Jona turns around and sees Jewelia’s mom storming straight at them.


Jona left and got into his car while Tonee shot a nerf bullet at it. He left angry and confused.

“Are all Filipinos like this??? I’m just like holy shit what did I just go through. I never really thought anything was wrong with them having my information looking back in hindsight now because I was only 19 or 20 at the time, and I was new to dating.”

He blocked all their numbers and never heard from then again. Jona actually feels sorry for Jewelia because her parents prevent her from enjoying dating.

“I hope that she has escaped her mother’s grip and escaped, because thinking back now, she may have been suffering more than I have.”

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Call center agent shares the struggles of being a working student

Call center agent shares the struggles of being a working student

  • Being a working student is hard and sleep is rare
  • Ed thanks everybody that supported him
  • Urges working students to not quit

Without a doubt being a working student has its difficulties. It is all about time management and balancing the different aspects of life.

One guy managed to do it and ended up a success, at least in his own world.

Ed Patrick Sakay shared how it feels like being a student and a call center agent at the same time.

“Kahit ako din eh, di ko alam kung paano ko kinaya, kung paano ko napagsabay ang pag-aaral at pagtatrabaho sa call center simula 2nd year college ako.”

Sakay said that it is common for someone like him to lack sleep and feel sluggish all the time. His schedule is so busy that he sometimes skips sleep for work or for school.

“Wala kang tulog tapos papasok ka sa school o kaya naman pag katapos mo sa school diretso kang trabaho, yung sabaw ka sa calls or sabaw ka sa exams kasi sabog ka dahil wala kang tulog.”

He then tells working students, specifically those who are also call center agents, to not give up and keep pushing, because someday they will make it like him.

“Itong pagtatapos ko ay inaalay ko sa lahat ng mga ka co-call center working students ko, payo ko sa inyo wag kayong susuko,” he said.

He added, “Ngayon pa lang Bilib na bilib ako sa inyo, kasi alam ko kung gaano kahirap, kaya LABAN lang bes, kung kinaya ko, kakayanin mo din!”

He said he owes everything to God.

“Maniniwala ka sa sarili mo na kakayanin mo, at magtitiwala ka kay Lord na gagabayan at iingatan ka Niya sa landas na ‘to.”

He then thanked everybody who was there for him, from his family to his co-workers.

He has a degree in business management.

“You’re an example of what hard work & determination can do. This is just the beginning for you & I know you will be successful in life. Continue to pursue your dreams. but more importantly, in your pursuit of success, don’t forget to be humble & have a kind heart.”

“Congrats beshywap namin!!! We all pgb’s are so proud of u!”

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Man apologizes to son for not having money to celebrate graduation, son says his love is enough

Man apologizes to son for not having money to celebrate graduation, son says his love is enough

  • Dad wants to take his son out to Jollibee but does not have enough
  • His son says that his love and presence is enough
  • The son promises to give the world to his dad
  • Netizens were brought to tears


Graduation is one of the most significant events in a student’s life. Most celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Sadly, not all people get to experience this event with all the trimmings.

Ryan Reyes shared his graduation story on Facebook which had netizens in tears.

On his graduation day, Ryan’s father told him that he was so sorry that he could not treat his son out for a meal because of insufficient funds. His plan was to go out with his son and maybe eat at Jollibee, but his budget did not allow this.

“Nak, pasensya na wala pa ako pera eh, kain sana tayo sa labas, kahit Jollibee lang sana.”

This statement broke Ryan’s heart to the point where he had to hold back his tears.

“Hindi pa nag uumpisa ang lahat pero ito na yung dumurog sa akin kanina. Pinilit kong itago ang mga luha na gusto ng bumagsak mula sa aking mga mata.”

Ryan said that this graduation is not even about him, it is all about the man that drives every day just so his son could have better days.

“Para ito sa isang driver na binaybay ang pagsubok ng buhay para makapagtapos ang anak niya. Para ito sa isang tatay ng tinanggap niyang buo ang anak na bakla. PARA SA ‘YO ANG ARAW NA ITO, PAPA”.

Ryan said that it does not matter that his dad couldn’t take him out because he knows the struggles he’s been through.

He said that his dad’s presence and love is already enough.

“Alam ko at naiintindihan kong sa ngayon ay hindi mo ako mapapakain sa mamahaling restaurant or kahit fast food chain man lang after graduation. Wag kang mag alala papa, PRESENSYA AT PAGMAMAHAL MO PALANG BUSOG NA BUSOG NA AKO.”

