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GMA Network comediennes demonstrate how laughter can be the best medicine

GMA Network comediennes demonstrate how laughter can be the best medicine

  • Kapuso comediennes revealed how laughter can be the best medicine.
  • These comediennes stressed how they make others laugh also heal the audience.

Mirth is the currency for Kapuso comediennes Aiai delas Alas, Divine Tetay, Tekla and Kiray Celis in their industry of slapstick.

They are the ones relied on for people needing entertainment and time away from their personal troubles or even just to lighten up their moods.

What about their own happiness?

Kahit malungkot kami, kaya naming magbigay ng happiness sa ibang tao… Struggle kasi akala nila na everytime na kapag nakikita nila kami feeling nila ang saya-saya namin palagi,” Celis disclosed.

Nakakalimutan nila na may nararamdaman din ako. Hindi ko kayang ipakita iyong mga ganung moment,” she added.

And even though their circumstances may get hard, they must put on a brave face to continue the show.

In the face of misery, it is easier for Divine Tetay to recover from it due to the nature of his work.

“Because we need to put on a happy face. So eventually, it helps us heal faster and deal with whatever problems there is,” he explained.

“Ang sarap magpatawa at magperform,” said Tekla. He then referred their talents of making others laugh as a ‘real gift’.

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8 Famous Pinoy Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Adopted

8 Famous Pinoy Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Adopted


Here is a list of Philippine celebrities who have been raised by adoptive parents:

Jennylyn Mercado

Singer-actress Jennylyn Mercado was only six months old when she was abandoned by her real parents. She was single-handedly raised by her adoptive mom, Mommy Lydia, who claimed to be a distant relative of the actress’ biological mother.

Mercado has since reconnected with her biological parents, Noli Pineda and Jinkee, on separate occasions.

Vicki Belo

Popular entrepreneur Vicki Belo had been teased as a child that the reason she was given away was because she was fat and ugly. This became the foundation of her goal to build a dermatology and beauty clinic enterprise.

Belo was raised as an only child of her adoptive parents, Enrique Belo and Nena Gonzales, with the latter being the sister of her biological mother.

She is actually the niece of celebrated politician Ninoy Aquino, being the daughter of the late senator’s first cousin, Augusto Cancio with Victoria Gonzales.

Ai-ai delas Alas

Comedienne and blockbuster film actress Ai-ai delas Alas was given up for adoption out of poverty and because of the separation of her parents.

It was never hidden from delas Alas that she was adopted by her unmarried aunt, Justa delas Alas.

She is the natural-born daughter of deceased parents, Rosendo delas Alas and Gregoria Hernandez.

Angelica Panganiban

Child actress and comedienne Angelica Panganiban always had a question at the back of her mind why she does not look like her siblings or parents. The beloved actress from the hit romantic film ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ had a hunch that maybe she was adopted but only got the confirmation back in 2010.

Panganiban’s questions were answered by her adoptive mom, Melania Panganiban. Mrs. Panganiban had all the photos and details the actress wanted to know about her real identity.

The ‘Playhouse’ actress originally had no interest in looking for her biological parents. However, when she found out that her biological mother had passed away, she made an effort to find her real father. Soon after, she met her real dad, Mark Charlson, for the first time.

Lotlot de Leon

A famous actress of the 80s, Lotlot de Leon knew early on that she was adopted; being continually called “ampon ni Nora” by those who flock her.

It was through Nora Aunor’s mother that Lotlot got adopted by the Superstar and her former husband Christopher de Leon.

Lotlot de Leon’s biological parents are Donald Olson and Eva Rodriguez.

Mark Herras

According to television and film actor Mark Herras, he and his mom were abandoned by his father when he was barely five years old.

He was never ashamed of his gay foster parents, Herminigildo “Papa Pim” Santos and Daddy Jun Herras. Both have sadly passed on in 2016 and 2014, respectively.

Herras’ biological mom, Jasmin Santos, has also passed away in 2016.

Angeline Quinto

Talented singer Angeline Quinto was given to her aunt for adoption following an abusive relationship her mother had with her father.

It was her aunt Sylvia “Mama Bob” Quinto who convinced Angeline’s mom not to push through with abortion and volunteered to raise the singer-actress as her own.

Angeline was born as the only daughter of Pop Quiros and Rosemarie Mabao.

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“Hinahataw ko na.” Ai-Ai delas Alas trying to get pregnant with Gerald Sibayan at 54

“Hinahataw ko na.” Ai-Ai delas Alas trying to get pregnant with Gerald Sibayan at 54

  • The Comedy Queen is planning to have a baby this 2019
  • 54-year-old actress Ai-Ai Delas Alas is planning to give her husband Gerald Sibayan a child
  • Ai-Ai is planning to get married this November in time for her birthday

There is no dought the Comedy Queen Ai-Ai Delas Alas is still rocking the red bikini. According to her, she would like to take a break from showbiz to focus on trying to conceive a child with Gerald Sibayan, if God would bless them.

She will follow the right process by marrying first before conceiving a baby to set a good example. “’Yung tanggap ng church. Kasi Papal awardee nga ako, ‘di ba? Tinanong ko na ‘yan and sinabi sa akin ng pari.”

They plan to get married in the United Stated this November in time for her birthday.

She even asked the Star for All Seasons, Gov. Vilma Santos, to be their godmother when they met at the 48th Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation awards night.

She was planning to give her husband a baby after a long time, but her plans were hindered by her busy schedule. “Hanggang 2020 mag-baby na talaga ako, ‘yun talaga game na game na ako,  Magkaroon man lang kami kahit isa.”

