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Passenger bashes Grab driver for being inconsiderate and charging her extra for her infant child

Passenger bashes Grab driver for being inconsiderate and charging her extra for her infant child

  • Ria Rogers lashed out at Grab driver Randy Abedes Perez
  • Rogers says that her baby got wet during the rain because Perez wouldn’t back up his car
  • Says that Perez was disrespectful and charged her extra for her baby

Ria Rogers posted a profanity-laced rant on Facebook group TNVS OPERATOR, DRIVER, AND RIDER OF GRAB about how a Grab driver, Randy Abedes Perez was inconsiderate and disrespectful towards her and her child.

“Naulanan pa baby ko dahil sayo. Bastos ka pang kausap sa telepono. Ang ayos ayos kong nag book sayo”

Rogers chose the GrabShare option which is cheaper, but got mad when Perez charged her extra because she was carrying a child.

“Oo grabshare lang yon, pero putangina bat sinama mo pa sa bilang ang infant?”

She said that in her previous bookings, she would bring her 8-year-old daughter with her along with her baby and was not charged with anything extra.

It was raining at the time and Rogers said that her infant child got wet which pissed her off the most.

“Fuck you ka pa kase alam mong umuulan. Pangalawang gate lang kami from your pickup point di mo pa inatras ng kaunti ang auto mo? Gago di yan magasgasan dahil maluwag ang lugar namin!”

Perez could have been more considerate given that there was an infant.

“Kaya putangina mo para sa pagkaka basa sa ulan ng anak ko ha!!! Reported ka ng hayop ka!!! FUCK YOU!!!”

The screenshots show Perez canceling the booking before accepting it again.

Hugot Grab, a Facebook page posted the entire thing and defended Perez.


Grab has a rule that every passenger should be charged, regardless of age.

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Passenger slaps and insults Grab driver for taking a different route

Passenger slaps and insults Grab driver for taking a different route

  • Alvin Nicolas, a Grab driver was repeatedly slapped and insulted by one of his passengers
  • According to Nicolas, he did not take the EDSA route and everything went bad.

Netizen Rebie G. Lagutin went on Facebook and posted videos of his friend Alvin Nicolas, a Grab driver getting slapped and insulted by one of his passengers.

The video shows Nicolas, who is seated in his car, getting insulted by a middle-aged woman while being repeatedly slapped on his arm.

The woman appeared very angry while Nicolas kept calm. The woman then took photos of Nicolas’ car plate number and proceeded to catch another ride.

Dailypedia was able to get answers from the driver himself.

Nicolas said that he has two kids and a wife. Being a Grab driver is the only income that his family can rely on, making an average of Php 15,000 a month.

“Eto lng po kinabubuhay namin,” said the Grab driver.

Nicolas picked up two passengers from Shaw Boulevard, one sat at the back and another sat beside him. The passengers told him that the destination would be Rockwell.

The passenger that was seated in the back wanted Nicolas to pass through EDSA and so he obliged, but eventually switched lanes because EDSA was experiencing heavy traffic.

Nicolas as a driver, decided that it would be best to take a different route and just take the JP Rizal route, because traffic there was better and it was closer to Rockwell.

As he made his way through JP Rizal, the middle-aged passenger at the back started getting aggressive and hitting him.

Nicolas realized that the situation was not getting any better so he pulled up at a gas station. Nicolas asked both passengers to leave his car and so they did, but the woman wouldn’t stop assaulting him.

“Nung nasa j.p rizal na kmi nagwala na cya at pinaghahampas na niya ko kaya napilitan ako mg pull over sa gas station.. at bumaba ng sasakyan para lumayo skanya gawa mg agresibo cya masyado.”

He even got out of his car for a short amount of time to get away from the aggressive passenger. The woman was angry because Nicolas did not take the route that she wanted.

“Dahil lang po yan sa hindi nasunod yung gusto niya daan. Yun lng oo kinagalit niya eh yung hindi po namin pag daan ng edsa.”

The woman reported Nicolas to Grab and to the Barangay.

On August 3, Grab suspended Nicolas because the woman said she would be filing charges of cyberbullying against him.

