Kris Aquino’s diehard fan graduates college, receives advice from Queen of All Media herself

Kris Aquino’s diehard fan graduates college, receives advice from Queen of All Media herself

  • Kris Aquino’s fan dedicated her college diploma to the Queen of All Media, she said that being her fan has a positive effect on her.
  • Gladice Belarmino shared on facebook that she was just a child when she started idolizing Aquino and her parents feared that she would neglect her studies due to her devotion to the star.
  • Belarmino proved her parents wrong and even became a consistent Dean’s Lister, hoping one day that she could work for Aquino’s production team.

In an article that featured studies on celebrity worship (a clinical perspective), they defined a “fan” as an “individual who is enthusiastically devoted to something, such as a media personality, sports figure, or a singer. The word fan is derived from the Latin word fanaticus, meaning ‘insanely but divinely inspired”.”

Insanely but divinely inspired is one phrase to describe Gladice Belarmino who went viral on social media after sharing on facebook that the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino became her inspiration to finish her course Computer Programming and hoped to be a part of the production team Kris C. Aquino Productions (KCAP).

Simula bata palang ako ay adik na ako. Hindi adik sa drugs, kondi adik kay Kris Aquino. Sa mga nakakilala saakin simula Elementary hanggang ngayon, alam nila na lagi kong bukang bibig ang pangalan niya, pero hindi naging madali saakin ang pagiging diehard fan. Bata palang ako ay sinubok nako ng tadhana. Ikaw ba naman ang lumaki sa probinsiya (Camambugan Balasan, Iloilo), na gustohin koman siya makita noon ay hindi ko magawa,” wrote Belarmino, now an alumna of the University of Makati.

According to Belarmino, her being a devoted fan of Aquino became one of her parents’ fears that she may not be able to finish her studies due to the amount of time she dedicates to the star by keeping track of all her television programs and movies.

Ang magulang ko, dati talagang pinatitigil na nila ako sa kahibangan ko. Sabi nila pag bumaba daw ang mga grades ko sakaka nuod ng TV dahil kay Kris Aquino ay patitigilin nila ako sa pag aaral ko. Sa takot ko na baka pati ang munting paraan na masilayan ko ang kanyang mga muka sa TV ay ipagkait din nila saakin, ginawa ko nag aral nalang ako ng mabuti. Pinatunayan ko sa mga magulang ko na hindi mangyayari yon, na hindi masamang halimbawa sakin si Kris.”

Alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi ako sobrang talino. Marami akong natanggap na mga parangal pero bunga ito ng pagtitiyaga ko at pagsusumikap dahil naniniwala ako na tulad ng laging sinasabi ni kris na kahit nasakanya na ang lahat dapat magsumikap sa buhay. Na hindi ka makikilala dahil sa apelyidong dala dala mo, kondi sa mga bagay na alam mong ikaw ang may gawa,” said Belarmino.

The proud fan also shared that she was given the chance to meet her idol after becoming an official member of Aquino’s fans club, which she said was one of her biggest blessings she ever received. She also mentioned her wanting to even sharpen her skills in Web design and photo and video editing and be a professional IT so she could be part of Aquino’s online show.

The consistent Dean’s Lister ended her post with, “Madam inaalay ko po hindi lang sa mga magulang ko kondi pati po sayo yong ang mga achievements ko po sa buhay… Gusto ko po malaman mo na ang pagiging adik ko po sayo ay may naidudulot na mabuti. Sa lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman mo, sa lahat ng pambabatikos sayo. May taong kahit umulan bumagyo man hinding hindi ka sinukoan. Mahal kita Mommy K.”

