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Girl sitting at end of jeepney expecting help handing over her fare gets an unforeseen response

Girl sitting at end of jeepney expecting help handing over her fare gets an unforeseen response

  • A girl sitting at the far end of a nearly empty jeepney only extended her arm to hand her money for fare to another passenger seated at the opposite end
  • The passenger then told the girl to do it herself
  • Netizens find it funny

Netizen Dave Argel Robles shared a funny experience he had during a jeepney ride.

Robles was with four other passengers in a jeepney. He was sitting at the back near the door and a woman was also seated in the same position on the opposite side. The two other passengers were seated far away at the other end right behind the driver.

The woman, who was at least three yards away from the passenger near the driver, extended her hand to pay the fare but she wasn’t even within arm’s reach of the other passenger.

The woman did not even think of moving closer, only extending her arm and saying, “Bayad po,” seemingly expecting the other passenger to come nearer to her to get her money.

The other passenger instead said, “Aba, lumapit ka!” indicating that he had no intention of moving over just to get her money.

Robles, in a separate comment, said that he posted the short story to remind people not to be difficult when it comes to commuting, because “commuting in the Philippines is hell.”

Moreover, he said that females shouldn’t think that they should receive special treatment just because of their gender.

Netizens found the story to be funny.

Madaming ganyan. Ung iba tulog ka eh kakalabitin ka para iabot bayad nila

eto ung mga masasarap dedmahin oh. Hahaha ako,iirapan ko lang yan,d ko yan papansinin para dalawa kaming mainis

hahah mas worst pa ung sa sobrang kaartehan umupo, ginawa kang sandalan 😂 gigil much 🤣

dapat na atang magkaroon ng kundoktor sa loob ng jeepney kung ganito sistema ng ibang tao…

Yung iba nmn mgbabayad ng buo tapos isusuot ang earphones at pakalakas lakas ng sounds. Tatanungin ng driver kung saan. Di sasagot kasi di nya narinig. Galit pa kasi bababa na wala pa sukli nya. Haist pinoy nga nmn. Daming eksena.

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Passenger slaps and insults Grab driver for taking a different route

Passenger slaps and insults Grab driver for taking a different route

  • Alvin Nicolas, a Grab driver was repeatedly slapped and insulted by one of his passengers
  • According to Nicolas, he did not take the EDSA route and everything went bad.

Netizen Rebie G. Lagutin went on Facebook and posted videos of his friend Alvin Nicolas, a Grab driver getting slapped and insulted by one of his passengers.

The video shows Nicolas, who is seated in his car, getting insulted by a middle-aged woman while being repeatedly slapped on his arm.

The woman appeared very angry while Nicolas kept calm. The woman then took photos of Nicolas’ car plate number and proceeded to catch another ride.

Dailypedia was able to get answers from the driver himself.

Nicolas said that he has two kids and a wife. Being a Grab driver is the only income that his family can rely on, making an average of Php 15,000 a month.

“Eto lng po kinabubuhay namin,” said the Grab driver.

Nicolas picked up two passengers from Shaw Boulevard, one sat at the back and another sat beside him. The passengers told him that the destination would be Rockwell.

The passenger that was seated in the back wanted Nicolas to pass through EDSA and so he obliged, but eventually switched lanes because EDSA was experiencing heavy traffic.

Nicolas as a driver, decided that it would be best to take a different route and just take the JP Rizal route, because traffic there was better and it was closer to Rockwell.

As he made his way through JP Rizal, the middle-aged passenger at the back started getting aggressive and hitting him.

Nicolas realized that the situation was not getting any better so he pulled up at a gas station. Nicolas asked both passengers to leave his car and so they did, but the woman wouldn’t stop assaulting him.

“Nung nasa j.p rizal na kmi nagwala na cya at pinaghahampas na niya ko kaya napilitan ako mg pull over sa gas station.. at bumaba ng sasakyan para lumayo skanya gawa mg agresibo cya masyado.”

He even got out of his car for a short amount of time to get away from the aggressive passenger. The woman was angry because Nicolas did not take the route that she wanted.

“Dahil lang po yan sa hindi nasunod yung gusto niya daan. Yun lng oo kinagalit niya eh yung hindi po namin pag daan ng edsa.”

The woman reported Nicolas to Grab and to the Barangay.

On August 3, Grab suspended Nicolas because the woman said she would be filing charges of cyberbullying against him.

“Sinuspinde napo ako ni grab.. preventive suspended daw dahil nagsama na ng kaso yung babae pasahero ko. Nagsampa, cyber bullying po.”