“Sinuspinde napo ako ni grab.. preventive suspended daw dahil nagsama na ng kaso yung babae pasahero ko. Nagsampa, cyber bullying po.”

The woman also wants Nicolas to upload an apology video.

“Ang gusto daw po ng babae eh mag gawa ako ng video public appology daw po.. pero tinanong ko c grab kung gagawin ko ba video may ageement naba sila ng babae na un na di na siya magsasampa ng kaso.. sagot ni grab wala pa daw sa ngayon. Yun po ang sabi nila nilalakad nadaw po nung babae yung kaso.. pero sa ngayon wala pa po legal na naisampa yung babae..”

If further legal actions proceed, then Grab would permanently ban Nicolas from the company.

“Nabaliktad nadaw po ang kaso ngayon.. at pag legal napo naisampa yung kaso eh tuluyan na daw po nila ako ibaban at dina makakapagmaneho kay grab.”

He mentioned that he was scared when he heard this.

“Natatakot para sa pamilya ko kasi wala nanaman kasiguraduhan kung pano kami kukuha ng pang tustos sa araw araw namin.

“Nag gagatas pa bunso ko at yung panganay ko nag aaral na.. isa pa last week kakalabas lang ng hospital ng anak kong bunso na dengue cya.. pinangutang ko lang pinambayad ko sa hospital mailabas lang cya. Pang 4 days ko pa nga lang bumibiyahe simula ng nailabas sa hospital anak ko tapos ganyan pa ngyare,” he added.

On August 5, the woman said that she doesn’t want the apology video anymore and will proceed to file charges. Grab told Nicolas to file libel or public scandal charges against her, too. Nicolas’ suspension has been lifted.

“Bale wala po talaga ko idea kung papasok pa po cya sa physical injury kasi nga po wala ako mediko legal.Kasi nga wala nmn ako balak magsampa ng kaso nung una palang kaso nagsampa siya ng kaso eh magsasampa nlng din ako yun nlng din ang nakikita option ni grab. Baka pede din cya libel o public scandal.

“On August 6, the woman said that Nicolas should just make the apology video and that they would settle everything in a barangay. The date of the meeting will be given by the woman.

“Kasi nag bago nnmn daw isip nung babae gusto na daw niya ulit yung video at mag sorry nlng daw skanya.. at mag seset cya ng date para magkita kami sa barrangay hall ulit para gumawa ulit ng panibago kasunduan.”

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Netizen falls asleep in a Grab Car, driver tries to lift up her skirt

Netizen falls asleep in a Grab Car, driver tries to lift up her skirt

  • A passenger who fell asleep inside a Grab Car felt that the driver was trying to lift up her skirt.
  • She realized that the driver’s hand was not on the steering wheel.
  • She went ballistic and shouted at the driver for trying to molest her.

A passenger riding a Grab Car had a horrendous experience because of her driver. The passenger could not disclose her identity or that of the driver’s because she is currently pressing charges through Land and Transportation Office (LTO).

In her Twitter post, she said that she was extremely sick after eating out. Because she was not feeling well, she asked her father to book a Grab for her. On her way home, she fell asleep inside the car.

She mentioned that her skirt was below the knee in length. Though she was asleep, she still could feel that someone was tugging on her skirt. She was actually seated in the back so she was shocked that the driver had reached over to try and lift her skirt. She even felt his finger under her skirt. When the driver was about to take a peek, she sat up in surprise.

After that, she acted as if nothing happened while the guy was trying to talk to her as she responded calmly because she was about to throw up with any movement that she would do. At that moment, she was still registering what really had happened to her.

When she got home, she went about her business before telling her dad what happened. Upon knowing what happened to his daughter, he immediately called the Grab hotline. The Grab agent answered their call but instead of helping them, they had some doubt about what she experienced and asked, “Did she really experience it? Why didn’t she report it sooner?” 

The passenger admitted that it was her fault for not reporting it immediately but she was angry that the agent was seemingly making light of what happened to her.

“I couldn’t even think straight while working. I spent over 500 pesos to feel safe and unbothered going home & this guy does this to me.”