Belarmino’s viral post received over four thousand reactions online and the most special response she received was from Kris Aquino herself, writing in her own facebook page with an open letter to the young graduate:

“Dear Gladys,

Your achievement is yours and it so generous to share it with me… kaya mong SOLO ipagmalaki ang pagiging masipag mo. But i implore you- enjoy your youth. and your health… singleminded ang focus ko– to succeed- BUT now I realize ang daming BONDING namin ng mom that I missed out on because I needed to prove my professionalism. You are allowed to HAVE FUN. You should make time for your family. And it is so heartwarming to know you wanted to work for me. But you love me, a little too much. Ikaw masasaktan sa bashing nung trolls. Spare yourself that. May I quote a J Lo song?

‘I guess I found my way

It’s simple when it’s right

Feeling lucky just to be here tonight

And happy just to be me and be… ALIVE.’

Thank you for this #lovekosikris post because the truth is I myself find it hard to love me.”


Love ko si KrisMga katagang minsan pilit komang binabago pero hindi ko mabago. Hindi ganon kadali alisin ang bagay na…

Posted by Gladice Belarmino on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Dear Gladys, Your achievement is yours and it so generous to share it with me… kaya mong SOLO ipagmalaki ang…

Posted by Kris Aquino on Thursday, April 4, 2019


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Woman finds chick hatched inside their fridge, brings amusement to netizens

Woman finds chick hatched inside their fridge, brings amusement to netizens

  • Woman finds one of the eggs stored in their unused ref already hatched
  • Netizens found delight in Abi Gonzales’ discovery, who claimed the heat may be the reason why the chick hatched
  • Gonzales even clarified that her story was true to doubters, provided photos on the chick’s condition

A netizen shared on Facebook an interesting discovery that one of the eggs stored in their refrigerator already hatched, by hearing continuously the chirping of a chick in their house.

Netizen Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales, who’s a native of Nueva Ecija, wrote on her account: “Yung itlog na binili nila Papa naging sisiw na. 😂 Nainitan din yata. Hahaha!  Kaya pala may naririnig ako, hanap ako ng hanap. (Siya) pala yung nag-iingay.😅😂 Pawis na pawis lang!”

She also posted three photographs presenting a chick emerging from one of the eggs in their fridge.

Wala pong kuryente kaya mainit talaga. Mainit pati panahon. Saka di rin po ginagamit yung ref kaya akala ng iba nalamigan daw kuno. Di rin ho luma yung ref, hindi lang talaga ginagamit kaya ganyang mukhang luma. 😂” explained Gonzales, as one of the reasons why the unbelievable incident happened in the first place.

Her post has gone viral on social media, receiving 28 thousand reactions with netizens expressing their delight on the bizarre happening.

Naging incubator (niya) (yung) ref na di gumaganaaa! 😂😂😂” replied Lisa Lagdaan-Caguimbal.

“Palakihin nyo, tyaka nyo itinola 🤣” joked Niv Ek S. Mañosa.

Gonzales updated Thursday afternoon that the chick is very much alive and still in good condition and uploaded “proof shots” for others to see.

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ASC-disapproved GlutaMAX ad receives backlash, netizens demand boycott

ASC-disapproved GlutaMAX ad receives backlash, netizens demand boycott

  • Whitening brand GlutaMAX is in hot waters for promoting discrimination with its latest campaign of ‘fair advantage’ between mestiza and morena women
  • Social media users and celebrities decry that the public should need to whiten their skin in order to be treated better, some even proposed to boycott the product
  • GlutaMAX has since issued an apology but Ad Standards Council claimed that they have  disapproved of the ad several times, before it was released

In using the tagline “Unfair, di ba?” to portray morena women at a disadvantage over fair-skinned Filipinas in mundane scenarios, such as being given a seat on the bus, a controversial advertisement immediately received backlash on social media.

The ad also quoted a study which said that three out of five Filipinos believe people with whiter skin are generally treated better. It added: “Don’t be mad. Use GlutaMAX! Your fair advantage.”

Netizen Ed Lorenzo, shared an update on Facebook, from the Ad Standards Council (ASC), which is the screening body of the ad industry in the country, founded by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines, Philippine Association of National Advertisers), and the Kapisanan ng Brodkasters ng Pilipinas. This is in regard to the viral GlutaMAX ad concern, which he proposed that other social media users should boycott.