Ryan promised to give back to his dad. He also says that the sacrifices that his father showed will remain unrivaled.

“Kung tutuusin, ay napaka swerte kong tao na binigyan ako ng Diyos ng tatay na katulad mo. WALA KANG KATULAD!!

His post has over 70k likes. Netizens were left in tears as the story touched their hearts. The story became such an inspiration to many, especially those that do not have much in life.

“Crying!! 😢 Salute to you tatay! 👏 Hanga ako sa mga katulad mo! Congratulations, Ryan Russel Reyes! 🎓 Your papa is also blessed to have you in his life. May God bless you forever! 😊”

“Naiyak ako. Congratulations to you. Well deserved. Achieve na achieve! God bless you at ang tatay mong napaka dakila”

“God speed sa inyo ng fam mo❤ u deserve it be!!!”

“Jollibee, baka naman po pls! graduation party pra sa isang mapagmahal at dakilang ama!”

“Congrats po. 🙂 Nakakainspire naman po kayo lalo na sa papa mo. 🙂 goodluck to ur next journey and Godbless :)”

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Reasons why people unfriend their friends on Facebook

Reasons why people unfriend their friends on Facebook

  • Facebook allows people to unfriend someone without notifying them
  • A Facebook user unfriends friends because of personality and trust issues

Most people nowadays already have a Facebook account to easily communicate with others, share insights and experiences, and announce milestones and achievements to the public. It is another way to run a business and have online friends from other parts of the world.

But why do users find the need to unfriend their friends on Facebook?

A study revealed by Sibona and Walczak (2011) shows that the main reason why people unfriended people on Facebook because of frequent posts, game requests and unimportant content while for offline reasons was alienation, personality, and trust issues.

“We found that people often unfriend co-workers for their actions in the real world rather than anything they post on Facebook,” Sibona said

Another research by Light and Cassidy (2014) suggests people clean up their friends list to improve their connection to other contacts or to their close friends.

Pena and Brody’s study also revealed that “social attractiveness of the individuals’ influence” is a possible cause to be unfriended, the same with friends with insulting and threatening behaviour.

Science Daily also explains that knowing you’re being unfriended by someone who was once your close friend would cause one to feel unhappy especially those who closely monitor their Facebook friends.

Netizens on social media also share the reason they unfriend some of their friends on Facebook.


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VIRAL: Unusual creature caught dancing on cam

VIRAL: Unusual creature caught dancing on cam

  • An unknown creature is seen walking
  • The creature then does a weird dance

A netizen named Vivian Gomez posted a video from her closed-circuit cameras on her Facebook which had netizens thinking.

She posted the 10-second clip to find some answers. The video shows a big shadow from the corner, and suddenly, an unusual creature with a large head started walking, doing a little dance at the end.

“So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera and am trying to figure out…what the heck??”

The creature is short and thin, with an unusual body type. Its face cannot be seen as it was walking away from the camera.

Vivian claimed that only one of her cameras captured the scene, the other two did not.

“First I saw the shadow walking from my front door when I saw this thing….has anyone else seen this on their cameras?? The other two cameras didn’t pick it up for some reason.”

People are still trying to figure it out. The majority of the netizens didn’t even take it seriously and saw it as something silly.

“This is so creepy! I hope you find something out”

“hey Vivian Gomez if u look at it really close when the video is large it looks like a kid in flip flops and underwear. when he gets to the driveway it looks like he has underwear and shorts or something on its head”


“If it is real it looks like it’s a child! I would be more concerned a small child is in danger than a ghost. The time frame seems too late for any child to be out. The behavior is really strange too! Send it to the police.”

“Maybe somebody running around naked… high as a kite!”

The video has nearly 5 million views.

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Buboy the dog is killed in a hit-and-run, netizens blame irresponsible owners

Buboy the dog is killed in a hit-and-run, netizens blame irresponsible owners

  • Buboy, called the Philippines’ Hachiko, was killed in a hit-and-run incident
  • Netizens blame caretakers for being irresponsible
  • Social media mourns his death

Remember Buboy the dog who used to follow a professor named Carmelito Marcelo around the school and wouldn’t leave his casket when the latter died?

Sadly, he passed away and is now reunited with his friend up in heaven.

Many pages dedicated to animals have reacted to the unfortunate incident.

PAWSsion Project labeled Buboy as the Philippines’ Hachiko. The dog was the definition of love, as he didn’t leave his best friend’s side until the very last moment.

“Buboy was a testament of unconditional love and loyalty till the very last day of his master Mr. Marcelo.”

