Gay guy tells his love story about Someone who once broke his heart; today they both graduate together as Sweethearts

Gay guy tells his love story about Someone who once broke his heart; today they both graduate together as Sweethearts

  • A Netizen dedicated a twitter thread to his boyfriend.
  • He said that he’s really glad to be graduating with his loved one and even be in the same frame of a photograph.

A Twitter user shared his story of how he entered a relationship with his boyfriend.

On December 14, Fredo started a thread on social media platform saying that he just wanted to thank that one person that hurt him in the past but decided to love him in the present.

He stated that he had a crush on Elvin before but unfortunately, the latter didn’t return his feelings. In fact, he actually quite hated him as the Netizen is said to be loud and talkative.

There came a time that his crush entered into a relationship.

Fredo got really hurt but he met someone from Cavite and also got into a relationship. But it did not end well as they broke up at the same day of their fifth month.

A plot twist happened and Elvin entered his life once again.

But unlike before, he was a bit wary of showing interest because he knew that Elvin was the type who gets tired of something really easily.

But Elvin proved him wrong.

And as a thanksgiving post Fredo shared their graduation photographs together, saying that he’s really delighted that he’s in the same frame with his loved one.

The thread now has more than 1,500 retweets.

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Transgenders are not women? Super Sireyna Francine Garcia reveals past with Xian Gaza

Transgenders are not women? Super Sireyna Francine Garcia reveals past with Xian Gaza

  • Francine Garcia revealed that Xian Gaza once hit on her on Facebook.
  • This happened after Gaza expressed that he’s against the inclusion of transgenders in Miss Universe. 

Super Sireyna Francine Garcia slammed Xian Gaza after he posted his stand on the topic of transgenders being a part of Miss Universe.

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A post shared by FRANCINE GARCIA (@iamfrancinegarcia) on

This was after Miss Spain 2018 Angela Ponce competed in the beauty pageant.

READ: “I love you Philippines!” Angela Ponce congratulates Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

In his post, he said that he doesn’t really care if he offends anyone with his words but the inclusion of transwomen in the pageant is the “biggest insult of the decade to womanhood“.

He said, “Transgenders are called transgender because they are not female and will never be one kahit ano pang ipaayos at ipalagay nila sa katawan nila.”

Gaza clarified that he does support the fight against gender discrimination but this move degrades the dignity of all the natural-born women around the world.

“Freedom and liberation is getting out of control today that we are progressing backwards, thinking that gender equality is absolute to the point that we consider “woman by choice” and “woman by birth” as same categories of homo sapiens under kingdom animalia.

“Give respect to womanhood the same way that you want all of us to respect the entire LGBT community.”

Garcia exposed Gaza  by reminding him that he once flirted with her. In a now deleted Facebook post, she said that he once tried to persuade her to be in a relationship with him via the social media platform.

“Point is ‘If you think Transgenders are not women, bakit ka makikipagharutan sa trans eh hindi naman pala babae'”

She then attached a screenshot of a part of her conversation with Gaza.

Garcia won the Eat Bulaga pageant in 2014.

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Bi Guy finds true love with a Bi Gal; relationship of both is getting stronger

Bi Guy finds true love with a Bi Gal; relationship of both is getting stronger

  • Wowowin contestant shared his unusual love story.
  • He said that he thought he was gay until he met the girl that changed his life.

The viewers of GMA Network‘s Wowowin were greeted by a touching story of how a bisexual man thought that he was gay, until he met his now girlfriend.

What’s more amazing is that the girl also turned out to be bisexual.

Austin shared his story during the Willie of Fortune segment on December 14. He said that he really thought that he was gay because he had a boyfriend of six years.

“Akala ko dati bading talaga ako eh kasi nagkaroon po ako ng ex na lalaki, six years. Kaka-break lang po namin. Akala ko siya na eh. Pero ngayon Kuya Wil, hindi ko alam kung bakit.”

Then he met Marie.

“Siguro pain changes people at na-in love ako sa babae. At may plot twist, bisexual din siya.”

The contestant told his girlfriend that if before, she thought that he was just joking around, now she knows that he’s not.

“Akala mo kasi dati biro lang eh. Ngayong gusto ko, ayan nationwide, gusto ko malaman mo na seryoso ako doon at saka sana hayaan mong ako ‘yung maging lalaki ng buhay mo,” Asutin told Marie.