Lorenzo posted a screenshot of Adie Pena on Ad Standards Council’s response, on whether they have checked first GlutaMAX’s campaign before they were put out in public.

“Per ASC’s Executive Director Digna Dator Santos: ‘(T)he ASC has disapproved the Glutamax ad several times. Unfortunately, the client and agency decided to still post/display the ad despite the disapproval which is a gross violation of ASC rules. The matter will be referred to the ASC Technical Committee for appropriate action,’” replied Pena.

The controversy went over to Twitter where one user retorted, “So disappointing that instead of promoting “equality” regardless of skin color, they opted to point out na deserve nga talaga ng mapuputi ang better treatment. What a trashy logic we got here from GlutaMAX. RESPECT TO A PERSON IS NEVER OF COLOR OR RACE!!!!”

“I’m so angry about this ad that I can’t even breathe properly. Wtf.  I’m imagining young Filipinas who see this ad and feel shame from their BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL, BROWN COLOR. You should be ashamed of yourself, GlutaMAX. You, the ad agency, and everyone involved in this shitty ad,” another netizen commented.

“SKINWHITE IS CANCELLED, GLUTAMAX IS CANCELLED. These whitening brands don’t need new campaigns. They need new values first,” remarked another, referring to Skinwhite’s ad of showing men and women with contrasting skin tones, allegedly turning out to the models being black/brownfaced for the shoot.

“Apparently, Glutamax thinks that the solution to (discrimination) based on skin color is to whiten yourself??? WTH!!!? This forwards the disgusting narrative that the only standard for respecting people is if they’re fair-skinned. Shame on your capitalistic attempt to be relevant,” pointed out by another Twitter user.

Television host Bianca Gonzalez, known for her tanned complexion and being proud of it, also took to Twitter to express her sentiment on the issue: “There is no problem AT ALL if you want to whiten your skin. The problem is when whitening brands make it appear that you should feel pity for us just because we are dark. We are not people you should feel pity for, because our skin color is beautiful.”

“I grew up loving my brown skin because of beautiful women like Angel Aquino and Tweetie de Leon who proudly flaunted their brown skin. I looked up to them. I did not need to compare myself to fair skinned girls. It need not be a ‘battle’ of maitim versus maputi,” Gonzalez added.

Actress Chai Fonacier, another brown-skinned celebrity, called the brand an “uneducated potato.”

The viral ad which angered netizens and celebrities alike, and reached more than two thousand shares online, has since then been deleted.

GlutaMAX has recently released an apology statement to the public who found “discomfort” from their online campaign “#YourFairAdvantage.”

“As we’ve learned, talking about skin is never skin-deep,” (meaning not deep or lasting, can also be construed as “superficial”) “issue. It’s a minefield of sensitivities, of deeply held beliefs, and should never be taken lightly,” said the brand on a Facebook post.

“And yet, over the weekend, we’ve caused a disproportionate amount of discomfort and even pain. That said, we believe that the best intentions are never an excuse for causing harm, and for all those that we’ve offended over the past few days, we offer our sincerest apologies,” it added.


Here’s an update from Ad Standards Council regarding my GlutaMax Ad concern that I posted yesterday. Thank you Sir Adie for acting fast. Please #Repost for monitoring#BoycottGlutamaX

Posted by Ed Lorenzo on Sunday, April 14, 2019

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Athlete and psoriasis warrior Aby Maraño proudly shows off her skin, inspires netizens

Athlete and psoriasis warrior Aby Maraño proudly shows off her skin, inspires netizens

  • Aby Maraño remains positive despite being diagnosed with psoriasis, shows off her patches on Facebook
  • Maraño also pointed out that psoriasis is not contagious to those who may think otherwise
  • Netizens sent the volleyball star support and expressed admiration for her fighting spirit

A strong woman on and off the court, volleyball star Aby Maraño took to Facebook to erase the public’s stigma against psoriasis by showing off her own patches caused by her chronic auto-immune disease.