The woman also wants Nicolas to upload an apology video.

“Ang gusto daw po ng babae eh mag gawa ako ng video public appology daw po.. pero tinanong ko c grab kung gagawin ko ba video may ageement naba sila ng babae na un na di na siya magsasampa ng kaso.. sagot ni grab wala pa daw sa ngayon. Yun po ang sabi nila nilalakad nadaw po nung babae yung kaso.. pero sa ngayon wala pa po legal na naisampa yung babae..”

If further legal actions proceed, then Grab would permanently ban Nicolas from the company.

“Nabaliktad nadaw po ang kaso ngayon.. at pag legal napo naisampa yung kaso eh tuluyan na daw po nila ako ibaban at dina makakapagmaneho kay grab.”

He mentioned that he was scared when he heard this.

“Natatakot para sa pamilya ko kasi wala nanaman kasiguraduhan kung pano kami kukuha ng pang tustos sa araw araw namin.

“Nag gagatas pa bunso ko at yung panganay ko nag aaral na.. isa pa last week kakalabas lang ng hospital ng anak kong bunso na dengue cya.. pinangutang ko lang pinambayad ko sa hospital mailabas lang cya. Pang 4 days ko pa nga lang bumibiyahe simula ng nailabas sa hospital anak ko tapos ganyan pa ngyare,” he added.

On August 5, the woman said that she doesn’t want the apology video anymore and will proceed to file charges. Grab told Nicolas to file libel or public scandal charges against her, too. Nicolas’ suspension has been lifted.

“Bale wala po talaga ko idea kung papasok pa po cya sa physical injury kasi nga po wala ako mediko legal.Kasi nga wala nmn ako balak magsampa ng kaso nung una palang kaso nagsampa siya ng kaso eh magsasampa nlng din ako yun nlng din ang nakikita option ni grab. Baka pede din cya libel o public scandal.

“On August 6, the woman said that Nicolas should just make the apology video and that they would settle everything in a barangay. The date of the meeting will be given by the woman.

“Kasi nag bago nnmn daw isip nung babae gusto na daw niya ulit yung video at mag sorry nlng daw skanya.. at mag seset cya ng date para magkita kami sa barrangay hall ulit para gumawa ulit ng panibago kasunduan.”

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Netizen falls asleep in a Grab Car, driver tries to lift up her skirt

Netizen falls asleep in a Grab Car, driver tries to lift up her skirt

  • A passenger who fell asleep inside a Grab Car felt that the driver was trying to lift up her skirt.
  • She realized that the driver’s hand was not on the steering wheel.
  • She went ballistic and shouted at the driver for trying to molest her.

A passenger riding a Grab Car had a horrendous experience because of her driver. The passenger could not disclose her identity or that of the driver’s because she is currently pressing charges through Land and Transportation Office (LTO).

In her Twitter post, she said that she was extremely sick after eating out. Because she was not feeling well, she asked her father to book a Grab for her. On her way home, she fell asleep inside the car.

She mentioned that her skirt was below the knee in length. Though she was asleep, she still could feel that someone was tugging on her skirt. She was actually seated in the back so she was shocked that the driver had reached over to try and lift her skirt. She even felt his finger under her skirt. When the driver was about to take a peek, she sat up in surprise.

After that, she acted as if nothing happened while the guy was trying to talk to her as she responded calmly because she was about to throw up with any movement that she would do. At that moment, she was still registering what really had happened to her.

When she got home, she went about her business before telling her dad what happened. Upon knowing what happened to his daughter, he immediately called the Grab hotline. The Grab agent answered their call but instead of helping them, they had some doubt about what she experienced and asked, “Did she really experience it? Why didn’t she report it sooner?” 

The passenger admitted that it was her fault for not reporting it immediately but she was angry that the agent was seemingly making light of what happened to her.

“I couldn’t even think straight while working. I spent over 500 pesos to feel safe and unbothered going home & this guy does this to me.”

After a few days, some girls also shared that they had the same experience but their cases were also taken lightly as the offenders were given only light sanctions.

Grab finally reacted to the post and commented, “As discussed over the phone, corrective actions will be made regarding this and the driver may face termination from our platform. Sorry for the late response, though, as well as the inconvenience and trauma this brought you. We’ll keep you posted!”

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Driver Gave an Anxious Mother a Chance to See Her Son’s Smile for the Last Time

Driver Gave an Anxious Mother a Chance to See Her Son’s Smile for the Last Time


People have different experiences with drivers. Some of them are pleasant, but there are also some which are truly unlikable. Despite of the negative image some drivers are getting, a big percentage of these hardworking men continuously prove that not all drivers are the same.