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#EmilyXaver: A Gay Love Story from WWI goes viral

#EmilyXaver: A Gay Love Story from WWI goes viral

  • A WWI love story goes viral on Twitter.
  • Two soldiers were said to be in a gay relationship at the time of the first world war, resulting for them to be buried under one tombstone.

Two soldiers from the first world war have gone viral on Twitter after someone wrote a gay love story, imagining the reason why they’re buried together.

Emil Mueller and Xavier Sumer names are painted next to each other’s tombstones under a cemetary of Sighisoara, a small city located in Transylvania, Romania.

The town is a tourist hotspot for being the birthplace of the real-life basis of fictional character Dracula, Vlad Dracula ‘The Imapaler’ Tepes.

A Madrid-based author may have turned the town into a romantic destination for those who are curious to see the locations stated in the story.

Guillem Cua, who described himself as a dramaturgist, screenwriter, and director, saw Emil and Xavier’s grave while visiting the place in November.

After taking a few pictures, he began writing the story of the supposed lovers, imagining the reason behind their shared tombstone, connecting it to a forbidden gay relationship during at the time.

The original thread contains almost 200 posts which includes GIFs, videos, and photos. As Clua’s story goes on, people have been hooked, making the first tweet of the thread reach more than 24,000 retweets and 46,000 likes.

It was so interesting that another Twitter user have translated it into English.

But unfortunately, the story is fictional and only the photos of the tombstones are real. All the other elements are just made up.

He uploaded a statement on his website, sharing his thoughts and how the actual story is made up.

“Emil and Xaver have existed, yes. But only in the story that we have all shared did they love each other with the intensity that we would all like to experience. With their story I only wanted to shed a light on all the LGBT+ love stories that can never be told and that are condemned to oblivion.”

He further explained that he never intended to take advantage of people’s curiosity, but he understands if some felt cheated.

“My intention has never been to take advantage of people’s credulity. In fact, it would be nice if we all made the story of Emil and Xaver come true, turning this grave into a symbol for those who were not allowed to love each other and who deserved a better ending, together and in peace.

“And if some of you visit Sighisoara, leave some flowers in memory of the love stories that will never be told.”

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Phsychologist promotes ‘Anti-Gay Therapy’; A Gay Dating App reveals the Guy’s Real Identity

Phsychologist promotes ‘Anti-Gay Therapy’; A Gay Dating App reveals the Guy’s Real Identity

  • A psychologist who was identified as someone promoting anti-gay therapy was found as a subscriber to a gay dating app.
  • After initially denying it, he then admitted that he is the person behind the profile and he is looking for hook-ups with other men.

The clinical director of Horizon Psychological Services in Miami Beach was found in a gay dating app looking for hook-ups.

Norman Goldwasser previously claimed that sexual orientation is “modifiable” and “changable” and homosexuality is something like having obsessive compulsive disorder and comparable to sexual abuse.

Using the username hotnhairy72, the profile shared nude images of the director and stated interests such as kissing, massage, and married man, among others that were even more sexually explicit.

Goldwasser was outed after Truth Wins Out (TWO) founder, Wayne Besen, received a tip from someone who claimed to be a former patient of the doctor.

Besen proceeded to create a fake profile and reached out to Goldwasser using the profile. The latter agreed to meeting the former in a Florida hotel room and there he revealed his true identity and confronted the psychologist over his practice of the said “ex-gay therapy”.

After initially trying to deny the claims, Goldwasser has admitted that it is indeed him behind the account on the dating app after Besen showed him screenshots of his own profile.

In NBC News, Goldwasser said that his outing was “painful”.

“It is sad that despite the fact that I have been able to help many people over the years who have suffered from the effects of child sexual abuse and sexual addiction, I obviously was unable to help.

“There is no justification for my personal behavior and I deeply regret the pain I have caused people in my personal life.”

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Gay man priest says ‘LGBT relationships are not sinful’

Gay man priest says ‘LGBT relationships are not sinful’

  • A Roman Catholic priest admitted to becoming openly gay.
  • He said that he knew that he was gay since puberty, but suddenly had a calling to serve the Lord after graduating college.

Father RJ, a Roman Catholic priest, is one of the members of the LGBT community, consists of individuals who chose to dedicate their lives in serving an institution that doesn’t entirely welcome them.

He said that he had known that he’s gay since puberty as he was attracted to guys and even his “wet dreams” were about men. But things changed when he graduated from college.

“I felt the call to priesthood.”

