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Gay man shares a sweet story of his boyfriend of 10 years

Gay man shares a sweet story of his boyfriend of 10 years

  • Man says he found out his boyfriend was the one when they stared at one another
  • Boyfriend makes him feel like he is in his favorite movie
  • Says they are still learning and having fun

A Twitter user named @imanyuwel shared how social media helped him find the love of his life.

He said he and his boyfriend had just graduated from college.

Back in the day, the most popular social media platform in the country was Friendster. Everybody was on it, regardless of age. And that platform is how @imanyuwel met his soulmate.

They would talk to each other on there, then later moved on to Facebook where they posted on each other’s wall. They would play these online games until they felt that they should meet up.

They met up in Trinoma where, @imanyuwel mentions, his boyfriend does not usually go to but did so for the sake of meeting.

They went to Starbucks but everything was awkward.

Going home they went to the MRT station but on opposite sides. While waiting for the train, they stared at each other across the tracks. It felt like a scene out of a movie, according to him.

“You made me feel like I’m in my favorite movie. It felt like my own My Sassy Girl Moment, I knew you’re it.”

He mentions that they went through a lot and are still learning, like babies. But it doesn’t matter, because learning is an exciting process, especially when you do it with someone you love.

Furthermore, he then says that until today, his boyfriend still makes him feel like he is in his favorite movie.

They have been together now for 10 years.

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Gay couple stabbed for holding hands in public

Gay couple stabbed for holding hands in public

  • Gay couple stabbed multiple times in the neck, back, and hand last May 26 in Denver, Colorado
  • The attacker’s identity remains a mystery as both we’re not able to take a good look of his features

Last Saturday, May 26, gay couple Christopher Giovanni Huizar, 19, and Gabriel Enrique Roman, 23, were out and heading to the Church Nightclub in Denver, Colorado, when an unidentified attacker verbally abused them.

The he then proceeded to stab them in the neck, back, and hand.

The couple has decided to walk to the nightclub as it was only near and it was a “nice weather out”. Huizar then mentioned that as they were passing an alley, someone screamed “f*cking f*ggots” then stabbed him in the neck. He didn’t immediately knew that he was stabbed as it almost “felt like a punch”.

Roman decided to protect his boyfriend and the attacked went on to stabbing him in the hand. The couple started to run however, the attacker still managed to stab Roman in the back.

Two passerbys noticed the bleeding pair and immediately called emergency services. Roman ended up having 30 internal stitches and 52 hand stitches.

The couple filed a police report but unfortunately, they didn’t manage to get a good look on the attacker’s features so his identity remains a mystery.

Remaining positive, Huizar said that they are not letting the attack define them and they are just happy that both of them are alive.

“We are not letting his define us. We love each other and wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone [else]. I’m just thankful we’re alive. We are an open book. We don’t care what anybody else has to say so we always hold hands and be ourselves in public. We’re here and queer.”

Huizar and Roman decided to open a GoFundMe page to help them pay for the hospital bills.

The couple have said that they will be celebrating their one year anniversary on May 30.


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This Guy tattooed the face of his “beki” lover on his body

This Guy tattooed the face of his “beki” lover on his body

  • Hugot Beki” shared the photo of a guy who tattooed his “beki” boyfriend on his body
  • Gabbie Umali, the face in the tattoo, shared with Dailypedia what he thought of the guy’s gesture

Whatever effort, little or major, will always be appreciated by a friend, a family member, or a lover especially when its dedicated for them. This is why this guy’s gesture to declare his love for his “beki” lover earned hearts of netizens on Facebook.

Renz Reyes was not ashamed of loving someone of the same sex and so is his beautiful partner Gabbie Umali. The two have been together for almost six years now and their declaration of love will really inspire you to be proud of yourself and whoever you want to be with.

Renz tattooed Gabbie’s face on his right arm last June 2016 as he wanted to prove that love is for everybody. Whether you are a straight guy or not.

In return, Gabbie also got a tattoo of Renz’s face on his back 3 months later! She said that it’s his first ever ink on his body that’s why it’s really special. The same tattoo artist, Oca Ramirez, did the couple’s marks.

She’s the one

On an exclusive interview with Gabbie Umali, he shared how he felt when they did this together.

“By that time he’s having my face tattooed on my boyfriends wrist, I feel that this is it, I already found the person that will love me for (a) lifetime, ” he answered. “Though tattoo can be cover up but the fact that he is the one who insists to have my face on his arms it’s a heart melting feeling coz’ it’s a lifetime decision, it’s a permanent decision.”

