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Dog finds owner’s lost Airpod

  • Owner lost his airpod a month ago
  • Dog returns it to him
  • Dog is rewarded with toys and food

Apple Airpods are not cheap since they usually range from 150 to 199 US Dollars.

They are placed in a case where they are charged every time they are in there. The Airpods are not connected to a single wire so it is very easy to lose them. Losing them can really hurt the owner’s wallet.

Twitter user @hljnsn shared how he found his left Airpod, a month after he lost it.

He posted a photo of his dog smiling at the camera with the Airpod in front.

Apparently, his dog found his Airpod and gave it to him.

“I lost my left Airpod more than a month ago and I made peace with it but OMG TODAY OUT OF NOWHERE MY DOG CAME TO ME WITH MY LOST LEFT AIRPOD”

He has no idea how his dog found it but he is glad it did.

“wtf I have no idea where this kid found it look how happy he looked when he gave it to me. I fuckin love this good boi fuck”

The dog will then be rewarded with a lot of new toys and beef jerky.

“he fuckin deserves it I’m buying him tons of toys and jerky tomorrow damn”

His post has over 70 likes and 13k retweets.

The dog actually has its own Instagram.

Written by paulie walnuts

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