The way Buboy died showed that his caretakers did not really care for the loving dog.

According to a school teacher, Buboy was following the school’s security guard, who just finished his shift, across the highway when a white van, or jeepney, according to multiple sources, collided with him and drove off right away.

Buboy’s life was taken away in an instant. People rushed to the scene but there was nothing they could do.

People who know Buboy say that he usually does not go that far, so further investigation is ongoing.

There are pictures of him circulating on social media showing Buboy roaming the streets alone without an owner.

PAWSsion project says that stray dogs are most vulnerable to harm since they have no one to protect them. These stray animals deserve a home.

“Don’t have homes and are most vulnerable to abuse, cruelty, danger, and harm. Buboy and many other strays deserve a home and a family who can take care of them and give them a life they deserve. Please, consider adopting.”.

Netizens were angered about what happened and mainly blamed Buboy’s new caretakers for their irresponsibility.

“Pinabayaan nyo si Buboy. Nagpasikat lang kayo sa social media. You took videos and pictures of him mourning pero you never really cared for him. Di sya masasagasaan kung san if only you kept him just within your premises, fed him, hydrated him and took good care of him.”

“For heaven’s sake, if you can’t properly take care of a pet, much more a dog, give it to someone who can! Ginamit niyo lang si Buboy para magpasikat! Iresponsable kayo!!!”

“They probably just used this adorable dog for their own benefit which is to get famous. I thought Buboy is being well taken care of. The owners should be blamed for this.”

“I thot he was well taken cared of.. pinabayaan lang din pala. So many people wanted to give him a good life.. sana pina adopt nlng sa mga RESPONSIBLE pet owners that will love him like a family and not just a dog. So sad!”

“After Buboy got viral on social media, there were so many people offered their homes to adopt Buboy, however, they stick to their belief that Buboy has an owner that would not allow him to be adopted and that the school is his home. If only they allowed it, this would have not happened to him. Sometimes let’s not be selfish specially with these helpless animals.”

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Influencer looks for a bathroom in a hilarious way

Influencer looks for a bathroom in a hilarious way

  • Macoy Dubs shares video of himself  needing to use the bathroom
  • Expresses the importance of having a bidet

Don’t you hate it when you find yourself needing to use the restroom at an unexpected time?

Macoy Dubs, an internet sensation who has over 100,000 fans on Facebook, shared his May 17 morning experience by posting a video about it.

He starts off by saying that he needed to use bathroom.

“Maghahanap kame ng Nyi-Ar, as in Cr, dahil ako ay naeerna loo”.

He said that this happened because he couldn’t do the deed at home.

“Di ka naeerna sa morning kaya aabutan ka na lang bigla bigla”.

View this post on Instagram

My ENFP self.

A post shared by Macoy Averilla (@macoydubs) on

He kept on narrating as he walked to a nearby restroom. He arrived at Greenbelt but unfortunately the restrooms were still closed. But then he said it’s okay since they don’t have a bidet there.

“Sinubukan kong umorsok dito sa Greenbelt 4 para umerna bells, pero sarado pa. Pero ang downside wala rin siyang bidet.”

He then goes to explain that it is best to poop when there is water, compared to using tissue.

“Pag tissue lang kasi mahirap, parang yema”

He kept on walking and then said that it might come out anytime soon.

“Parang di ko na kaya. Parang anytime mag withdraw sa aking digestive system.”

He arrived outside New World Hotel and said that he and his friend are going to pretend to order coffee, and that he will go straight to the restroom.

“Kunware mag kakape tayo, tapos dederecho talaga sa cr para umerns.”

He soon made his way towards the restroom.

“This is it mga mamsh. Makapag deposito na tayo sa BDO.”

He then realized that there wasn’t a bidet installed there, but it is alright since he accomplished his mission.

“Wala pa lang bidet, wala. Well ok lang at least naka erns tayo.”

He went on to say that it is always better when there is a bidet around. He then promoted the app “San Bidet” which tells the user where there are restrooms with bidets nearby.

“Kapag nag erns kayo, free flowing ang pag daloy ng katubigan sa inyong wet paroo.”

He advised people to always carry Sanicare wipes, just in case. He said that the lesson learned today is always “make a deposit” every time you wake up in the morning, because the urge to do it might come any time of the day.

“Tuwing gumising sa umaga umerns agad. Baka may mga pokeballs na mahuhulog galing sa wet paroo.”

His video has over 11k likes.

