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Guy attaches house keys on dog’s collar for safekeeping

  • Guy attaches house keys to dog’s collar for his cousin
  • Posts a note on the front door saying Butter the dog has the keys

Dogs, according to historians, were the first animals humans domesticated. So the history between the two go way back.

They’ve been called man’s best friend and here’s a scenario that proves this.

Marie Jhoanna posted photos in a Facebook group showing a key attached to her dog’s collar.

She also posted a photo of a note on her front door saying, “Yung susi na kay Butter.”

She captioned the post, “Yung ang taba ng utak ng pinsan ko”.

Apparently her cousin went out and left the keys to the house attached to the dog’s collar. Whether her cousin thought it was easier for Marie to find the keys or it would be safer from thieves remains unanswered.

Netizens found it to be funny, but some were worried that some stranger might have hurt the dog to get the keys.

The post has nearly 5k likes.

Written by paulie walnuts

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