After a few days, some girls also shared that they had the same experience but their cases were also taken lightly as the offenders were given only light sanctions.

Grab finally reacted to the post and commented, “As discussed over the phone, corrective actions will be made regarding this and the driver may face termination from our platform. Sorry for the late response, though, as well as the inconvenience and trauma this brought you. We’ll keep you posted!”

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Girl who pranked Grab Food of Php360,000, pranks another driver of Php2250 worth of milk tea

Girl who pranked Grab Food of Php360,000, pranks another driver of Php2250 worth of milk tea

  • Angel strikes again as she pranks another Grab Food driver
  • Angel ordered Php2,250 worth of milk tea but cancelled after the driver already bought them
  • The driver said the money was supposed to spent on his child

Angel, 13, who is a vlogger, has been trending online for the past few weeks but for the wrong reasons.

Early this month, she ordered Php364,000 worth of McDonalds from Grab Food then canceled it. She even told the driver ‘gago ka’ in the notes.

She got a lot of heat from that and was bashed on social media.

She apparently hasn’t learned her lesson yet and struck again, ordering Php2m250 worth of milk tea from Grab Food, but this time it got worse.

The Grab driver, Ewocks Dela Cruz Dilan, aired his frustration out on Facebook group ‘247Riders GRAB COMMUNITY’.

Based on the screenshots posted by netizen Junize San Diego, Angel ordered Php2,250 worth of milk teas from Dilan. Angel even said that she wanted them cold.

Dilan asked if Angel really wanted to order that much because he was well aware of ‘fake grab bookings’. Angel then replied that she was serious about it so Dilan and went and bought over a dozen milk teas.

Angel then texted Dilan saying that it was just a prank. Dilan then revealed that he could have used the money to buy milk for his child. Netizens then started bashing Angel for what she did.

In an update, San Diego said that Angel’s mother and Dilan have patched things up and Dilan was paid for the milk teas.

“recent update na nakapag usap na yung family ng nag PRANK at yung Grab Food driver so nakapag-settle na sa amount, pls see the last photo for this update. Let this be an awareness to ALL.”

She urges people not to do the same because Grab drivers do not really make a lot.

“Sa mga kabataan dyan, guys, pls huwag kayo maglaro ng ganito. 💔 Kung hindi kayo makikinig sa parents niyo at hindi niyo alam na mali ito, ako na mismo nagsasabi na mali to. Mali na manloko ng tao.”

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Girl pranks Grab Food with Php360,000 worth of McDonald’s, gets bashed by netizens

Girl pranks Grab Food with Php360,000 worth of McDonald’s, gets bashed by netizens

  • Angel ordered 364,000 pesos worth of food and canceled it
  • In another incident, she ordered 2,250 worth of milk tea and said it was just a prank

A girl by the name of Angel is getting bashed for a prank that she did on a Grab Food driver.

In a screenshot that was posted, Angel ordered a total of 364,000 pesos in food but then canceled it.

Her order consisted of 200 20-pieces of McNuggets and 400 orders of Chicken McDo and McNuggets McShare Bundle of 4.

Her special instructions even said, “Gago Ka.”

Also in another incident, Angel ordered milk teas worth Php2,250. The driver bought the drinks but received a text from the girl saying that it was just a prank.

The driver was really sad because he could’ve used the money to buy milk for his child.

Grab Philippines said that they will be imposing a lifetime ban on Angel.

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Grab passenger forgets her underwear in the car

Grab passenger forgets her underwear in the car

  • Grab driver posted pictures of the panty that was left behind
  • Netizens react

Grab drivers are used to their passengers leaving their trash inside the vehicle but some are more unusual than others.

Leiah Codera shared a funny story about one of her Grab passengers.

Codera drove her first passenger to NAIA. At the same time, she had a pending trip to pick up a passenger at the same place. Codera helped her passenger with their luggage when she saw that her first passenger had left behind some garbage.

“Binuksan ko ang pinakalikod para mailagay ang kanyang bagahe ng matanaw ko mula sa likod na merong Coco Milk Tea! Sa isip-isip ko OMG!”

