Gabriela Slams TESDA Head for “Sexist” Comment

Gabriela Slams TESDA Head
Gabriela Slams TESDA Head for “Sexist” Comment

At a recent statement of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) Director, General Guiling Mamondiong, many did not appreciate his comments.


Gabriela Slams TESDA Head
Joms Salvador, Gabriela spokesperson, replied to Mamondiong’s ‘sexist’ comment

Joms Salvador, Gabriela spokesperson, replied to Mamondiong’s ‘sexist’ comment, saying women would not be empowered as long as “feudal-patriarchal’ views on women still exist. Citing the Tesda head’s statement, she claimed that the kind of perspective Mamondiong has, never empowers women.

She says what he said ‘consigns women as weak, treats them as commodities and denies them of their rights’.

“It’s not with men climbing up the ladder of wealth and power that will empower women, but women themselves who will take part in transforming society,” as Salvador points out her belief in gender equality.

Mamondiong, a Muslim, acknowledges the “problem” the Philippines is currently facing right now, the dominating number of women in the country. Many are speculating why he believes that this is an actual problem.

As the 2015 census was released, it falsified Mamondiong’s view of male-female ratio in the Philippines. According to that data, there are more men than women aged 0 to 64. But for those 65 and up bracket, there are more females and males.

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