Being in a same-sex relationship sure had difficulties but one thing is for sure for the both of them. They will never be ashamed of their love!

Gabbie sends out a message for all his fellow LGBT, “Love will come into your way into the right time and most important the right person. Let’s all be patient your time will come too, (malay mo na traffic lang) hehe but I know everyone deserves to be loved. And love is for those who believe it.”

How does this story make you feel? Tell us below!

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At what age do gay men quit finding love?

At what age do gay men quit finding love?

  • Do gay people quit finding love?
  • Why gay people tend to be emotionally stronger than heterosexuals.

My straight friends often ask me, can gay people settle alone? Well, if you’d throw that question to me two years ago, I would say ‘Of course, not! That’s ridiculous. How can someone spend the rest of his/her life alone?’. But now I think I can. I did not mean that I prefer growing old alone, but if I wasn’t able to find the right person, I believe that I can survive without a lover.

Gay fun fact

A crazy observation about gay people is that they tend to value independence so much. Like they completely don’t rely their whole life on someone, especially on a significant other. I’d like to think that we have such high tolerance for being alone.

I mean, we have fought one too many battles, from coming out to living up to this society’s heteronormative expectations. With that, we grew so much stronger that not finding love is not a problem at all.

Homos give laughter and joy to the world, let’s not argue with that fact. And that’s enough for them. I’m not saying they are hopeless romantic or we have given up on love, I just want people to know that gay people have so much love to give. And to be loved back is just a sweet, sweet bonus.

Many same-sex couples became some of the most successful relationships in human history. We love hard, and we fight hard. We don’t let go that easily but know when to stop.

So, if someone asks me now at when age do gay people quit finding love, I’d answer, we don’t find love. We give them.

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This Gay Couple’s Anniversary Post Is Melting Everyone’s Hearts

This Gay Couple’s Anniversary Post Is Melting Everyone’s Hearts

  • Facebook user Rhess Rhen Facundo shared his anniversary celebration with male partner
  • Rhess posted photos from their romantic yet simple date

Love is really for everyone. It knows no difference as it always prevails at all times. Social media has played a big role in people’s discoveries of various love stories that are all worth-telling.

Just in time for the celebration of the new year is another milestone for Facebook user Rhess Rhen Facundo. As of December 28, he and his male partner, Raphael Gonzales, marked their anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary My sweetie little honey bunch pumpkin💕 Thank you for everything😘😘 #28”

Rhess’ post gained reactions from many fellow social media users. His heartfelt message for his lover captured hearts.

What people love more about their celebration is the show of genuine love and care for each other. In the photos, the couple shared what precious gifts they exchanged.

Rhess even surprised his partner with a big black box tied with a yellow ribbon. Watch how Rhess reacted over this:

It seemed like Rhess and Raphael are fans of Mickey Mouse. It was evident when they flaunted the big bear and other Mickey merchandise. Moreover, the two know very well the cravings and sweet tooth of one another with their delightful treats!

With these, friends and followers expressed their happiness over their milestone.

Because Rhess couldn’t afford to just receive, Raphael got a surprise too! Just yesterday, he posted another viral-to-be series of photos and a video wherein he was seen unwrapping a cute box!

How sweet! It was full of chocolates and photos of them!

Exclusive tell-all

We got the chance to speak exclusively to Raphael Gonzales, the other half of the couple. He told us about their love story and how their relationship strengthened through time and difficulties.

“We met at a friends’ party so may common friends kami tas inintroduce kami sa isat isa,” he started. “How can you not notice him he’s so tall at around 5’11 im only 5’10 so I was quite shy siya naman very friendly so eventually nawala hiya ko (and) I became very comfortable.”

Like most millennial lovers’ beginnings, Raphael and Rhess started as friends on social media. Eventually, they grew fond of each other.

Raphael admitted that at that time he was cynical about the concept of love and relationships. He was into dating applications to find flings but not long-terms. All of these changed when he and Rhess started dating.

“He came a long (n)asa kanya lahat ng gusto kong traits and everything.”

The two became official on December 28, 2016. They faced the challenges and struggles of being a same-sex relationship had and overcame them together.

Raphael confessed that there were times they were thinking of giving up but the love prevailed.

“2017 was the foundation of our relationship kung kaya namin lagpasan yung mga nangyare nung 2017 kaya din namin ang iba pang taon kaya we really started our 2018 full with love.”