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Middle-aged man pursues his education, inspires netizens

Middle-aged man pursues his education, inspires netizens

  • A middle-aged man dreamt of finishing his education
  • Inspires people
  • Is a scholar of CHED

Juvelyn Capariño Basas shared on Facebook about the time she saw a middle-aged man trying to photocopy documents for school.

At first, she thought that the man was doing it for his children, but realized the photocopies were for himself.

Juvelyn saw that this man valued education, even at his age.

“Akala ko yung pinapaphotocopy niya na documents ay para sa anak niya, Yun pala ay sa kanya.”

She later found out that the man works as a painter during the day and studies during the night.

He is a fourth-year student from the ICCT taking up Education as a course. Another impressive thing about all this is that he is a scholar of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and is graduating soon.

“Si tatay na nag-aaral sa ICCT Education course niya at 4th year student na. Pintor sa umaga at studyante sa gabi. Nakakabilib pa kasi scholar si tatay ng CHED.”

Juvelyn really admired the man, because he did not make his age an excuse not to pursue his education.

“Saludo po ako sa inyo kasi hindi naging hadlang yung edad niyo para matupad yung pangarap niyo.”

Netizens also admired the man’s efforts.

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Teacher tells students to make their faces as their notebook covers

Teacher tells students to make their faces as their notebook covers

  • Teacher jokingly tells his students to make their faces as their notebook covers
  • One student takes it too seriously and actually complied
  • Netizens found the story hilarious

Jom Borja shared on Facebook a moment from one of his classes where he asked his students to have their faces on their notebook covers.

It started off with him asking his students to write down requirements for their advisory class. He then required his students to have a notebook but it had to have their faces on the cover.

Me: Okay. Pakisulat ng requirements sa subject ko. 1. Notebook

Student: Sir anong color?

Me: Wala. Pero mukha ninyo ung ipapang cover ninyo.

Students: (Nagtawanan)

Jom then got a little serious and said that he wasn’t joking. The students then thought he really meant his request.

One student then asked what would the back cover be. Jom then said it would still be them, but instead of their faces, it would be the back of their heads.

This sent his students into bursts of laughter.

The post then shows photos of one of the students who complied with what Jom asked and put his face as the cover for his notebook.

Netizens found the post really funny. It now has over 100k likes on Facebook.

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Kid allegedly killed his cat for disturbing him while he was playing Mobile Legends

Kid allegedly killed his cat for disturbing him while he was playing Mobile Legends

  • Kid says he was trying to rank up
  • But his cat kept on disturbing him
  • He then hung the cat and posted photos of it on Facebook

A netizen named Drexel Cruz posted photos on the Facebook page MOBILE LEGENDS PHILIPPINES which was later reposted by another Facebook page dedicated to cats called Muningning.

The photos show a dead cat hanging from the gate of a house with a thin cord tied around its neck.

“Hayop kang pusa ka dahil sa ‘yo natalo ako sa mobile legends knina. Grrrr hindi mo na ako maiistorbo,” Drexel wrote.

He said that the cat was really annoying and he tried to put up with it, but the cat got in the way of his Mobile Legends game.

“Ilagay nyo po sa posisyon ko ang mga sarili nyo. Kung may pinaghihirapan po kayo at sisirain lang ng iba, mas magandang burahin nyo yung naninira.”

People who play the Mobile Legends game know that ranking up is not easy as it requires a crazy amount of effort. This is exactly what Drexel was thinking when he killed his cat.

“Sa mga na trigger sa post ko ipagpaumanhin nyo po ang ginawa ko, mas importantante po ang rank kesa sa buhay ng pusa. madali lang naman sila mag parami, pero ang rank mahirap ipunin.”

Netizens showed their disgust towards what Drexel’s inhumane deed.


“Bobo mo!!!naglalambing lang sayo ung pusa binigti mo na,kailangan mo na magpatingin sa doktor pero dapat makulong ka muna👎”

“P*TANG *NA Mo patayin ko parents Mo madali lang nmn din magparami ng Tao animal kA”

“Nang dahil lang sa mobile legend pinatay mo yung pusa gawa rin yan ng DIYOS kuya kaya wala kang karapatan na pumatay rin ng hayop GAGO ToH tang ina KA”

“Nang dahil lang sa mobile legend pinatay mo yung pusa gawa rin yan ng DIYOS kuya kaya wala kang karapatan na pumatay rin ng hayop GAGO ToH tang ina KA”

However, some netizens claimed that the picture is old and is really from a news report about a case of animal cruelty. Either way, Drexel’s goal seems to be to get people upset and triggered which his post has certainly accomplished.

The post has nearly 5k likes.

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