The topic of LGBT members inside the church is not new as the likes of Pope John XII, Paul II, and Sixtus IV were caught with gay-related controversies. Sociologist and author James Wolf estimated that around 48.5% of priests may actually be gay.

But in December 2016, Pope Francis has signed The Gift of the Priestly Vocation which states that people with homosexual tendencies are prevented from participating at Roman Catholic seminaries and the priesthood.

In an article by, Fr. RJ expressed that he found it “hurtful and disappointing.”

“I reject the idea that gays are not fit to be priests.

“Those statements versus gay priests, which were copied from ideas first put forth under the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, are evil, cruel and outright discriminatory. Those are not coming from the Holy Spirit. don’t see any contradiction between being gay and being a priest.

“There is no contradiction. There are surely a lot of LGBT saints in the history of the church.”

He shared that his companions and superiors are actually really supportive of him.

“Being LGBT is not a sin. Logically, therefore, LGBT love and LGBT relationships are not sinful.”

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“How gay are you?” Netizen complains about gender insensitive interview he experienced

“How gay are you?” Netizen complains about gender insensitive interview he experienced

  • Netizen posts about ‘offensive’ interview he experienced at Century Properties.
  • He was repeatedly asked to rank his gayness, resulting to him walking out of the said interview.

A netizen recently took to Facebook to post an offensive job interview he experienced while applying as a Chinese translator.

Facebook user Deg Daupan exposed a certain Edward Paeste, the vice president of the Team Evolution of a company called Century Properties. He said that he was invited for an interview regarding a potential job as a Mandarin translator. But when he got to the office, he had to wait for five hours to be interviewed as there were meetings being conducted.

This is the first time I’m going to do this. D ko kinaya talaga eh. Edward Paeste, maghaharap tayo sa labas ng opisina mo.

Edward is executive VP of Century Properties-Team Evolution. I was invited for an interview as his team needs a Mandarin interpreter for their marketing activities here and abroad. Was really excited about this opportunity. I was asked to be at his office 1 PM. But hell, I was interviewed at 6 PM. May mga meeting pa raw kasi.

Daupan said that he let the waiting slide, but what he couldn’t take was how “unprofessional” Paeste was during the said interview, and it resulted to him walking out. He asked to talk to the vice president again but the latter didn’t grant his request.

Pinagbigyan ko. But Edward was so unprofessional during the interview, and so I walked out. Naging mahinahon at respectful ako sa buong duration ng usapan namin, kahit nakakabastos na. Upon stepping out of his office, I told the staff what happened, and that I needed to have a word with their VP. Hindi ako nilabas ni Edward. Ayokong magsayang pa ng more oras, and so I left. Ito ang interview:

He then posted how the interview went on and how it made him feel offended.

Edward: Tell me something about yourself.
Me: I’m Brill… (Edward intercepted)
Edward: Are you married?
Me: I’m not.
Edward: Are you gay?
Me: Yes, I am.
Edward: How gay are you?
Me: Sorry? I don’t understand your question.
Edward: Like, how gay? From 1-10.
Me: I don’t think gayness can be ranked like that. 
Edward: Just pretend it can be. 
Me: No, I can’t. 
Edward: Are you super gay? Not so gay? Or what?
Me: I really can’t understand what you’re asking me. I don’t subscribe to your notion that gayness can be ranked from 1-10. I believe in the concept of SOGIE. I see myself as a man, that’s my identity. Do you mean to ask my sexual orientation?
Edward. Ganto nalang. Are you more masculine? Feminine?
Me: Masculine.
Edward: Ok balik tayo, give me a score from 1-10. Magsabi ka lang ng numero. 
Me: I’m sorry, I’m not liking this conversation. I need to go. 
Edward: Oh, okay. Okay.

He ended his post by saying that he’s tired of such treatment and hopes that everyone will be educated about SOGIE.

I can’t believe it. A VP at that. My whole day was wasted. Parents, teachers, leaders, I hope you all pass on the good education that our people direly need. 21st century na tayo. Nakakapagod na ang gantong klaseng pagtingin. Nakakalungkot din kasi ako, I do my best to educate people about SOGIE. I even remember introducing the concept to my sister. Pero bakit ganto ang ganti sakin? Ang hirap maging bakla. 😞 Pero keber, #TuloyAngLaban.

Nakakapanghina. Nanghihina ako. 😢

In a follow up post, Daupan said that the communications officer of the company has reached out to him and apologized. They also said that they are investigating the matter to prevent it from happening again.

