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10 Photos That Will Prove Francis Libiran’s Wedding is Absolute #Goals!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals
The newly-wed couple tied the knot in Boracay!

We know Francis Libiran through his magnificent works in the fashion industry. But he made everyone speechless when he suddenly marries his long-time partner, Christian Mark. Francis has been very vocal about his sexuality, and he is not ashamed of it.

Despite the fact that our country is conservative, and is not yet very open about same-sex relationships and marriages, Francis and Christian still proved that love always wins.

Days before the power couple tied the knot, their venue, Boracay, was being poured by heavy rains but when the day has finally arrived, not even a single cloud was in sight. It is as scorching as the love Francis and Christian has for one another.

Photographs and video by the great Jason Magbannua, here are 10 photos that prove Francis and Christan’s wedding is #Goals:

1. The Rings

Guess what? It’s not your usual wedding rings! They have come up with this unique design that fits their personality and taste.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals
All photos from Metro Photo

2. The Package

The power couple proves that they are, indeed, drool-worthy.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

3. Pre-Wedding Preparations

How sweet! Look how they take care of each other.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

4. The Dashing Francis Libiran a.k.a Groom #1

Francis Libiran, for all we know, is a successful fashion designer. He was able to dress some of the biggest names in the world. Take note, world!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

5. His life partner, Christian Mark a.k.a Groom #2

It is reported that Libiran met Christian in Paris way back in 2014.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

6. The Libirans

Groom #1’s family is all in attendance for their little boy’s big day.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

7. The Marks

The sweet family of Christian is also present in the star-studded wedding.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

And we go now to the tear-jerking part of the list…

8. The Vow

Our hearts melted when the two exchanged vows, and it hit us straight in the feels! When they cry, everyone cried, too.

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

9. Deal sealer

The wedding will never complete without the groom and groom’s first kiss as a married couple!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

10. Long live!

Let us all be happy that the two were able to prove that love knows no gender! Let us spread good vibes and give them both best wishes!

Francis Libiran's Wedding is Absolute #Goals

Francis and Christian literally slayed 2017! Aren’t they lovely?

Written by Denis Santos

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