Proudly wearing bikini in her Facebook picture, Maraño, 26, wrote the caption, “Showing my patches like they aren’t a damn thing anymore. 💯 I know most of Psoriasis patients don’t have the courage to show their skin. I heard some stopped going to school at yung iba ayaw lumabas ng bahay. Sad, I know. There are times that I feel uncomfortable too but my confidence is greater than my insecurities.”

She then stressed that psoriasis is not contagious in contrast to what others believe.

Hindi naman kami nakakahawa. Hindi rin ito sumpa,” she said. Generally thought to be a genetic disease that is triggered by environmental factors, psoriasis is said to be a long-lasting auto-immune disease characterized by patches of abnormal skin.

Various treatments can help control the symptoms of the said condition, but there is no known cure for psoriasis, however.

“Everyday is a battle. I gotta fight ‘cause if I don’t, I might just stop playing. Simple psoriasis might lead to psoriatic arthritis that may really affect my condition in playing and I definitely don’t want that to happen,” shared Maraño.

“So if you know someone who has Psoriasis like me, HUG them as they are not contagious. The only contagious is kindness 💕 I am Aby Maraño, I have psoriasis but psoriasis don’t have me. 💪🏻 #PsoriasisWarrior #PsoriasisFashion #Confident #Respect #Abylieve,” ended the volleyball player and F2 Logistics middle blocker.

The former La Salle star athlete received an outpour of support from social media users, making her post viral with 63 thousand reactions. Netizens admired her fighting spirit and bravery.

In a report by ABS-CBN News, they listed Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, LeAnn Rimes, and Liam Gallagher as other celebrities who have opened up about living with psoriasis.

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Man shares story of 7/11 owner who gave food to teen caught shoplifting

Man shares story of 7/11 owner who gave food to teen caught shoplifting

  • Man witnessed a touching scene of 7/11 owner giving food to a teen who was caught shoplifting their store
  • Cedric Bishop shared the inspiring story on Facebook, saying how young people need to know that someone still cares
  • It was revealed that the young kid only stole food in order to feed himself and his younger brother

A netizen shared on Facebook an inspiring story he witnessed while out shopping in a 7/11 store at Upton and Berdan Toledo, Ohio.

Cedric Bishop narrated on April 8 that a young man around 15 or 16 was caught shoplifting by the owner of the store. The owner then told the cashier to call 911 in the wake of the incident.

However, another man present in the scene offered to pay for the merchandise the teen took. So the owner ordered the teen to empty out his pockets. Out in the open came a lot of munchies which the young man claimed was for him to feed himself and his little brother.

“The owner said, ‘This is not food. You want food, I give you food.’ The cashier had the 911 operator on the phone. The owner told her to hang up. He went and started putting chicken drummies, sausage rolls, and a whole pizza and gave him a 2 liter,” wrote Bishop.

Touched by the kind gesture, Bishop pitched in and gave the teen $10.00, thinking how amazing the owner did that night.

“Some young people just need to know that someone cares,” added Bishop.


Posted by Cedric Bishop on Sunday, April 7, 2019

His post has now gone viral with over seven thousand reactions and over two thousand shares online, with social media users commending the shop owner’s actions.

“I’ll be sure to go to that 7-11! That’s what I’m talking about! We’re supposed to lift each other up whenever possible!!” praised Kelli Nicholl Robinson.

“Great story! I hope that was a defining moment in that young man’s life. Praise God for that caring owner,” commented William Davis.

“Thanks I needed that perhaps we can pass this kindness forward and let go of the negative of the world!” replied Linda Watson.

Bishop also posted updates on his account about the media attention the shop and owner are currently getting, as well as his future plans of setting up near it a feeding program to at least a hundred kids due to the incident.

