Gay guy tells his love story about Someone who once broke his heart; today they both graduate together as Sweethearts

Gay guy tells his love story about Someone who once broke his heart; today they both graduate together as Sweethearts

  • A Netizen dedicated a twitter thread to his boyfriend.
  • He said that he’s really glad to be graduating with his loved one and even be in the same frame of a photograph.

A Twitter user shared his story of how he entered a relationship with his boyfriend.

On December 14, Fredo started a thread on social media platform saying that he just wanted to thank that one person that hurt him in the past but decided to love him in the present.

He stated that he had a crush on Elvin before but unfortunately, the latter didn’t return his feelings. In fact, he actually quite hated him as the Netizen is said to be loud and talkative.

There came a time that his crush entered into a relationship.

Fredo got really hurt but he met someone from Cavite and also got into a relationship. But it did not end well as they broke up at the same day of their fifth month.

A plot twist happened and Elvin entered his life once again.

But unlike before, he was a bit wary of showing interest because he knew that Elvin was the type who gets tired of something really easily.

But Elvin proved him wrong.

And as a thanksgiving post Fredo shared their graduation photographs together, saying that he’s really delighted that he’s in the same frame with his loved one.

The thread now has more than 1,500 retweets.

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This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

  • Netizen shared how his dad accepted him for who he is
  • This twitter thread might just make you appreciate your parents more!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and people are already posting on social media the gifts that they received or planning to give to their lover. Whatever kind of gift it may be, we’re sure that it’s pretty something.

However, we also know for sure that receiving a special gift from your family is the best feeling ever! Just like how this Twitter netizen felt so happy after receiving an early Valentine’s gift coming from his dad!

This netizen shared on Twitter his conversation with his dad regarding his coming out. “Sobrang naiyak ako. I love you, Pa!” as said on the post.  See their convo below:

This is the most heartfelt part.

Based on screenshots of their conversation, the twitter netizen opened up about his sexuality and was accepted by his father wholeheartedly.

His dad also shared how proud he is of him and that he accepts him no matter what or who he is.

His dad told him that he was never once ashamed of him and that his only wish is for him to finish his studies, which would make him even happier. In the end, his father even invited him and his special someone to a dinner together with his sibling.

*Awww, we’re not crying, you are!*

If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s day, don’t forget that you can always celebrate it with your friends and of course, your family! After all, the gift of family is just may be the best gift we could ever receive.

Spread love and positivity this Valentine’s! (Credits to Twitter netizen: @_ivannnnn)

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‘KILIG’ Story: Straight guy shares how he fell for his gay partner

‘KILIG’ Story: Straight guy shares how he fell for his gay partner

  • Facebook user Elly Mhar shared his lengthy story about how he fell for a fellow guy for the first time
  • Elly Mhar proudly expressed his feelings for his boyfriend

Love comes when you least expect it, they say. For Facebook netizen Elly Mhar, it’s just the right time when he met his current partner Liza Asis, who is his fellow men.

It might be surprising for the people around them to see him in a same-sex relationship, Elly didn’t mind and followed where his heart led him.

The netizen shared his story through Facebook page “Hugot Beki.” His lengthy story about transitioning from a varsity player to a lover boy melted the hearts of the page’s followers.

Elly claims that he’s still straight despite being in a relationship with a guy.

“Sabi nila pag nagmahal ka daw ng bakla eh bakla ka na rin?? Pero hindi po totoo yun ako ang mag papatunay opo tama kayo ng nabasa nagmamahal po ako ngayon ng bakla pero di ako bakla hah straight na straight po akong lalaki.”

It’s evident in their photos together that they’ve shared a lot of memories as a couple for a while now.

Despite being ridiculed by some people in his circle, Elly was determined with how he feels for Liza.

He wrote, “Masaya po akong kasama siya masaya din siyang kasama ako kaya parehas kaming masaya nung una medyo nagkakahiyaan pa kasi bago pa lang eh pero habang tumatagal napatunayan ko sa kanya na di ko siya kinakahiya kasi nga totoong nagmamahal diba sa totoo nga kaya kong iholding hands siya habang naglalakad kaya ko rin siyang sabihan ng mahal ko siya sa harap ng maraming tao at higit sa lahat kaya ko siyang ituring na parang isang babae ginagawa ko na nga eh yung tipong hindi mo siya papagastusin di mo gugutumin lagi mong susuyuin at lagi kang nag aalala sa kanya at higit sa lahat kaya ko siyang protektahan.”

