At what age do gay men quit finding love?

  • Do gay people quit finding love?
  • Why gay people tend to be emotionally stronger than heterosexuals.

My straight friends often ask me, can gay people settle alone? Well, if you’d throw that question to me two years ago, I would say ‘Of course, not! That’s ridiculous. How can someone spend the rest of his/her life alone?’. But now I think I can. I did not mean that I prefer growing old alone, but if I wasn’t able to find the right person, I believe that I can survive without a lover.

Gay fun fact

A crazy observation about gay people is that they tend to value independence so much. Like they completely don’t rely their whole life on someone, especially on a significant other. I’d like to think that we have such high tolerance for being alone.

I mean, we have fought one too many battles, from coming out to living up to this society’s heteronormative expectations. With that, we grew so much stronger that not finding love is not a problem at all.

Homos give laughter and joy to the world, let’s not argue with that fact. And that’s enough for them. I’m not saying they are hopeless romantic or we have given up on love, I just want people to know that gay people have so much love to give. And to be loved back is just a sweet, sweet bonus.

Many same-sex couples became some of the most successful relationships in human history. We love hard, and we fight hard. We don’t let go that easily but know when to stop.

So, if someone asks me now at when age do gay people quit finding love, I’d answer, we don’t find love. We give them.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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