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Teacher tells students to make their faces as their notebook covers

Teacher tells students to make their faces as their notebook covers

  • Teacher jokingly tells his students to make their faces as their notebook covers
  • One student takes it too seriously and actually complied
  • Netizens found the story hilarious

Jom Borja shared on Facebook a moment from one of his classes where he asked his students to have their faces on their notebook covers.

It started off with him asking his students to write down requirements for their advisory class. He then required his students to have a notebook but it had to have their faces on the cover.

Me: Okay. Pakisulat ng requirements sa subject ko. 1. Notebook

Student: Sir anong color?

Me: Wala. Pero mukha ninyo ung ipapang cover ninyo.

Students: (Nagtawanan)

Jom then got a little serious and said that he wasn’t joking. The students then thought he really meant his request.

One student then asked what would the back cover be. Jom then said it would still be them, but instead of their faces, it would be the back of their heads.

This sent his students into bursts of laughter.

The post then shows photos of one of the students who complied with what Jom asked and put his face as the cover for his notebook.

Netizens found the post really funny. It now has over 100k likes on Facebook.

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Teacher failed LET seven times before she passed with the help of prayers

Teacher failed LET seven times before she passed with the help of prayers

  • A woman failed seven times before becoming a professional teacher
  • She urges people to believe in God and His ways

People who want to become teachers need to pass the Licensure Exam for Teachers or LET. The test is held twice a year and although many make it, there is also a great number of people who don’t.

The test is not easy, as it is common to see some individuals take the test multiple times. Some get discouraged and end up pursuing a different career.

But one persistent individual did not give up on her dreams of becoming a professional teacher.

Nelma M. Dahimulla graduated from Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Agri-Fishery arts. It took her eight attempts to finally pass the LET. She tried over the span of four years and did not quit. The first time she failed, she took it lightly and was still optimistic.

“My first take naka 68 lang ata ako dayyy. masakit sobra pero madali lang man makamove on agad kasi inisip ko ‘ah wala ‘to first time ko kasi kaya nanibago lang siguro tapos wala pang review.'”

She got to the point where she was short of less than one percent to pass the exam, having scored 74.20%, 75% being the passing score. This was when she really felt down, she was so close but yet so far. She blamed herself for studying on her own instead of going to a review center. She said that teaching is her passion and that her family has always wanted this profession for her.

“gusto ko to maachieve at mas maging proud pa ang parents ko sakin at magawa ko ang gusto kong gawin that is to inspire other people through my profession. I love teaching others and giving inspirational advice. So yun nga bagsak pa rin ako kasi puro ako self review at sa mga post na reviewer sa Facebook lang ako.”

After getting tired of failing, she decided to enroll at CBRC (Carl Balita Review Center). She said that the review center helped a lot, as they do not just teach academics, but also how to have faith in God. The instructors make their students feel like they should not quit and are worth it, even if they have failed many times.

“Believe sila samin at saludo sila sa tapang naming mga Repeaters na kahit paulit-ulit na bumagsak kami still bumabangon parin kami para lumaban. Sobra talaga ako naiyak that day as in.”

The instructors always remind their students the reasons they should pass their exam. She enjoyed her experience there as she made new friends, too.

Before the day of the exam, she did a lot of praying and employed all the techniques she learned at the review center. Nelma had renewed confidence as she took the exam for the eighth time.

May 25 came, the day when the results would be released and Nelma was nervous the entire day. When her mother notified her that the list was out, she immediately went online to look for her name on the list. The internet was slow and she kept on refreshing the page until she saw her name,

She described it as almost having a heart attack due to being too happy. This was life changing for her and her family.

“Alhamdulillah pasado na ako!! muntik ng sumabog puso ko that day. haha sorrry naman na … overwhelming ang feeling eh 🤣 at sobra pa nung masabi ko sa parents ko na pumasa ako beshhh.. Priceless ang Mukha nila. yun ang mas nagpasaya sakin kesa sa result hahaha grabe sila.”.

She urges people, that are struggling to make it in life, to just believe in God and that He will give you what you need at the right time. She scored a 78.40 and is now a licensed professional teacher.