For him, Love will always win in the end. He hopes that through his story, he will be able to touch not just his lover’s heart but also other people, especially the LGBT community.

Elly wanted to stress that there’s nothing wrong with loving who you want to love. It’s 2018, it’s time to be true to yourselves.

Tell us your thoughts below!

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10 Photos That Will Prove Francis Libiran’s Wedding is Absolute #Goals!

10 Photos That Will Prove Francis Libiran’s Wedding is Absolute #Goals!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals
The newly-wed couple tied the knot in Boracay!

We know Francis Libiran through his magnificent works in the fashion industry. But he made everyone speechless when he suddenly marries his long-time partner, Christian Mark. Francis has been very vocal about his sexuality, and he is not ashamed of it.

Despite the fact that our country is conservative, and is not yet very open about same-sex relationships and marriages, Francis and Christian still proved that love always wins.

Days before the power couple tied the knot, their venue, Boracay, was being poured by heavy rains but when the day has finally arrived, not even a single cloud was in sight. It is as scorching as the love Francis and Christian has for one another.

Photographs and video by the great Jason Magbannua, here are 10 photos that prove Francis and Christan’s wedding is #Goals:

1. The Rings

Guess what? It’s not your usual wedding rings! They have come up with this unique design that fits their personality and taste.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals
All photos from Metro Photo

2. The Package

The power couple proves that they are, indeed, drool-worthy.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

3. Pre-Wedding Preparations

How sweet! Look how they take care of each other.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

4. The Dashing Francis Libiran a.k.a Groom #1

Francis Libiran, for all we know, is a successful fashion designer. He was able to dress some of the biggest names in the world. Take note, world!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

5. His life partner, Christian Mark a.k.a Groom #2

It is reported that Libiran met Christian in Paris way back in 2014.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

6. The Libirans

Groom #1’s family is all in attendance for their little boy’s big day.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

7. The Marks

The sweet family of Christian is also present in the star-studded wedding.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

And we go now to the tear-jerking part of the list…

8. The Vow

Our hearts melted when the two exchanged vows, and it hit us straight in the feels! When they cry, everyone cried, too.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

9. Deal sealer

The wedding will never complete without the groom and groom’s first kiss as a married couple!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

10. Long live!

Let us all be happy that the two were able to prove that love knows no gender! Let us spread good vibes and give them both best wishes!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

Francis and Christian literally slayed 2017! Aren’t they lovely?

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Love Wins! This Gay Couple’s Love Story Went Viral

Love Wins! This Gay Couple’s Love Story Went Viral

What a great time to be alive!

The Philippines is known to be a religious country and Filipinos are very reserved and not that liberated. As the time goes by, generation to generation, people became more open to “deviance”.

And this includes LGBT and Same Love. Finding love for gay people has become easier and more tolerable compared before. We should remember that before, being gay is a mental disorder, but it is good to know that people start to become more open-minded. We can now say that love truly embraces all kinds of people, and is now available to everyone, regardless of preferences.

Tolerance Not Acceptance

Unfortunately, there’s a difference between tolerating and accepting this kind of love. There’s still this belief that only men and women should be together, one man and one woman.

On February 27, photos of two guys together on a beach went viral and it was concluded that the two might be dating.

The Facebook page, “Bes, Kalma.” posted the pictures of the trending couple.

gay couple trends
The two are enjoying the beach and surely each other’s company | Photos from Bes, Kalma.

On the post, we can see a gay guy wearing a blue one-piece suit with a foreign man with pink board shorts. The two is yet to be identified.

gay couple trends
The two went up for a selfie | Photo from Bes, Kalma.

The post already has 21,000 reactions, more than 9,000 shares and, 5,500 comments. Netizens have mixed opinions about this.

Many were delighted and expressed their support to the couple,

gay couple trends

gay couple trends

But some did not believe.

gay couple trends

Some even said that the pictures are edited and the gay were just too desperate.

But at the end of the day, still, love knows no boundaries and love knows no gender. A couple or not, these two need to be respected.

Here’s the original post of “Bes, Kalma.” on Facebook.

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