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Photo-op with Bong Revilla turns into a viral meme, receives mixed reaction from netizens

Photo-op with Bong Revilla turns into a viral meme, receives mixed reaction from netizens

  • A netizen mocks Bong Revilla in his caption of a photo of them together, alluding to Revilla’s alleged involvement with the pork barrel scam
  • Social media users gave dissenting opinions to Carlos Mañosa Ng II’s post
  • Revilla was acquitted of plunder and released last December but still faces 16 counts of graft presently

A photo of a netizen, smiling together with senatorial candidate Bong Revilla, is making rounds on social media for its controversial caption by mocking the former senator regarding his plunder cases by way of keeping his wallet safe from him.

Wag po kayong mag-alala. Wala naman pong nawala. Mahigpit po pagkakahawak ko sa wallet ko,” wrote netizen Carlos Mañosa Ng II on his Facebook account, alluding to Revilla’s alleged involvement with Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), or pork barrel, scam.

The actor-politician, along with former senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Jinggoy Estrada, were accused of receiving kickbacks from businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles, in exchange for directing some of their discretionary funds to phony non-government organizations.

During one of the hearings of his plunder case, Revilla denied receiving money from Napoles nor from her colleagues.

The former action star has been detained at the Police Custodial Center in Camp Crame since 2014, but was acquitted of plunder and released on December 7, 2018. Revilla still faces 16 counts of graft presently.

Netizens had dissenting opinions after seeing and reading Ng’s viral-post, which received 24 thousand reactions online.

On the one hand, social media users stood by Ng’s side, commending his mockery of the former senator while on the other hand, netizens pointed out how Ng had been disrespectful of Revilla and how his “joke” fell flat on them.

Pinoy nga naman ninakawan na pinagtatanggol pa. Sa cine (mo) ka nalang malupit Bong Revilla, mandarambong,” commented Wilfred Noel Manuel.

“Double check mo, malupit mag magic yan guilty na mapawalang sala pa sa tulong in Poong Nazeraan,” replied Jemar Cruz.

Nagpa-picture ka para lang siraan si Bong, very wrong lodi haha,” reproached netizen Jules Almonicar.

Plastik mo naman. Nakangiti kapa (diyan) ha, tapos magsasabi ka ng ganyan? wtf,” said Janine Espeleta.

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Safety is life but food is lifer? Man bringing his order while exiting a burning mall in Davao goes viral on social media

Safety is life but food is lifer? Man bringing his order while exiting a burning mall in Davao goes viral on social media

  • A man is seen bringing his ordered meal while evacuating from a burning mall in Davao City
  • Netizens found the whole ordeal amusing tagging the affair as ‘safety is life, but food is lifer’
  • The viral man in the post was identified as Eujay B. Regner and even joked that he already returned the plate after washing it

Photos of a man streaming out of a burning mall in Davao, with a plate full of his ordered meal, is making the rounds on social media.

Netizen Joshua Jamez posted the pictures of the man who can be seen happily eating his order, even as he and his companions were leaving Gaisano Mall on J.P. Laurel Avenue, when fire broke out in the upper portion of the mall at around 4:17 p.m.

Social media users were amused by the man’s actions as he readily posed in front of Jamez’s camera with a “peace sign” while holding his plate up. The original poster’s story went viral, gaining 16 thousand reactions online.

One netizen identified the man in the viral photoset as Eujay B. Regner. The foodie himself even commented on the post with “UPDATE: nasauli ko na yung plato, (nahugasan) ko na rin.”

Davao City fire marshal Supt. Virnalita Silagan said the fire broke out at the upper ground floor of the mall at a Shakey’s Pizza branch.

The firefighters who arrived three minutes after the report was made about the fire were able to put it under control within thirty minutes or so.

Kanang na sunog na ang Mall but food is life. laban lang jud ta!

Posted by Joshua Jamez on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Silagan told INQUIRER that the “initial investigation revealed excessive heat from the kitchen exhaust of the pizza parlor likely ignited the blaze.”

The damage was placed at PHP150,000 and no one was hurt during the incident, according to Silagan.