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Reunite, Reconnect, Rediscover

Reunite, Reconnect, Rediscover


Set to visit Bali, Indonesia for the first time, Manila-based marketing manager Chester Cabrera was totally clueless on how to make the most out of his trip. More than tips from travel blogs, Chester needed someone to guide him around the island since doing a solo flight in an unfamiliar place isn’t an easy task.

Fortunately, a good samaritan and kababayan was kind enough to accompany him in his tour. Being a resident of Bali for 10 years, Mr. Geruel Rivadeneira was exactly the person Chester needed. He arranged Chester’s itinerary, private rides and also served as his Bahasa-English translator during the trip.

Touring the island
Touring the island

Mr. Rivadeneira isn’t just another person Chester knew.  He was his English teacher at the University of the Philippines Rural High School in 2001. Thirteen years since they last saw each other, Chester finds himself in a one-of-a-kind field trip with his former teacher.

The “Field Trip”

Aside from seeing Tanah Lot, a famous Balinese temple by the sea, club-hopping at Legian Road, and shopping at  Beachwalk Mall, Chester got more from his trip than what he had expected.

PHOTO CREDIT: Chester Cabrera
Life experience beyond Bali

For Chester, the trip was more than discovering an unfamiliar place. It was an opportunity to get to know Mr. Rivadeneira all over again.

Because of the limited time they shared in U.P. Rural High School, Chester didn’t have the chance to get to know his former teacher well. Through the experience, Chester saw another side of his former teacher who currently heads the English Department of Cambridge International Fellowship Center in Bali.

PHOTO CREDIT: Chester Cabrera
Reunited after 13 years

A positive, go-getter who goes beyond his comfort zone to experience life to the fullest, Mr. Rivadeneira is definitely an inspiration to his former student.

Mr. Geruel Rivadeneira hosting a school event.
Mr. Geruel Rivadeneira hosting a school event

“ Aside from teaching, he gets to do things beyond his comfort zone like travelling and cycling. That’s something I want to do to in the future, to go beyond my comfort zone,” says Chester.

Conquering the field

Meanwhile, the Bali trip with his former student made Mr. Rivadeneira realize “that we all are a great possibility”.

Chester during his recent visit to Japan
Chester during his recent visit to Japan

“The lesson is that we all are a great possibility. Chester showed that given where he is now. Who would have ever thought that that simple sweet-smiling boy would be a Marketing Manager in a well-known beverage company, travelling here and there, and driving a car of his own here and there I must say as well?”

On Bonding with a Former Teacher/Student

Needless to say, both Chester and Mr. Rivadeneira recommend bonding with a former teacher or student.

“You see bonding with former students allows us to see a great transformation, a close look at the success we helped to achieve. The most beautiful aspect of it is that we will notice that we have moved from that of a student-teacher relationship to more of being friends.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Geruel Rivadeneira
Dining at a local favourite

As for Chester, the bonding experience allowed him to show gratitude to one of the people who helped him become the person he is now.

The State of Filipino Teachers

Mr. Rivadeneira is among the thousands of Filipino teachers who opted to teach abroad for a number of reasons. Although working in the Philippines is more fun since they can serve their own countrymen while surrounded by their loved ones, many chose to seek greener pasture because they are not well compensated in the country.

“All teachers desire to teach excellently but resources are too limited. I think the Filipino teachers need a very good compensation package. They work very hard. I am impressed that many schools especially DepEd schools are having regular professional development seminars for teachers, ” Mr. Rivadeneira explained.

PHOTO CREDIT: http://homeworks-edsci.blogspot.com
Public school teachers in the Philippines

Chester couldn’t agree more with his former teacher.

“ Even if they are happy with what they do, they still need good compensation and benefits. I personally saw the struggles of my aunt who served as a public school teacher when she was still alive. We need to reward them for all the hard work that they do since they help shape the future generation. ” he said.

Showing Appreciation

In the Philippines, PLDT Smart- Foundation and PLDT Managers Club launched a program which aims to honor and support teachers through teacher’s training, scholarship grants, housing programs, and teacher’s tribute.

Dubbed as PLDT Gabay Guro, the program recently released a TV advocacy dedicated to teachers.

The message of the touching advertisement seemed to have hit home for Chester.

“Just like the message of the ad, we should take time to thank our teachers because they are part of who we are now. Sila ang ating mga pangalawang magulang at dapat lang na pahalagahan at pasalamatan naten sila.”

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