“Ano ba naman tong pasahero nato may pambili ng Coco Milk tea walang manners magtapon ng pinaginuman sa tamang basurahan!” she added.

When she grabbed the empty container, she saw that there was something black below. She thought it was her mask but it was actually a panty.

“Pagkuha ko nakita ko sa ibaba na may itim, sabi ko hala ung mask ko nakarating dito sa likod, pagpulot ko, anu to? Like, what the heck! T-BACK? May t-back talaga?”

Her passenger was about to enter the car so she just took the panty with her to avoid any embarrassment on her side.

“E di papasok na ung pasahero ko, ako pa ang guilty, itinago ko binitbit ko pagsakay ko sa harap baka kasi makita na hawak ko yun kaloka hahaha!”

She said she had a lot of passengers in the past that leave trash behind, but this one was different.

“Ang salaula Marie! Anyare. Totoo palang ngyayare to akala ko sa mga group page lang! Lahat na ng klase ng basura nakapag-iwan na yung mga pasahero ko. Pero eto kakaiba talaga eh.”

“Amuyin mo pre.. Pg ma anta nag polbo ng pekpek yan nalimutan isuot ulit..”

“Laglag panty gang yan hanggang sa mahilo ka at makaligtaan mong di pa pala siya nagbayad.Haha”

“Nagmadali bang bumaba si marie at hindi na naisuot ang T-back?😁😁😁”

“Hahaha bading pala my ari no hahah gugulpihin ko kagad un pag nakita qng naghuhubad nd q papaalisis ng kotse un ng nd tanggal dalawang ipen hahahaa”

“Yehe may sarangola ka na paps sapinan mo na lng manila paper”

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Grab Driver refuses money after driving an emergency

Grab Driver refuses money after driving an emergency

  • Grab driver drives fast towards a hospital because of an emergency
  • The patient is in a bad condition
  • Refuses to take the money so it can be spent on the boy’s treatment

To some people, it’s not all about the money, some just want to help.

Netizen Khaye Crisologo, shared her story on Facebook about how a Grab driver made a big difference when it came to saving her child.

Khaye’s child was in a state of emergency. She decided to call Grab to rush her child to a nearby hospital.

The Grab driver, Rodriguez Santos Jr,  came, and was told that the destination would be to the emergency room of DLSMC.

He immediately knew that he would need to drive faster than usual since the situation was an emergency.

“Emergency pala to maam”, he said.

Rodriguez saw that the child kept on crying even when his eyes were abnormally sunken. He drove faster than usual but still had safety on his mind.

“Nag hazard siya and keeps on horning as a sign of emergency and for other drivers to give way,” Khaye said in her post.

After they arrived at the hospital, Khaye offered to pay the fare, but to her surprise, Rodriguez declined.

She insisted that he take the fee, but he still declined, and said that she should just use the money for the treatment of her son.

She was touched by his gesture of care and unselfishness.

He proceeded to help her with her belongings, and when he was about to leave, he even handed her her cellphone that she forgot in the car.

Netizens were touched by Rodriguez’s actions and praised him.

“Godbless Kuya! We need more people like u! And hoping na maging blessing ka  rin sa ibang tao”

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Grab Driver suffers from heart attack on his first day

Grab Driver suffers from heart attack on his first day

  • A Grab driver is rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack
  • Declared dead on arrival, but breathed afterwards
  • God is real

You’ll never know when bad things will happen.

It was on May 10, when Nina Nuguid realized that life is important, and that anything bad can happen anytime.

Nina, just got out of a meeting and decided to call a Grab driver. She usually does not do this unless there is a meeting.

Her driver came at around 6pm in Tomas Morato. The driver reminded her of her father when he used to pick her up from school because he was all smiles when he greeted her.

She found out that it was his first time being a Grab driver, and it became evident since he asked for her assistance in using the GPS. After nearly 20 minutes of driving, the driver decided to park to the side to take a leak.

Nina got out of the car and took a picture of it in case something bad happens to her. She then went inside after that.

She said that the driver had no signs of any health problems, and only drank water before taking a leak. After the driver got done, Nina realized that he was at the back with both hands on the car, and had difficulty breathing.

