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The Story Behind The Viral Valentine Post of This Gay Couple #SpreadTheLove

Reiner Allen Linga, 21 and Vench Allen Cuarto, 20 did not expect that their love story will go viral online.

On February 14, Linga set up a Valentine surprise for Cuarto and posted it online. Little did they know, this post will attract supporters, and most especially, will inspire many couples out there.

Story Behind Viral Valentine Post
Photos from Reiner’s Facebook Account

The two have been together for 2 years, 8 months and officially lived together since their 2nd month. Both a coffee lover, Linga is currently a 3rd-year Psychology student in Adamson University, and Cuarto, is a graduate of Office Administration in Laguna State Polytechnic University.

The Story Behind

Story Behind Viral Valentine Post Story Behind Viral Valentine Post

The time Linga set up the surprise, they were no longer together. They called it quits on December 27 of 2015. Due to misunderstandings, Reiner blocked Vench completely out of his life. Vench, on the other hand, did not let go instantly. He still pursued Reiner, but their relationship is no longer healthy.

Napagod siguro at nagpahinga na sya, but then hindi ako masaya, ginagawa ko lahat ng gusto ko pero parang may kulang,” Linga said.

[He probably got tired and stopped pursuing me. I’m not happy with what I do. I’ve done everything I could, but there’s something missing.]

After weeks of realizations, he decided that it’s now his turn to pursue the one he really loves. Even though he knows that Vench is already seeing someone at the time, he still went for that Valentine surprise, hoping that he could get a second shot.

Not knowing what to expect, he set up a surprise for Vench, he asked for help from his friends and relatives. He admitted that he’s really nervous and unsure of what the results would be.

Story Behind Viral Valentine Post Story Behind Viral Valentine Post

Luckily, when he asked Vench to be his boyfriend again, he said yes and they both cried their hearts out.

Message To Closeted Gay Couples Out There

“To every closeted gay couple siguro karamihan ngayon ay masaya pero maraming din mga pagsubok ang mangyayari darating din yung time na masasaktan ang bawat isa sa inyo pero kahit ano pa man, kung mahal nyo talaga ang isa’t isa ipaglaban nyo! Be yourself!” a piece of advice from Reiner.

[To every closeted gay couple, maybe most of you is happy right now, but challenges will rise and both of you couldget hurt. If you really love each other, fight for each other. Be yourself!]

To The LGBT Community

As a part of the loving community, Reiner has something to say for everyone.

Be yourself for as long as malinis ang konsensya natin na wala tayong ginagawang hindi maganda sa kapwa natin at di tayo nang aagrabyado sa kanila. Pakita natin kung ano at sino talaga tayo. Be Proud of who you are.”

[Be yourself. As long as our conscience is clean and we’re not doing anything wrong. Let them see who we really are. Be proud of who you are.]

Story Behind Viral Valentine Post
Reiner with his surprise

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