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‘KILIG’ Story: Straight guy shares how he fell for his gay partner

  • Facebook user Elly Mhar shared his lengthy story about how he fell for a fellow guy for the first time
  • Elly Mhar proudly expressed his feelings for his boyfriend

Love comes when you least expect it, they say. For Facebook netizen Elly Mhar, it’s just the right time when he met his current partner Liza Asis, who is his fellow men.

It might be surprising for the people around them to see him in a same-sex relationship, Elly didn’t mind and followed where his heart led him.

The netizen shared his story through Facebook page “Hugot Beki.” His lengthy story about transitioning from a varsity player to a lover boy melted the hearts of the page’s followers.

Elly claims that he’s still straight despite being in a relationship with a guy.

“Sabi nila pag nagmahal ka daw ng bakla eh bakla ka na rin?? Pero hindi po totoo yun ako ang mag papatunay opo tama kayo ng nabasa nagmamahal po ako ngayon ng bakla pero di ako bakla hah straight na straight po akong lalaki.”

It’s evident in their photos together that they’ve shared a lot of memories as a couple for a while now.

Despite being ridiculed by some people in his circle, Elly was determined with how he feels for Liza.

He wrote, “Masaya po akong kasama siya masaya din siyang kasama ako kaya parehas kaming masaya nung una medyo nagkakahiyaan pa kasi bago pa lang eh pero habang tumatagal napatunayan ko sa kanya na di ko siya kinakahiya kasi nga totoong nagmamahal diba sa totoo nga kaya kong iholding hands siya habang naglalakad kaya ko rin siyang sabihan ng mahal ko siya sa harap ng maraming tao at higit sa lahat kaya ko siyang ituring na parang isang babae ginagawa ko na nga eh yung tipong hindi mo siya papagastusin di mo gugutumin lagi mong susuyuin at lagi kang nag aalala sa kanya at higit sa lahat kaya ko siyang protektahan.”

For him, Love will always win in the end. He hopes that through his story, he will be able to touch not just his lover’s heart but also other people, especially the LGBT community.

Elly wanted to stress that there’s nothing wrong with loving who you want to love. It’s 2018, it’s time to be true to yourselves.

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