She asked him if he was alright and he said he couldn’t breathe. She immediately called 911 and fortunately for them, an ambulance came by with no patients on board and got in contact with the grab driver right away.

Pag(ka)tapos niya umihi, pag lingon ko, nakita ko siya, dalawang kamay niya nakahawak sa likuran ng kotse at huminga siya ng malalim. Binaba ko yung bintana para tanungin kung hinihika ba siya, ang sabi niya hindi siya makahinga.”

He was then carried off to the ambulance, with the help of two other bystanders. They immediately hurried to the nearest hospital for treatment.

The grab driver was pronounced dead on arrival, with no pulse, but that is when she realized that a Man up there is watching over them.

All of a sudden, the driver was breathing as they were reviving him. Nina asked his father and sister to call Grab and tell them what happened. Grab called the driver’s family, while the owner of car kept on asking Nina for updates.

Dineklarang dead on arrival si manong driver, wala ng pulso pero sinubukan siyang i-revive. Walang imposible sa Diyos, himala huminga po si manong ulit.”

After several minutes, a patient came in suffering from cardiac arrest and since the hospital lacked staff, they asked Nina to help out with the revival of the patient.

As of now, the driver is in an unstable condition and is in a coma, confined at the East Ave Medical Center. Nina is asking for prayers.

She realized that anyone’s life can be taken from them at any moment. So we should appreciate people around because we’ll never know when will be the last time we will see them.

Minsan pa, wala ng susunod pang pagkakataon. Mahalin natin wag lang ang sarili natin, kundi mahalin natin ang kapwa natin kung paano tayo minamahal ng Diyos. Salamat po sa Diyos nating buhay.”

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Netizen shares thought-provoking conversation with Grab driver who is a homophobe

Netizen shares thought-provoking conversation with Grab driver who is a homophobe

  • Twitter user shares thought-provoking conversation with Grab driver regarding his reason why he is a homophobe
  • According to Gigo’s post, the driver experienced a string of sexual harassment from gay passengers, even back in his high school days
  • Though homophobia is not justifiable for Gigo, he understood where the Grab driver was coming from along with the social media users who have read his post

According to past reports and surveys, the Philippines is dubbed the most “tolerant” country in Southeast Asia when it comes to homosexuality. Mainstream media suggests that the Filipinos widely accept the LGBTQ+ community and yet, homophobia remains a real issue in the country, one of which is highlighted in a different light by a viral Twitter thread posted on April 14.

A netizen named “Gigo” discussed a thought-provoking conversation he had with his Grab driver while he was on his way to a friend’s condominium for a night-out.

Their conversation started when the driver noticed Gigo was singing along to 80s-90s new wave tracks which prompted the Grab driver to ask how old he was. Their chat went to several personal topics ranging from how he got his wife pregnant when he was only 17 as they were high school-sweethearts, to how he still doesn’t talk to his in-laws, unto his experiences as a Grab driver, and how a string of bad encounters with gay men incited his hate for them.

“The moment I heard that (referring to how the driver hates gays), I was starting to fume and was ready to call him out but decided to explore why he has that disdain for gays. To be fair with kuya, he had no idea that I am gay. Before we go into details, I would like to describe kuya. He is 48, a bit buff, fair-skinned and may itsura for his age. Daddy chasers will definitely go after him,” wrote Gigo.

The original poster then described the stories of the Grab driver, narrating how he was sexually harassed by gay men while driving them to their respective destinations. The first bad encounter resulted in the driver punching the gay passenger in retaliation for touching his private part without consent. He then reported the gay passenger to the police station and had a police blotter but the harasser reported him to the management of Uber, where he was first working. With the passenger’s own version of the events, highlighting how he was punched, the driver got laid off from work.

“Then I tried to further explore yung pagiging homophobe niya. It turned out, kahit nung high school pa daw siya, lapitin na daw talaga siya ng mga bakla. He was harassed several times by his gay classmates and neighbors daw which is part of the reason why he decided to marry early. After he shared all these, I felt like I was in no position to call him out. My only regret was that I didn’t tell him that I am gay. I could have proved to him that not all gay guys are the same as those he has encountered,” recounted Gigo.

