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Love Wins! This Gay Couple’s Love Story Went Viral

What a great time to be alive!

The Philippines is known to be a religious country and Filipinos are very reserved and not that liberated. As the time goes by, generation to generation, people became more open to “deviance”.

And this includes LGBT and Same Love. Finding love for gay people has become easier and more tolerable compared before. We should remember that before, being gay is a mental disorder, but it is good to know that people start to become more open-minded. We can now say that love truly embraces all kinds of people, and is now available to everyone, regardless of preferences.

Tolerance Not Acceptance

Unfortunately, there’s a difference between tolerating and accepting this kind of love. There’s still this belief that only men and women should be together, one man and one woman.

On February 27, photos of two guys together on a beach went viral and it was concluded that the two might be dating.

The Facebook page, “Bes, Kalma.” posted the pictures of the trending couple.

gay couple trends
The two are enjoying the beach and surely each other’s company | Photos from Bes, Kalma.

On the post, we can see a gay guy wearing a blue one-piece suit with a foreign man with pink board shorts. The two is yet to be identified.

gay couple trends
The two went up for a selfie | Photo from Bes, Kalma.

The post already has 21,000 reactions, more than 9,000 shares and, 5,500 comments. Netizens have mixed opinions about this.

Many were delighted and expressed their support to the couple,

gay couple trends

gay couple trends

But some did not believe.

gay couple trends

Some even said that the pictures are edited and the gay were just too desperate.

But at the end of the day, still, love knows no boundaries and love knows no gender. A couple or not, these two need to be respected.

Here’s the original post of “Bes, Kalma.” on Facebook.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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