Bedwetting can be caused by psychological problems like stress

  • Enuresis in children is common
  • It usually stems from stress
  • Parents should not scold their kids because it can make it worse

“Ang bata kasi usually kapag 5 to 7 years old, kailangan magbabago na ang bladder control nila.”

Enuresis is the condition where a child has a hard time controlling his urination, especially during bedtime. It can be broken down to primary and secondary.

Primary bed wetting is when the child is in a constant process. It could be every year or every month. Secondary enuresis is the more serious one, when the child stops for a good amount of time then it comes back once in a while.

This usually happens when the child is experiencing psychological problems like stress.

The child might also be consuming too much caffeine, has an infection, or experiencing constipation, said Dr. Joseph Lee during his appearance on Good Vibes.

It is normal for kids to wet their beds while sleeping, but according to urologist Dr. Joseph Lee, if a child older than 7 is still doing it, then he or she might be experiencing an underlying problem and might need to see the doctor.

“Pag beyond 7 years old, we have to look into some category o symptomatology.”, the doctor says.

The doctor also said that it usually has to do with the parents especially when they are scolding their kids for doing it.

“It’s always the parents that would motivate the child. There should be support from the parents.”

The way to cure this condition is to make the child go through psychological therapy while also practicing bladder control.

Written by paulie walnuts

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