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LOOK: Former Olympic Diver Say Yes To His Long-time Boyfriend’s Marriage Proposal

  • Tough-looking gay couple  got engaged.
  • Former Olympian say yes to his  long-time boyfriend’s in a romantic marriage proposal.

How often do we encounter two men with ripped bodies get engaged to each other? Eyes will roll but this couple proved that love knows no boundaries and gender.


Body builder Patrick Huber made the plan perfectly. His Olympian beau, Jimmy Sjödin, had no idea that a huge proposal will soon be happening!

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He thought that they would just be hopping on a gondola in Venice, until Huber kneel and popped out the question with a ring. Jimmy, in tears, he didn’t know what to say but yes!

The proposal was a month-long process that he kept to himself, Huber felt guilty for keeping this as a secret, he waited that long until their Italian getaway where Jimmy had always wanted to visit.

During the trip, Patrick  arranged a photographer to take snaps of their romantic getaway discreetly. The ‘kilig feels‘.

The time has come

It is when they set off on a romantic gondola ride in the Venetian Lagoon that Patrick knew that it’s  the perfect moment to ask Jimmy to marry him.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Jimmy said, “I had no idea or clue that this could or would be an engagement trip.”

Future plans

The two is planning to get married in the German Alps, on May of 2018 which would be their second year celebrating as a couple.

If you are craving for more pictures, don’t fret. We got you covered. *winks*

Sighs. What a great day to love! What do you think, guys? Aren’t they sweet?

Written by Denis Santos

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