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Netizen falls asleep in a Grab Car, driver tries to lift up her skirt

  • A passenger who fell asleep inside a Grab Car felt that the driver was trying to lift up her skirt.
  • She realized that the driver’s hand was not on the steering wheel.
  • She went ballistic and shouted at the driver for trying to molest her.

A passenger riding a Grab Car had a horrendous experience because of her driver. The passenger could not disclose her identity or that of the driver’s because she is currently pressing charges through Land and Transportation Office (LTO).

In her Twitter post, she said that she was extremely sick after eating out. Because she was not feeling well, she asked her father to book a Grab for her. On her way home, she fell asleep inside the car.

She mentioned that her skirt was below the knee in length. Though she was asleep, she still could feel that someone was tugging on her skirt. She was actually seated in the back so she was shocked that the driver had reached over to try and lift her skirt. She even felt his finger under her skirt. When the driver was about to take a peek, she sat up in surprise.

After that, she acted as if nothing happened while the guy was trying to talk to her as she responded calmly because she was about to throw up with any movement that she would do. At that moment, she was still registering what really had happened to her.

When she got home, she went about her business before telling her dad what happened. Upon knowing what happened to his daughter, he immediately called the Grab hotline. The Grab agent answered their call but instead of helping them, they had some doubt about what she experienced and asked, “Did she really experience it? Why didn’t she report it sooner?” 

The passenger admitted that it was her fault for not reporting it immediately but she was angry that the agent was seemingly making light of what happened to her.

“I couldn’t even think straight while working. I spent over 500 pesos to feel safe and unbothered going home & this guy does this to me.”

After a few days, some girls also shared that they had the same experience but their cases were also taken lightly as the offenders were given only light sanctions.

Grab finally reacted to the post and commented, “As discussed over the phone, corrective actions will be made regarding this and the driver may face termination from our platform. Sorry for the late response, though, as well as the inconvenience and trauma this brought you. We’ll keep you posted!”

Written by Rhelyn Harder

An open-minded person who seeks to inspire readers through writing. She believes that having the freedom and courage to express oneself is an opportunity to influence others.

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