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Senator Joel Villanueva, blamed for LGBT rights bill delay

Senator Joel Villanueva, blamed for LGBT rights bill delay

  • Villanueva supports freedom of religion
  • Joel Villanueva will not approve SOGIE at the expense of freedom of religion
  • Has been attacked by LGBT community in the past

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) bill is still on hold at the Senate and this is all thanks to Senator Joel Villanueva.

Ganda Filipinas Executive Director Naomi Fontanos said that Joel Villanueva is the only reason why the bill isn’t advancing.

Ironically, Villanueva is one of the bill’s co-authors.

Villanueva’s father, Eddie Villanueva, the founder of Jesus is Lord ministry, showed his support for the LGBT community back in 2015 but emphasized that marriage should always only be limited to a man and a woman, nothing more, nothing less.

According to Fontanos, the bill has been scheduled for interpellation for a total of 25 times.

The bill was delayed by more than 200 session days at the Senate even after the House of Representatives passed it already by a vote of 198-0, according to Fontanos.

Villanueva, influenced by Jesus Is Lord ministry, said that he will see to it that the bill does not get approved if it goes against the freedom of religion.

“Definitely… [I] will make sure it won’t pass at the expense of freedom of religion,” he said.


Just like Senator Imee Marcos, Villanueva wants a bill that protects the rights of individuals of different races, social status, religion, and many other factors, not just the LGBT community.

“When it reached the plenary, ako yung tinuturo na laging nagba-block at nagdedebate, kasi every debate namin hindi nila masagot yung mga tanong namin.”

The reason why he stepped up as a co-author for the bill because he is against discrimination.

Some members of the LGBT community have shown hostile behavior towards Villanueva and his family, specifically his children. They would burn his and his children’s pictures. They have attacked him at LGBT events, including the recent Metro Manila Pride March with over 70,000 in attendance.

“Pati mga pictures ng mga anak ko, inaano nila,” he said.

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A lesbian grants her mother’s wish to have a baby, who she thought was dying

A lesbian grants her mother’s wish to have a baby, who she thought was dying

  • A teen beauty contestant in Wowowin introduced her mom as “pogi”
  • It was revealed that the contestant’s mom was a lesbian
  • Mama Che wrongfully thought her own mother was dying so she granted her wish to have a grandchild by getting pregnant

In the ‘Pera o Kahon’ segment of Willie Revillame’s ‘Wowowin’ on Tuesday, a teen beauty contestant introduced her mother as “pogi” to the curiosity of the host and the audience.

Asked why she did so, the contestant named Angel, said her mother was a lesbian. As the segment allows the contestants to share their life stories, the senior high school student proceeded to relay her story.

Angel aims to be an accountant or a business woman in the future to alleviate her family from poverty. She’s the only biological daughter of her lesbian mother, Mama Che.

Her mother adopted another child into their family. Angel never met nor knew her father growing up.

Revillame interrogated Mama Che on her decision to get pregnant, even though she’s a lesbian. The woman answered that the incident only happened because she initially thought her own mother was dying and doggedly wish for her to have a grandchild.

Wanting to fulfil her mother’s ‘dying request,’ Mama Che said, “Sige, bibigyan kita ng apo ‘tas liliko na’ko,” alluding to her decision of switching her gender and sexual orientation after she bears a child.

When asked by the host to leave her child with a message, the lesbian mother told Angel, “’Nak, alam mo naman, kahit ganito ko binuhay kita, pinalaki ka namin ng Mommy mo, alam mo naman ‘yun mula’t sapol kahit baby ka pa, kami na ng Mommy mo ‘yung nag-aalaga sa’yo, sumusuporta, gumagabay sa’yo. Nagpapasalamat ako sa’yo dumating ka sa buhay namin ng Mommy mo.”

Angel who was visibly teary-eyed in the video was very thankful of her mother and grandmother too. The grandmother appeared in the video clip as well, looking very healthy and hale.

“Ni-request ko po ‘yan (sa anak ko) para ho magkaroon kami ng kasama dahil dadalawa lang kami. Nagpapasalamat ako at hindi ako nagkakamali dahil napakaganda ng apo ko,” the proud grandma declared.

