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Netizen points out things media failed to cover about Logan Paul’s controversial video

  • Netizen singles out the things media failed to tackle about Logan Paul’s controversial video
  • Logan Paul receives backlash after posting a naked body in his YouTube video

If you (and Logan Paul himself) think that this issue is over, you are definitely wrong. Netizens are in complete outrage after the hotshot YouTuber posted a video involving a dead body from Aokigahara forest. The said forest is known to be the suicide forest in Japan, where many go into the said forest and take their own lives.

In the video that was viewed million times, Logan Paul did not only insert the actual clip, but it showed an actual conversation with him and his friends laughing.

It received an enormous amount of backlash from the people of the internet. Logan, on the other hand, posted a tweet message extending his apologies to the people he has hurt.

But it was not enough. People were not convinced that led to the 22-year-old’s apology video.

YouTube then expressed their sentiments by sending out a statement. The resolution is still not clear, and the netizens are not having it.

Netizen points out

During the whole issue, Roy Harding from Facebook detailed every single detail the media failed to talk about the issue. In a lengthy post which was already shared more than 5,000 times and reacted by 2,500 people, Harding pointed out the missing links.

1. This wasn’t his first video in Japan. All of his Japan vlogs have been BEYOND disrespectful and obnoxious. He takes it upon himself to look like the biggest asshole on the planet everywhere he goes. He and his team have been kicked out of shrines and have gotten into so much shit in Japan because they don’t like treat anything with culture with respect.

2. He was in a restricted part of the forest and knew exactly what he was doing. There’s not a doubt in my mind – or anyone else’s for that matter– that he was looking for a dead body in Aokigahara.

Aokigahara is known for suicide and is seen as a place of HIGH respect because the Japanese highly regard their dead. You are not supposed to record the dead or take pictures of the dead in Aokigahara. Japanese YouTubers who were sponsored by the Japanese GOVERNMENT were told NOT to take any footage if they found bodies because it is highly disrespectful. If you stay on the path in Aokigahara you’ll be fine.

3. If he did any research he would know that, even though he blurred the face, what he did was illegal.

In Japan, you are not to take any pictures of anyone without their consent and if you find a dead body you are to cut all recording and call for help. A dead person cannot consent and I promise you that man’s family did not consent to his body being recorded. Japanese people are private people.

4. That brings me to my next point — He blurred the face so what’s the problem? You do not record or take pictures of the dead. Especially not anyone who has committed suicide.

He zoomed in on his body multiple times and commented on his body. He made loud obnoxious jokes and laughed. He and his friends were smiling and laughing.

5. That’s not a coping mechanism. Yeah, people may laugh uncomfortably or make a joke or smile in uncomfortable situations, but find a dead body of a man who committed suicide?

You don’t record it and you sure as shit don’t record your self-hopping around laughing and yelling. You put the camera down. You go back to the parking lot.

You wait for authorities and you escort them to the body. You go back to your hotel and you end your vlog by saying “This is a serious topic and this is what happened.”

You do NOT give any imagery or video. You do not edit a dead man into your thumbnail and make your title “We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest….” You act like an adult. You take off you stupid ass hat and your Gucci jacket and treat the authorities with respect and you treat the body with respect.

6. His shitty apology. His apology wasn’t worth anything. He essentially patted himself on the back and said it was to “raise awareness to suicide prevention.”

No, it wasn’t. It was clickbait. If he was serious about suicide prevention he would’ve taken his vlog and deleted all the content and sat down in his hotel room and made a 20-minute long video explaining this is what happened and this is why suicide is wrong and here are your resources to prevent suicide.

Not saying “suicide isn’t a joke. Mental illness isn’t a joke.” For 2 seconds out of a like 20-minute long video of him and his friends cutting up and laughing in a sacred place in Japan over a man who had committed suicide.

7. To those “logangsters” who are 12 years old and have no idea what it’s like to lose someone to suicide and have no idea what it’s like to actually contemplate suicide and have depression and mental illnesses.

It isn’t funny to see someone who spent their final moments in pain and upset dangling from a tree while blonde frat boy looking dumbass in a stupid ass green alien hat and ugly Gucci jacket and his shitty friends laugh about it. It isn’t funny to that man’s family and friends. It isn’t funny to his parents who, if they have any sort of social media, will know that that’s their son. It isn’t funny to his lover who will see his body plastered everywhere. It will be a constant and permanent reminder to them what happened.

People will be talking about this for weeks and that man will be everywhere for weeks. It’s hard enough to mourn with constant reminders of someone around your house, but to know some dipshit and co. made a mockery of your loved one on the internet is even harder. People want to mourn in peace.

Written by Denis Santos

A Journalism student who considers nature as his second home. Likes to travel on a budget, and believes tofu and nuggets come hand in hand.

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