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“Call center agents are ‘social climbers’ for buying Starbucks coffee.” Netizen overhears 2 college students say

“Call center agents are ‘social climbers’ for buying Starbucks coffee.” Netizen overhears 2 college students say

  • Netizen overheard 2 college students belittling call center agents for buying coffee they cannot afford
  • Alicia Rae Ranjo shared the story online and even related that the 2 students knew she was working in a BPO company, as they eyed her while she picked up her company ID
  • Social media users reproached the students’ behavior and manners, and one even suggested they go back to kindergarten to re-learn how to respect others

One Facebook user shared online an overheard story in Starbucks from two college students belittling call center agents by calling them social climbers, which angered her as she herself works in the said industry of customer service.

Netizen Alicia Rae Ranjo posted the story on April 5, identifying the students from Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) that seemed to be studying Nursing, based on their all-white uniform.

“I used to wear earphones kahit walang tugtog, ang comfortable kasi kapag mag isa ka lang ta’s ganun. So ayun, umorder ako sa counter then nung (magbabayad) na ako (nalaglag) yung company ID ko, nakita ko na nakita nila yun, then pag pulot ko nakita ko yung facial expression nila, na (nagpipigil) tumawa, pero still in-ignore ko na lang.  4 lang kami na costumer nung time na yun. Ako, silang dalawa , ta’s si kuya na nasa kabilang side ng coffee shop,” recounted Ranjo.

After she paid for her coffee, she sat down near the exit of the shop since she did not plan on staying long, relating that she was only arranging her things to report to work that day. She was about to go when she overheard the students’ conversation:

G1: Nakakatawa lang kasi yung mga call center agents, feeling sosyal. Like yung pumunta sa mga (ganitong) places pero alam naman ng lahat na pinipilit lang nila i-afford yung coffe dito.

G2: Ay oo te, kasi yung kapitbahay namin ganyan yung work, malaki daw sinasahod pero nako yung mga call center company na yan bagsakan lang yan ng mga di (nakapagtapos) at ng HS grad. Mga pa sosyal na english ng english. Socials climber.

“Social climber,” Ranjo corrected the other student in her post. She admitted that her temper flared upon hearing the students’ exchange and decided to leave the coffee chain then.

“Guys, yes, (HS) grad ako, and I’m working as a call center agent at wala naman akong nakikita na masama (kung) bumili ang mga agent ng coffee sa (Starbucks). And besides yung pinambili ko ng coffee is galing sa sahod ko na pinag hihirapan ko, unlike them na galing pa sa mga allowance na binibigay ng parents nila. Diba parang ayun yung mas nakakahiya kasi, pinipilit nila bumili ng mga bagay na di pa nila afford. Dahil magulang pa rin nila nag bibigay ng mga pambili nila ng luho.  And isa pa hindi po madali makipag usap sa foreigner. Ang hirap po nila kausapin (especially) (kapag) galit na. Hindi po madali yung trabaho namin. Para lang sa kaalaman ng dalawang studyante ng OLFU,” wrote Ranjo.

I went to starbucks nag crave kaso ako sa frappe. Then my dalawang students from OLFU, feeling ko mga nursing students…

Posted by Alicia Rae Ranjo on Friday, April 5, 2019

She also added that back when she was still a student, she bought coffee from Starbucks but never felt the need to judge others who do so.

Her post has now gone viral with over 52 thousand reactions online with social media users reproaching the OLFU students’ chat and behavior.

Napagtapos ko 2 kong kapatid sa College at may 2 pa akong kapatid na nag aaral sa high school. Nakakapagpadala ako ng pera sa bahay namin every month at natutulungan ko pa ang iba pa naming kamag anak. Dahil yan sa trabaho ko. I’m proud to be part of the BPO Industry,” commented Francis Loquiano Olaguer.

“What they told you only reflects (on) who they are. Poor girls di yata naturuan na maayos baka kelangan nila bumalik sa kindergarten baka sakaling ma-recall nila how to respect other people,” replied another netizen.