“Instead, I just told him that ‘Kuya, wala naman pong problema maging bading… yung pagiging malaswa kasi nasa tao yun.’ He just nodded and said, ‘Alam ko naman yun sir, pero mahirap kasi pag ikaw na mismo yung naka-encounter ng ganun,’” added the Twitter user.

In a report by back in 2013, a survey titled “The Global Divide on Homosexuality” conducted by the US-based Pew Research Center showed that 73 percent of adult Filipinos agreed with the statement that “homosexuality should be accepted by society.”

“This high level of acceptance, which is comparable to that found in secular western Europe, is even higher than those found in Japan (54 percent), South Korea (39 percent) or the United States (60 percent), where some states allow gay marriages,” the report said.

Gigo elaborated that he understood where the Grab driver was coming from. “The LGBTs demand respect yet a lot of the people in our community are making the situation worse by doing things that taint the way the heteros perceive us gays. Most of my friends are straight guys and I am very open to them to the point that they always ask me how my lovelife or my sexlife is without mocking me for it. This is because they respect me the way I show respect to them. Before we demand respect from others, maybe we should start showing that we are worthy of their respect. To kuya and the heteros who feel that they have been harassed by gays one way or another, we apologize. Not all gays are what the society perceives us to be.”

“(I) never said kuya’s homophobia is justifiable,” clarified Gigo. “I just said I understood where he is coming from and was in no position to call him out. Just because not all gays are like the ones he has encountered, we (can’t) trivialize his encounters and disregard the fact that (it’s) really happening.”

“I’ve met this kuya. He didn’t tell me about the other passengers but definitely heard the first one. I wanted to tell him not all gays but it only reminded me of not all men. In situations that are less sensitive, it is okay to correct but for this one I think you did right,” replied one netizen to the viral thread.



Kaya tayo hindi matanggap tanggap universally eh. May problema talaga sa mga ugali ng community members natin, sana man lang, good character ang maipakita natin sa (ibang) tao, hindi kahalayan kaagad 😕” commented another.


“Thanks @GigoBites for this. Part of the prob is how lgbt’s overly romanticized meeting strangers hoping it’ll work out whether sexually or romantically. It is covert and it emboldens one to do something otherwise you (can’t) get away with in broad day light,” pointed out another netizen.


The Twitter thread has since gone viral with seven thousand retweets and 15 thousand likes online.


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Woman who’s out from bad partner is with new love due to help from Grab driver

Woman who’s out from bad partner is with new love due to help from Grab driver

  • A woman shares the story of how she got out of a bad relationship with the help of Grab driver
  • Cheche Minguez escaped domestic violence as a Grab driver helped her pack her things
  • Cheche Minguez found love 2 months later after getting out of a bad relationship

The public loves the trope of cat-and-dog fighting when it comes to romance, as evidenced by countless books written about it and films depicting such relationships.

However, everyone holds a line for it that must not be crossed — a thin line at that – as it may devolve into a frightening situation of routine abuse.

Domestic violence is often overlooked, excused, or denied in the Philippines that largely holds patriarchal views. Cheche Minguez is only one among thousands of victims of such abuse in the country, and also one among those who bravely put a spotlight on her past ordeal to help inspire others.

Minguez took to Facebook to share her painful story where her former partner would physically hurt her, shame her in front of their child, and even humiliate her in public.

One day, she finally managed to leave her abuser; thanks to a Grab driver who helped her pack her things, while she was quivering in fear.

She admitted that she still cries herself to sleep whenever memories of her past experience pops up, but what mattered most for her now was the fact that she found the strength to leave a bad relationship and pick up the broken pieces of her life back.

Never seen my self this genuinely happy (and fat) for quite sometime. I’m posting this to remind myself that my battle…

Posted by Cheche Minguez on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Two months later, Minguez entered into a new relationship and can now be seen happy and content in her posts with her new lover. Netizens extolled her newfound happiness, after all the troubles she had gone through and endured.

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