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Boy by Day, Girl by Night: “Star Hunt” contestant shares her story

Boy by Day, Girl by Night: “Star Hunt” contestant shares her story

  • Star Hunt contestant shared her coming out story.
  • She also admitted to joining pageants despite her sexuality.

Star Hunt is ABS-CBN’s latest program to find their next big star!

As there are thousands of aspiring artists auditioning, there are also thousands of stories waiting to be told. One of which is Nicx Devora’s journey to finding out who she really is.

She said that ever since she was a kid, she has felt different from all the kids around her as she had other interests. She also got confused as she developed crushes for her female teachers.

“Bata plang po ako, parang weird na po yung nararamdaman ko sa sarili ko. It’s like ‘babae ako pero bat ganito? Bat parang yung mga nagiging crush ko yung mga teacher kong babae. Ayoko nung mga nilalaro nilang barbie barbie, bahay-bahayan. Ayoko ng ganon, gusto ko yung bike, yung baril barilan.”

And when Nicx entered high school the situation didn’t change because even though her friends were girls, she preferred playing basketball with the guys.

“Nung high school ako, syempre mga barkada ko mga babae. Sila nagcu-cutix and everything. Ako yung dala-dala ko gitara, gusto ko dun sa mga kaklase kong nagba-basketball.”

She admitted that she did try being a woman because she thought that it was only a phase, however, when a guy tried courting her, she admitted that she’s not into dudes.

“Triny ko naman. Triny ko talagang maging babae. Kala ko sabi ko baka stage lang to ng confusion. Baka part lang to ng puberty ko. Pero wala talaga. Walang magic.

“Nung high school ako, may nang ligaw sakin. Sinabi ko lang “Di tayo talo.””

Nicx also said that she’s lucky to have such understanding parents.

“Nung sinabi ko na kay mommy, tsaka kay daddy, “sana kahit ganito ako, hindi mag iba yung pag-tingin niyo sakin.” Tapos luckily sinabi naman nila na “Maging sino ka man, tatanggapin kita kasi anak kita.” Yun parang na-touch ako dun. Grabe sobrang swerte ko sa kanila.”

Although she’s a lesbian, she’s not afraid to try things that are considered “girly”, like joining beauty pageants.

“Nung 2nd year college po ako, dun po ako nag simulang sumali ng mga pageants sa school. Nung una, ayaw ko talaga ng mga ganon. Pero inencourage talaga ako ng mga teachers ko, ng mga classmates ko. Parang napag isipan ko sige nga baka makakatulong to sakin. Nilista na yung pangalan ko as official candidate dun. Pinakita ko sa kanila na I strive hard. Para lang hindi sila mapahiya sa pag-pilit sakin, sa pag encourage sakin.”

So how did she prepare? “Kaya yun nagpaturo ako sa mga bakla kong kaklase. Mga kaibigan.”

Nicx only thinks about one thing whenever she’s on-stage, to not embarrass herself.

“Sa totoo lang po everytime na nasa stage ako, isa lang po, pinagdadasal ko lang na “Lord, kahit di ako manalo dito, basta hindi lang po ako matumba, matapilok, di lang po ako mapahiya sa harap ng maraming tao, okay ako dun.””

She has joined four pageants so far.

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At what age do gay men quit finding love?

At what age do gay men quit finding love?

  • Do gay people quit finding love?
  • Why gay people tend to be emotionally stronger than heterosexuals.

My straight friends often ask me, can gay people settle alone? Well, if you’d throw that question to me two years ago, I would say ‘Of course, not! That’s ridiculous. How can someone spend the rest of his/her life alone?’. But now I think I can. I did not mean that I prefer growing old alone, but if I wasn’t able to find the right person, I believe that I can survive without a lover.

Gay fun fact

A crazy observation about gay people is that they tend to value independence so much. Like they completely don’t rely their whole life on someone, especially on a significant other. I’d like to think that we have such high tolerance for being alone.

I mean, we have fought one too many battles, from coming out to living up to this society’s heteronormative expectations. With that, we grew so much stronger that not finding love is not a problem at all.

