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Are You Undergoing Treatment for Sex Change? – Oprah Asks Charice Pempengco

When Charice Pempengco and ‘Ninang’ Oprah Winfrey met again, the talk show host was shocked to see a dramatic change in the 22-year-old’s appearance. This prompted her to ask, “Were you thinking about transitioning to become a male?”

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Charice was a crowd favorite in her younger days, even appearing on Ellen, the talk show of Ellen Degeneres, and in major concerts such as those of Celine Dion. She also appeared twice on Glee and had her own sold-out concerts, in the Philippines and abroad.

The younger Charice was more 'girly' Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
The younger Charice was more ‘girly’
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

In 2013, she admitted to being a lesbian, something that seemed to change her career. Her coming out was believed to be the reason why her projects dwindled and fans seemed to change their mind about having her as their favorite artist.

Fast forward to Oprah’s upcoming “Where Are They Now” episode on her own show: Charice looks very different from her cute, girly younger self. Sporting a blond updo with shaved sides, she looks like a typical ‘tomboy’ [local term for lesbian]. She has been sporting a masculine hairstyle ever since she came out as lesbian. She also became more vocal with admitting personal details, such as living together with a girlfriend.

A rounder, more 'masculine' Charice appeared before Oprah Photo credit: Daily Mail UK
A rounder, more ‘masculine’ Charice appeared before Oprah
Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

Perhaps it was her rounder face, dark blue collared shirt, and tattoos that made her look more boyish than she was before. Her own godmother could not believe the ‘transformation’ and was not able to resist asking the question someone else wouldn’t have dared ask: is Charice undergoing gender reassignment treatment so she could finally become a male?

There have already been rumors of the child star undergoing hormone therapy for gender reassignment; though many fans were quick to dispel the speculations, saying she would be crazy to undergo hormone therapy because that could affect her voice.

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So, what was her answer to Oprah’s question? Well, Oprah had only released a teaser trailer, so fans had to watch this Sunday’s episode to listen to her answer. Right now, all fans could do is speculate whether the drastic change in her appearance really signifies hormonal therapy for gender reassignment in the near future.

Written by Joy Adalia

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