It’s already 2018 and it’s about time to be happy about news like this one. Love knows no bounds, and as for Rhess and Raphael, it could get better every day just by being together.

They look too cute, right?

Tell us your thoughts below!

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Gay Couple Opens Their Relationship To A Woman?

Gay Couple Opens Their Relationship To A Woman?

  • Woman shares open relationship with a gay couple
  • Gay couple opens relationship with a woman

Yes, no matter how bizarre that is, it is happening.

A boy and a boy and a girl?

Husbands Matt and Chris Brandt were married for six years before deciding to make their relationship open. Never in their wildest dreams that they would be sharing a love nest with a woman. Cait, the newest part of the family, refers to the relationship as throuple (three and couple).

At first, Matt was hesitant with the idea but now, the three lives together under one roof. They have been living for two years and have two cute doggos as well. The three even got featured in a local show, Barcroft TV where Chris admitted, “At first Matt was completely opposed to the idea but after a while, we talked about it and he warmed up to it.”

“The three of us started to spend more and more time together and after about seven or eight months she was staying over five nights a week,” Chris added.

After all the adjustments, they have become happier than ever. Cait and Chris identify themselves as bisexuals, but Matt considers himself as a little different. “I’m homoflexible so I like guys and I’m open, flexible to women – I prefer men,” he said.

What do you think of this relationship guys? Comment down below.

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Fact Check: Older Gay Men Make Better Lovers

Fact Check: Older Gay Men Make Better Lovers

  • Older gay men are still the best choice
  • Reasons why older gay men make better lovers

Age is never an issue here.

Ageism and why it should be abolished

A new term has been surfacing online, Aegism. It is actually a discrimination involving someone’s age. We can be all cutesy fartsy, but we cannot decline a person just because he’s older than you. Sure, we dreamt of that ideal relationship with someone of your age. It can be all cute until one of you unleashes the kid and them and the impatient one gets toiled up with all that’s happening. I mean, yes, you’re both young, same intellectual wavelength, but isn’t it more fun to be with someone more mature than you?

Well, I’m speaking from my experience, and well.. interest. Ever since I came out of the closet and started goofing around, I never imagined myself being someone as old as me, or worse, younger. I always look for that maturity and intellect that was tested for years longer than mine. So, here are things that can prove older men are the best choice.

Gold-digging aside, these men are already well-established

Don’t get me wrong. By this, I did not mean treating you at a fancy restaurant or giving you some sort of stuff. What I meant was, they are driven enough to know what their priorities are. Their level of maturity is sexy. What? I find it sexy, don’t you?

They are never insensitive

Since they know that you are younger than them, they know how to take care of your emotions. Being the older one in the relationship gives them the responsibility to be the more understanding partner. If miscommunication persists, he will definitely make you understand the whole situation.

Thoughtfulness is world-class

They know what will make you happy. It may be a slice of cake, a tub of ice cream, or just a warm hug. They would know it, and they will give it to you when you most need it. They are always to-the-rescue. Their sixth-sense is knowing when are you sad and what will cheer you up.

They make wise decisions

Over the years, they would probably know the art of making wise decisions. You will be amazed by how he handles things and you’ll get inspired by it. He will be the biggest influence in your life. His experiences in life will be your guide in the future.

Less drama

No matter how many likes you give to your male Facebook friends, it’s nothing to him. He meant when he said he trusts you. It will never be a big deal. You will not over food, where to eat, what to buy–things that will surely be a source of argument when you are in an immature relationship.

They cry, too

But when they do, it meant the world to them. How often do you see older guys cry? Not every day. With everything that he’s giving to you; understanding, trust, loyalty, sincerity, or what have you, he needs all of it in return. He needs to be reciprocated. Behind that physique, a lonely kid exists. You will trigger it one way or another, but don’t disappoint him. Take care of him, and most especially, love him with all your heart. (All photos from BoredPanda)

Do you agree? Share us your thoughts.

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This Gay Couple Competed Together in It’s Showtime’s ‘Miss Q & A’

This Gay Couple Competed Together in It’s Showtime’s ‘Miss Q & A’

  • Gay couple battles out for Miss Q & A crown
  • Gay couple joins It’s Showtime’s Miss Q & A

How often do we encounter a gay couple who both joined the same pageant just to show support for each other? Well, not everyday.