Ka hilas ba! Yes girls you have the money, but you don’t have the manners!” posted Hana Silot.

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Netizen helps a no-read no-write mother send money for daughter who plans to spend it on her anniversary with BF

Netizen helps a no-read no-write mother send money for daughter who plans to spend it on her anniversary with BF

  • A no-read no write mother sends PHP2,500 to daughter so she can spend it with her boyfriend on their anniversary
  • Krish Bustos shared the disheartening story on FB where she helped the poor mother send the money via a money transfer service
  • Netizens were livid upon reading the story, condemning the behavior of the daughter towards her mother

A netizen narrated on Facebook her experience of helping a mother, who cannot read and write, to send money through a money transfer service to her daughter, who plans to spend it for an anniversary with her boyfriend–that was not even the worse part, as the daughter threatened never to contact her mother if she will not send her the money.

Facebook user Krish Bustos shared the disheartening story last March, writing on her account her exchange with the poor mother:

Me: Nay, papadala po kayo?

Nanay: Oo.

Me: Haba na po ng pila o, pila na po kayo.

(Then bumulong siya sakin)

Nanay: Wag kang maingay ha, di kasi  ako marunong mag sulat.

Me: Ah ganon po ba. Kanino niyo po ba yan ipapadala?

Nanay: Sa anak ko.

(Sinilip ko ang haba talaga ng pila pero kawawa kasi si nanay kung di nya mapapadala sa anak niya)

Me: Sige po, tulungan ko kayo.

Nanay: Salamat ha. Ikaw ay pag palain.

(Di ko talaga mapigilan mag tanong, kasi gaya ng sabi ni nanay di siya marunong mag sulat, so tiningnan ko yung ID niya)

Me: Nay, ano pong trabaho n’yo?

Nanay: Nangangatulong. nag aalaga ng bata.

Me: Ah ganon po.

(Then bugnot pawis na ko sa pila. Tapos iniisip ko need talaga ng anak niya ng money kaya mag papadala siya.)

Me: Nag aaral po anak n’yo?

Nanay: Oo.

Me: Ahh, allowance po niya tong 2,500? (2,500 kasi yung ipapadala niya)

Nanay: Hindi, pang anniversary daw nila nung boyfriend nya, at di na daw niya ko tatawagan  pag di daw ako gumawa ng paraan para mapadala sa kanya tong pera.

The mother then went on to ask Bustos what “anniversary” meant and the netizen explained it to her, letting her be aware that her daughter will spend her hard-earned money over an unnecessary thing, whereas she may use it for her own needs.

The mother decided to still send the money for fear that she may never hear from her daughter again. Bustos relented to the mother’s wishes, taking into consideration that she had no right to come between the family’s affairs. After they successfully transferred the money, the mother was very grateful to Bustos, remarking how happy her daughter will be over the transaction.

Bustos cannot help cautioning the public over the deplorable act of the daughter: “Shout Out po sa may mga girlfriend at boyfriend dyan. Sana kung mag jojowa kayo sana naman yung pang date niyo, di niyo na hinihingi sa mga magulang niyo at di ganon kadali kumita pera, lalo nat’ yung estado ng buhay niyo di naman ganon ka asenso. MAG IPON KA! GUSTO MO PALA NG DATE! MAG TRABAHO KA HABANG NAG AARAL PARA MAY PANG BIGAY KA JAN SA JOWA MO! HINDI NA KASI OBLIGASYON NG PARENTS YUN EI. OBLIGASYON LANG NILA YUN AY ANG PAG ARALIN TAYO.😪”

She even wrote a message for the daughter, hoping that she will soon realize the selfishness in her actions, “Nabubuhay ka sa ganyang environment habang yung nanay mo nag kukumahog mag trabaho para sa PANG ANNIVERSARY NIYO NG JOWA MO!!!😏”

The post went viral with a staggering number of 123 thousand reactions and 78 thousand shares online. Netizens were furious over the daughter’s unacceptable behavior towards her mother.

