Fact Check: Older Gay Men Make Better Lovers

  • Older gay men are still the best choice
  • Reasons why older gay men make better lovers

Age is never an issue here.

Ageism and why it should be abolished

A new term has been surfacing online, Aegism. It is actually a discrimination involving someone’s age. We can be all cutesy fartsy, but we cannot decline a person just because he’s older than you. Sure, we dreamt of that ideal relationship with someone of your age. It can be all cute until one of you unleashes the kid and them and the impatient one gets toiled up with all that’s happening. I mean, yes, you’re both young, same intellectual wavelength, but isn’t it more fun to be with someone more mature than you?

Well, I’m speaking from my experience, and well.. interest. Ever since I came out of the closet and started goofing around, I never imagined myself being someone as old as me, or worse, younger. I always look for that maturity and intellect that was tested for years longer than mine. So, here are things that can prove older men are the best choice.

Gold-digging aside, these men are already well-established

Don’t get me wrong. By this, I did not mean treating you at a fancy restaurant or giving you some sort of stuff. What I meant was, they are driven enough to know what their priorities are. Their level of maturity is sexy. What? I find it sexy, don’t you?

They are never insensitive

Since they know that you are younger than them, they know how to take care of your emotions. Being the older one in the relationship gives them the responsibility to be the more understanding partner. If miscommunication persists, he will definitely make you understand the whole situation.

Thoughtfulness is world-class

They know what will make you happy. It may be a slice of cake, a tub of ice cream, or just a warm hug. They would know it, and they will give it to you when you most need it. They are always to-the-rescue. Their sixth-sense is knowing when are you sad and what will cheer you up.

They make wise decisions

Over the years, they would probably know the art of making wise decisions. You will be amazed by how he handles things and you’ll get inspired by it. He will be the biggest influence in your life. His experiences in life will be your guide in the future.

Less drama

No matter how many likes you give to your male Facebook friends, it’s nothing to him. He meant when he said he trusts you. It will never be a big deal. You will not over food, where to eat, what to buy–things that will surely be a source of argument when you are in an immature relationship.

They cry, too

But when they do, it meant the world to them. How often do you see older guys cry? Not every day. With everything that he’s giving to you; understanding, trust, loyalty, sincerity, or what have you, he needs all of it in return. He needs to be reciprocated. Behind that physique, a lonely kid exists. You will trigger it one way or another, but don’t disappoint him. Take care of him, and most especially, love him with all your heart. (All photos from BoredPanda)

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Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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