The perfect role model for them is Grape Rufon Fernandez. He is an average Grab driver, who made such a heroic act for someone he doesn’t know.

Anica Velarde Espinosa shared the story of how this man gave her a chance to see her dying son in his last breath.

Espinosa went home from the hospital, when she received a call from her son’s guardian that the boy’s respiratory rate went down. She immediately booked a trip via Grab, and told the driver her situation as she hopped inside the vehicle. During her trip, Espinosa frequently called the hospital, asking if she would make it to see his son one last time.

She even asked them to take a video of her son in case she couldn’t make it on time.

Suddenly, she felt that the Grab driver drove faster than he did earlier. The driver repeatedly sounded his horn while telling the other vehicles on the road to give way for them as it was an emergency situation.

In just 32 minutes, they were able to arrive at the hospital. Espinosa paid him a generous amount of one thousand, but the driver refused to take the bill and said, “Ma’am, lakasan niyo lang po ang loob niyo at okay na ako.”

Touched by the man’s gesture, she hugged him and thanked him before rushing to the ICU where she was able to hug her son for the last time. Espinosa was the most grateful woman on Earth as she was able to hear the words, “I love you, mommy,” one last time from her little angel.

Espinosa posted the story on her Facebook account as a way to find the compassionate man, saying that what the man did will never fade in her memory.

Soon enough, she was able to find her heaven-sent Grab driver, who also visited the wake of her son.

She thanked the netizens for spreading the news, and expressed her gratitude to Fernandez once more.

Facebook users who have read the story were inspired, and were also teary-eyed. They hoped that Fernandez receives more blessings in life in return of the act of kindness he did for Espinosa.

Fernandez is one of the living proofs that drivers are not all terrible. Although the fact that there are rude and ill-mannered ones, the number of reliable drivers are still bigger in their population.

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Jeepney driver returns law student’s iPhone

Jeepney driver returns law student’s iPhone

Law student Rochelle Anne Obleno was on her way to her law class one Saturday morning. As soon as she got off the jeepney she rode from Project 2-3 in Quezon City to Buendia, she felt that her iPhone wasn’t in her pocket. Obleno tried to chase after the jeepney, but the driver had already sped off.
To make matters worse, Obleno remembered that she had set her phone on airplane mode so she wouldn’t be able to to call it.
Obleno wasn’t able to focus much on her class that day. Just as she was deciding to call her network and have her line cut, she suddenly had hope that perhaps an honest person had retrieved her phone and might know how to use it. As farfetched as it may have seemed to some, it was an idea she held on to in hopes of getting her phone back. Depite her classmates telling her it was a hopeless cause already, she still tried to find her phone.
During their break, Obleno decided to try and call her number. To her great surprise, the phone started ringing. Even better was that somebody answered. It turned out that the jeepney driver himself had gotten hold of the phone when it was left behind. Obleno was pleased to find out that because of the driver’s quick thinking, he was able to remove her sim and insert it into his own phone so she was able to call her number.
Obleno scheduled to meet with the driver in Anonas. She met the driver Eduardo “Toto” Acula, Jr. and his wife, residents of Loyola Heights, Quezon City. She described the couple as very simple who greeted her with bright smiles. She immediately took their hands and thanked them. 
Photo credit: Rochelle Anne Obleno
Photo credit: Rochelle Anne Obleno

What inspired Obleno most during their brief encounter was what the Acula said, Kahit yung halaga ng phone na yan katumbas na ng ilang bwan kong boundary ma’am, mas magaan sa loob pag alam mong nakakatulong ka tsaka yung pinapakain mo sa pamilya mo galing sa sarili mong pinaghirapan. Bumalik ako sa UST ma’am umasa ako baka makita ko kayo. Kung di ko nga ho kayo mahanap ipapa-Tulfo ko na po yang phone nyo. [Even if the phone’s worth is equal to a few months’ income, I feel better knowing I helped someone and that what I feed my family comes from my own hard work. I returned to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) hoping to find you. But if I wasn’t able to, I would have surrendered your phone to Tulfo (a television-radio program which focuses on providing public service).”

Obleno was indeed very lucky to have met Acula. She hoped that there were more drivers out there who always think about their passengers’ safety and welfare and are truly honest. Obleno praised Kuya Toto for his good heart and hoped to spread the word on this man’s goodness. 


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