For the crown

But this couple made it happen. The ever-entertaining ‘Miss Q & A’ segment of the hit Kapamilya noontime show It’s Showtime has proven its wonders again after JM de Lima joined the said pageant. It is cool and all until Mykiru found out that de Lima is the boyfriend for former Miss Q & A contestant Jesteine Francisco.

The world is that small. Jesteine tried his luck three months before JM did. JM is a 19-year-old Broadcasting student at the Laguna State Polytechnic University representing Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

He might seem masculine, but Miss Q & A was actually his 3rd pageant his month alone. With his mestiza complexion, he was really pleasing to the eyes and for the madlang people.

Their sweetness is really evident on their social media accounts as they are not afraid to show their affection to each other online. Their term of endearment is ‘pangka’ and they celebrated their anniversary a month ago.

Love is really in the air for this two lovebirds.

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How hard is it to find love if you are gay?

How hard is it to find love if you are gay?

  • Is finding love for gay men difficult?
  • Is love even a thing for gay men?

Relax, my ‘Gay’ is gender-inclusive, but I want to highlight all the sassy gay men out there. And how difficult it really is for them to find the L-word.


Here’s a thing, actually two.

First, you did not choose to be gay (this is for a fact that gender is a choice) to live a heterosexual life. Maybe, just maybe, monogamy is only for the man-woman relationship.

Second, it is easy to find a gay man whom you can admire and who would admire you back, but love? We don’t speak that language, honey.

With the overly advanced technology we enjoy today, you can easily find a guy (Hello, Grindr!) but what can you not find in an instant?

Relationship that lasts a lifetime. Admit it or not, we still have that straight men’s instinct that we don’t want to get stuck in an awful 5-year relationship. And since we have explored our sexuality way more than straight men do, we tend to grow worse.

With all the million fish in the sea, name one gay who would not enjoy swimming in it. I hear ‘none’.


I mean, it’s pretty accessible. Go online, hundreds of gay men are available within your radius. Go to a bar, you would meet thousands. See? It’s not that hard. If and only if, you are not looking for love. Lust maybe, you would enjoy different taste every single day.


I know, for sure, that one day while you’re sipping that hot double shot espresso latte you paid for an unreasonable price, you’d realize. You have grown tired sleeping in a bed with different guys every night. That you are lonely, and you need something constant in your life.

One way or another, you will be fed up with the way you handled things before. You would ask, what if you settle with just one great man? I know, it might be disgusting at first, but your body would crave for it.

This is the time that I’m invalidating my nasty few statements in the beginning of this article. You would soon believe that a love like Francis Libiran and Christian Mark’s could exist.

Isn’t it wonderful? Waking up with the same man you love every day–seeking comfort with his hugs every night? Someone you can be spontaneous and crazy with, without getting conscious if you were being too effeminate? That’s pretty much what love is.

Put your guards down

If only you can put down your list of standards for your future partner, and accept the fact that you can never find the man of your dreams. Instead, you would find the man of your reality.

He might be a little short than what you expected, does not go to gym, but hey! He can be the guy who can relate to your ugly stories and still laugh at it. That guy might not know how to cook, but he knows every great restaurant there is.

You might not realize this anytime soon, but I’m very sure, you’d come looking after it.

Now, if you’re asking me how hard it is to find love if you are gay, my answer is NO.  It’s not ‘love’ that is hard to find, it’s you who don’t want to find it… yet.

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New Photos of Thai-German Gay Couple Surface Online

New Photos of Thai-German Gay Couple Surface Online

  • Cyberbullied Thai-German gay couple stays strong as the years pass by
  • Thai-German gay couple after two years
  • Photos of the cyberbullied Thai-German Gay Couple Surface Online


Naparuj Kaendi and Thorsten Mid, gay couple, first made noise in 2015 after controversial train photos went viral. The two were criticized by the whole world because of their ‘mismatch’.

But despite the issues and negativities that are being thrown to them, they stood up and proved that their love is real. Kaendi and Mid tied the knot in October of the same year. Bashers have lied low.

Two years after

Just recently, sweet photos of the lovely gay couple were circulating online. Well, it just proves that they grow stronger as the years pass by. Bitter comments are not allowed. Spread love, everyone!

Take a look at this and feel miserable for being single. Yes, truth hurts.

See? They are even sweeter than this strawberry.

No angry reactions please, just love. Accept the fact that they are head over heels to each other, and no one can ruin that even your harsh words. Find yours whom you can do these things with. Love lots!

Isn’t it sweet, guys? Share us your thoughts!

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