Bienne Crystal Rosario replied to the post with, “Argh! Nanggigigil ako sa inyo! Pati ba naman pang-anniversary niyo ng jowa mo ihihingi mo pa sa mama mo! ETO TANDAAN MO! PAG-NAGBREAK KAYO, SAYANG YUNG PERANG GINASTOS NIYO NA PINAGHIRAPAN NG NANAY MO!”

Nakakaawa ang magulang. Umaasa na mahal sya ng anak nya pero di nya alam ginagamit na lang sya para sa pansariling kaligayahan,” commented Bernard Erica.

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Netizens are furious at two angry women who cut a bus’s lane and ended up complaining over a near-crash

Netizens are furious at two angry women who cut a bus’s lane and ended up complaining over a near-crash

  • Two women who cut a bus’s lane at an unloading bay of a mall, ended up being furious for almost colliding with it
  • Netizen Angelyn Saavedra posted videos of the incident where the women were shouting at the bus driver, and at one point, one of them even punched the driver
  • Social media users slam the women’s actions, citing that while they can buy a car, they certainly cannot afford discipline and respect

A netizen posted on Facebook videos of two women who were livid at a bus driver for almost crashing their car—but turned out that they were in the wrong as they were the ones who cut the bus’s lane and swerved to the unloading bay of public buses at a mall in Manila.

Facebook user Angelyn Loquias Saavedra reported on April 5 that the bus was unloading passengers at Mall of Asia when the incident happened.

“Kitang kita sa video ang ka walang respetong paglapit, pagduru duro at pag suntok ng mga babaeng driver (may ari nung kotse) kay kuya bus driver. Kahit mga (enforcer) wala man lang nagawa, kundi pagdiinan din na may kasalanan si kuyang bus driver. Mabuti nalang may isang taga media na tumulong at gumawa ng paraan. We salute you (Ma’am) for taking such action over that situation 👍🏻” wrote Saavedra.

The latter remark was made in reference to a middle-aged woman named Monique Legacy, who was one of the passengers of the bus, and the person who mediated on behalf of the bus driver and spoke to the traffic enforcers how the man was not in any liability, since there were no damages made to the car of the irate complainants.

The videos show that the passengers and the bus driver were visibly upset over the inconvenience they experienced from the women.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) website explained that “swerving is not a traffic violation per se. It is defined as a movement wherein vehicles shift from a lane to another. However, it can constitute the offense of reckless driving if it is done without precautions (e.g. swerving in an abrupt and careless manner, swerving without the use of signals, swerving across solid lines). Swerving can also constitute the offense of Disregarding Traffic Signs if there are signs present that explicitly prohibit swerving in the area.”

Incident earlier at MOAAround 12:35ng tanghali kanina, mag bababa ng pasahero ang bus sa MOA. Habang gumigilid ang bus…

Posted by Angelyn Loquias Saavedra on Friday, April 5, 2019

“In ordinary use, (swerving) means the abrupt change of lane; then, MMDA refined it to a change in several lanes. ‘Swerving’ is simply an unsafe change of lane,” said Lawyer Robby Consunji, Top Gear Philippines’ columnist, in an article by posted on March 29, 2017.

Para sa mga ibang driver dyan. Disiplina po pag dating sa daan 😊 PS: Kayo na bahala humusga, tumingin sa posisyon ng mga sasakyan 😅 at kung ano pa 😊” added Saavedra.

Social media users who read her post and watched the videos sympathized with the bus driver while others tore at the conduct of the women-accusers and even the traffic enforcers.

Bumili ng sasakyan, walang alam sa batas trapiko. Lol,” wrote netizen Kelvin Grefiel Chu.

May pangbili ng sasakyan pero walang pangbili ng disiplina sa sarili,” chimed Rovelyn Miniano.

Yung ibang mga tagapagpatupad ng batas dito sa Pinas nakabase lang kung sino ang may pera,” pointed out another netizen.

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