Homos give laughter and joy to the world, let’s not argue with that fact. And that’s enough for them. I’m not saying they are hopeless romantic or we have given up on love, I just want people to know that gay people have so much love to give. And to be loved back is just a sweet, sweet bonus.

Many same-sex couples became some of the most successful relationships in human history. We love hard, and we fight hard. We don’t let go that easily but know when to stop.

So, if someone asks me now at when age do gay people quit finding love, I’d answer, we don’t find love. We give them.

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Study says homophobes may be closet homosexuals

Study says homophobes may be closet homosexuals


A new study suggests that individuals who have hostile attitudes and negative views towards members of the LGBT community may actually have same-sex desires.


According to the research published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, homophobia may actually originate from authoritarian parents who have homophobic views. Four studies were carried out by researchers to explore the discrepancies between what people claim about their sexual orientation and their implicit sexual orientation. The studies, which were based on a reaction-time test, involved college students from the US and Germany.

In his interview with LiveScience, study co-author Richard Ryan of the University of Rochester explained, “This study shows that if you are feeling that kind of visceral reaction to an out-group, ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Those intense emotions should serve as a call to self-reflection.”

Based on the findings of the four studies, it was found that those who feel threatened by LGBT people do so because they fear their own desires, driving them to “protest too much.”

“In addition, it appears that sometimes those who would oppress others have been oppressed themselves, and we can have some compassion for them too, they may be unaccepting of others because they cannot be accepting of themselves,” Ryan said.

Rear view of a boy walking with two men in a park
Rear view of a boy walking with two men in a park

Furthermore, it was also found that participants who reported that they came from authoritarian homes displayed the biggest discrepancy between their outward and implicit sexual orientation. On the other hand, participants who claimed they came from accepting and supportive parents were acquainted with their implicit sexual orientation. This means that their implicit sexual orientation followed their outward sexual orientation.

Lastly, the research revealed that participants who indicated heterosexuality despite having hidden same-sex urges were also the most likely to display gay discrimination and anti-gay attitudes.

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Are You Undergoing Treatment for Sex Change? – Oprah Asks Charice Pempengco

Are You Undergoing Treatment for Sex Change? – Oprah Asks Charice Pempengco


When Charice Pempengco and ‘Ninang’ Oprah Winfrey met again, the talk show host was shocked to see a dramatic change in the 22-year-old’s appearance. This prompted her to ask, “Were you thinking about transitioning to become a male?”

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Charice was a crowd favorite in her younger days, even appearing on Ellen, the talk show of Ellen Degeneres, and in major concerts such as those of Celine Dion. She also appeared twice on Glee and had her own sold-out concerts, in the Philippines and abroad.

The younger Charice was more 'girly' Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
The younger Charice was more ‘girly’
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

In 2013, she admitted to being a lesbian, something that seemed to change her career. Her coming out was believed to be the reason why her projects dwindled and fans seemed to change their mind about having her as their favorite artist.

Fast forward to Oprah’s upcoming “Where Are They Now” episode on her own show: Charice looks very different from her cute, girly younger self. Sporting a blond updo with shaved sides, she looks like a typical ‘tomboy’ [local term for lesbian]. She has been sporting a masculine hairstyle ever since she came out as lesbian. She also became more vocal with admitting personal details, such as living together with a girlfriend.

A rounder, more 'masculine' Charice appeared before Oprah Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
A rounder, more ‘masculine’ Charice appeared before Oprah
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Perhaps it was her rounder face, dark blue collared shirt, and tattoos that made her look more boyish than she was before. Her own godmother could not believe the ‘transformation’ and was not able to resist asking the question someone else wouldn’t have dared ask: is Charice undergoing gender reassignment treatment so she could finally become a male?

There have already been rumors of the child star undergoing hormone therapy for gender reassignment; though many fans were quick to dispel the speculations, saying she would be crazy to undergo hormone therapy because that could affect her voice.

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So, what was her answer to Oprah’s question? Well, Oprah had only released a teaser trailer, so fans had to watch this Sunday’s episode to listen to her answer. Right now, all fans could do is speculate whether the drastic change in her appearance really signifies hormonal therapy for gender reassignment in the near future.

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