Just got off the phone with a communications officer from Century Properties. She extended an apology for what happened during my interview, and I’m grateful for that. They’re now looking into the matter. I expressed my willingness to cooperate in the investigation to hopefully put an end to discriminatory interviews in that office.

Thank you all for your support. Laban natin ito.

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“You little f***ing Queer!” Gay teenager gets beaten up in bus attack

“You little f***ing Queer!” Gay teenager gets beaten up in bus attack

  • A gay teenager in England got beaten up by a man in the bus.
  • Even if he experienced a traumatizing incident, the teenager remained hopeful and strong, saying that it will never stop them from being who they are.

A teenager was beaten up in a bus in Bristol, England, by a man who was yelling out anti-gay slurs.

Kyle Zellinger, who is 18 years old, was attacked by 27-year-old Paul Austin from Innis Court, last October 15.

According to Zellinger, Austin approached him aggressively while yelling out insults and proceeded to beat him up, which resulted to him having two black eyes. The teen also suffered bruises at the back of his head.

As Austin plead guilty to the assault, he remained in custody and will be sentenced on October 29. According to a spokesperson of Avon and Somerset Police“The incident has been classified as a homophobic hate crime and will be presented to the court as such.”

Zillinger then expressed that the attack left him in complete shock and had a negative impact on him.

“The fact that we’re living in 2018 and there are still some people who believe that hate crimes are okay is truly appalling.

“I’ve recently gained a lot of confidence within myself after dealing with some pretty rough mental health issues, and this has unfortunately set me back quite far, almost destroying a lot of milestones that I’d overcome.”

Even though it was a traumatizing incident, he remained hopeful and optimistic.

“I’m hoping I’ll bounce back, and with the endless and continued support of the massive community, I truly believe that I’ll come out the other end stronger.

“Things like this can’t go ignored or unpunished, what happened to me was not okay but there are so so many other people who have had either the same treatment or worse.

“Gay/Trans/Bi/any member of the LGBTQ+ society should never feel like they’re less than perfect, or deserving of hatred, because we aren’t.”

“We’re people just like anybody else and we’re not going anywhere! I can say for myself that I will continue to wear my sexuality with pride, and I am incredibly proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ society.

“This attack won’t stop me from being who I am, so these homophobes better get used to us being around!”

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Boy by Day, Girl by Night: “Star Hunt” contestant shares her story

Boy by Day, Girl by Night: “Star Hunt” contestant shares her story

  • Star Hunt contestant shared her coming out story.
  • She also admitted to joining pageants despite her sexuality.

Star Hunt is ABS-CBN’s latest program to find their next big star!

As there are thousands of aspiring artists auditioning, there are also thousands of stories waiting to be told. One of which is Nicx Devora’s journey to finding out who she really is.

She said that ever since she was a kid, she has felt different from all the kids around her as she had other interests. She also got confused as she developed crushes for her female teachers.

“Bata plang po ako, parang weird na po yung nararamdaman ko sa sarili ko. It’s like ‘babae ako pero bat ganito? Bat parang yung mga nagiging crush ko yung mga teacher kong babae. Ayoko nung mga nilalaro nilang barbie barbie, bahay-bahayan. Ayoko ng ganon, gusto ko yung bike, yung baril barilan.”

And when Nicx entered high school the situation didn’t change because even though her friends were girls, she preferred playing basketball with the guys.

“Nung high school ako, syempre mga barkada ko mga babae. Sila nagcu-cutix and everything. Ako yung dala-dala ko gitara, gusto ko dun sa mga kaklase kong nagba-basketball.”

She admitted that she did try being a woman because she thought that it was only a phase, however, when a guy tried courting her, she admitted that she’s not into dudes.

“Triny ko naman. Triny ko talagang maging babae. Kala ko sabi ko baka stage lang to ng confusion. Baka part lang to ng puberty ko. Pero wala talaga. Walang magic.

“Nung high school ako, may nang ligaw sakin. Sinabi ko lang “Di tayo talo.””

Nicx also said that she’s lucky to have such understanding parents.

“Nung sinabi ko na kay mommy, tsaka kay daddy, “sana kahit ganito ako, hindi mag iba yung pag-tingin niyo sakin.” Tapos luckily sinabi naman nila na “Maging sino ka man, tatanggapin kita kasi anak kita.” Yun parang na-touch ako dun. Grabe sobrang swerte ko sa kanila.”

Although she’s a lesbian, she’s not afraid to try things that are considered “girly”, like joining beauty pageants.

“Nung 2nd year college po ako, dun po ako nag simulang sumali ng mga pageants sa school. Nung una, ayaw ko talaga ng mga ganon. Pero inencourage talaga ako ng mga teachers ko, ng mga classmates ko. Parang napag isipan ko sige nga baka makakatulong to sakin. Nilista na yung pangalan ko as official candidate dun. Pinakita ko sa kanila na I strive hard. Para lang hindi sila mapahiya sa pag-pilit sakin, sa pag encourage sakin.”

So how did she prepare? “Kaya yun nagpaturo ako sa mga bakla kong kaklase. Mga kaibigan.”

Nicx only thinks about one thing whenever she’s on-stage, to not embarrass herself.

“Sa totoo lang po everytime na nasa stage ako, isa lang po, pinagdadasal ko lang na “Lord, kahit di ako manalo dito, basta hindi lang po ako matumba, matapilok, di lang po ako mapahiya sa harap ng maraming tao, okay ako dun.””

She has joined four pageants so far.

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“I’m straight… but there’s this guy…” Netizen tells the story of how he found out that he’s gay

“I’m straight… but there’s this guy…” Netizen tells the story of how he found out that he’s gay

  • Guy posts his sexuality dilemma on Reddit.
  • He shared how he found out that he’s gay. 

A Reddit post has been trending across social media platforms. It’s about a heartwarming story of how someone found out that he’s gay and how he accepted it.

User /Jaylor19 posted a dilemma at one community page of gay people. He shared that he met a guy at school that he was attracted to. They became immediately friends, but when he saw him naked at the locker room, he felt turned-on.

I’m straight… but there’s this guy…

So I’m 19 and consider myself straight. But I met this gay guy at school (age 20) and we really got on. We made fast buddies and I admit I did strangely find him attractive. He’s taller than me, lean, thick dark hair, and super- blue eyes. The first hint that something was up was when we were in the locker room at the campus gym and I saw him naked. It totally turned me on.

Fortunately, I had my pants on because there was definitely an erection. So some time goes by and we hang out (and yeah, in between I did jerk off imagining him).

There was a time when he hang out in the guy’s apartment and watched a movie. But a simple movie ended up with them doing something steamy.

Then one night about a few months ago I was over at his apartment and we were watching a movie. We were sitting pretty close together and I felt inclined to hold his hand so I reached over and took it. He didn’t even seem surprised, though I did notice a smirk on his face. Anyway, he didn’t pull away and we just sat there holding hands for awhile.

Then we sort of glanced at each other, and he leaned forward and kissed me. Then I kissed him back and we made out on his couch (at some point we were even lying down, him on top of me, and that got me even more turned on). He led me by the hand to his bedroom, we took each other’s clothes off, and had sex (everything short of anal since I was not prepared for that in more ways than one). 

He admitted that he was happy despite the confusion regarding his gender. They became even closer and even got invited by his parents to join him for dinner.

And I was confused but pretty happy, and it was honestly better than any sex I’ve ever had with a girl (though my experience in that arena is rather limited). I ended up spending the night with him.

From that point on, our interactions changed. When greeting each other, we kiss, I spend a few nights a week at his place. His parents invited me over for dinner last week. 

That’s when people started referring to them as “boyfriends,” which he continuously denied as he claimed to be straight. He then started questioning if he’s misinterpreting their relationship and if there are any straight guys that also has something like he does.

My roommate (who is also gay) walked in to our apartment once and found me with my head in his lap and him stroking my hair. Afterwards, my roommate referred to him as my boyfriend, and I had to correct him, because again, I’m straight, but I feel strongly connected with him and enjoy spending time close to him.

But then last night my sister asked how things were going with my boyfriend. She said it jokingly, but it’s starting to make me self- conscious. Am I misinterpreting this relationship, and we’re more than just close buddies who periodically have fun? Is it possible I’m not straight, or do no other straight guys feel comfortable doing stuff like this? Any advice?

On one update, he admitted that he already asked the guy if they are “boyfriends” and the latter answered that he thought they already where. The guy then asked him to be his boyfriend wherein he answered “yes”. Aww…

Update: I did have the “are we boyfriends?” talk with him. He laughed and said he thought we already were. Then he asked me if I would be his boyfriend and I said yes, and we kissed. So I guess I’m definitely not straight.

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