She also stated that she doesn’t mind the gender. “Okay lang kahit boy or girl, basta normal siya and healthy baby, kahit anong ibigay ni Lord, game ako.”

What are your thoughts on Ai-Ai’s plan on taking a break to conceive a child at her age? Leave your comments on the comment box down below and please leave a like and share.

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JUST THE TWO OF US: Married celebrity couples who have yet to start a family

JUST THE TWO OF US: Married celebrity couples who have yet to start a family

  • Whether by choice or not, there are just couples who haven’t been blessed with a baby yet.
  • We listed down some celebrity couples who are currently enjoying their married life without a kid.

Babies and children may be cute, but there is no rule book stating that you have to conceive a child as soon as you get married.

Here are some married celebrity couples who are yet to be blessed with a baby.

Maricris Garcia and TJ Cruz

Maricris and TJ have been married for almost two years now.

Adrian Alandy and Joselle Fernandez

Adrian married non-showbiz girlfriend Joselle in Fabruary 2017.

Last July, he admitted that he wants to have a baby soon. “Yes, we’re trying to have a baby. Hopefully, if not this year, maybe next year.”

Max Collins and Pancho Magno

Max and Pancho got married on December 11, 2017.

They decided to postpone their baby plans to next year as they are both busy with their respective careers.

Yeng Constantino and Yan Asuncion

The couple got married three years ago.

In a vlog dated June 2018, Yeng admitted that she’s excited to have a baby soon.

Karylle Tatlonghari and Yael Yuzon

The couple has been married for more than three years and they recently expressed their interest in trying to have a baby. “We’re not pressured but we hope to be blessed with a baby soon. Right now, we’re just trying to be in the best of health kasi ‘di ba if you want to have a baby, you need to be so.” Karylle said in one interview.

Karylle’s mother, Zsa Zsa Padilla, also shared that she’s excited to be a grandmother.

Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones

Jericho and Kim got married in 2014.

Kim, however, expressed that having a child isn’t the measure of being a ‘real woman’.

Maricar Reyes and Richard Poon

Maricar admitted last February that she feels pressured to get pregnant.

“I really love na hindi namin pini-pressure ang isa’t isa. Parang may peace kami ngayon na if it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, we will wait. Kasi mayroon, it’s going to come, we’re just waiting.”

Vaness del Moral and Matt Kier

Vaness and Matt have only been married for a few months but they previously stated that they have no baby plans yet.

Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil

It has been almost a year of marriage for Maxene and Rob.

A few months ago, Maxene shared that they have no plans on having kids yet as they still have many goals they want to achieve. “Wala pa sa plans namin [ang magkaroon ng baby]. Maybe in a couple of years. But right now, ang dami pa naming gustong matupad na pangarap.”

Aiai Delas Alas and Gerald Sibayan

Aiai shared before that she wants to have a baby with husband Gerald.

In a previous Instagram comment, she admitted that she’s really praying for it to happen.

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

Coleen admitted she and husband Billy have never really talked about when they plan to have babies.

When it comes to babies kasi, yung marriage napa-plano niyo eh pero yung baby it’s really from God. So I’ll accept whatever God gives me, whatever time that may be. Kasi siya lang naman nakakaalam kung kailan yung perfect time and I’ve learned also from all the parents that I know na biglang naging parents.” she said.

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff

After getting married last year, Anne shared that they’re planning to enjoy their marriage first before having children.

“Oh my gosh! We JUST got married! We will enjoy this first before taking that next BIG step! Not yet.”

Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico

Solenn have told members of the press that they have been planning a family for two years

They have been putting off having a baby as they are building a house this year.

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6 Pinay Celebrities Who Decided to Preserve Their Eggs for Future Pregnancy

6 Pinay Celebrities Who Decided to Preserve Their Eggs for Future Pregnancy

  • Some celebrities have decided to freeze their eggs in the past.
  • One of the main reasons was due to interest to have kids in the future.

Oocyte cryopreservation is known as the procedure in which a woman can preserve her eggs for the postponement of their pregnancy.

It may sound new to some of us, however, there’s actually a handful of celebrities who have decided to use the method to have a baby in the future.

Here are just some of them:

Mich Dulce.

Mich is a well known fashion designer who admitted in an interview by the Asianparent Philippines that she chose to freeze her eggs as she really wants to become a mother someday and wishes that she had done it earlier.

“I didn’t want the lack of a man in my life to stand in the way of my goals of motherhood. Though I’m single, I want to preserve my fertility.” 

AiAi delas Alas

The Comedy Queen confessed that she froze her eggs before she got married to her current husband Gerald Sibayan.

She admitted it in the press conference of her movie in 2017, saying, “Dati pa, noon pa. So walang problema sa eggs.”

Sam Oh

Sam shared that Indian supermodel Padma Lakshma was the one that inspired her to freeze her eggs.

She also shared details about the conversation that resulted to her underogoing the procedure. “It was actually a friend’s visit to the clinic (Kato Repro Biotech Center) that prodded me to check it out. My friend is also single and freezing our eggs came up in one of our conversations. When she finally went in for a consultation and told me about it, I decided to go for a consultation myself and ended up getting the process started that day.”

Cristalle Belo

Cristalle admitted in 2015 that she was interested in freezing her eggs because she still wants to have kids even though she’s getting older.

Another reason was her battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She recently gave birth to her firstborn with husband Justin Pitt.

Divine Lee

Divine froze her eggs at the age of 24.

In August 2017, she got married to Blake Go and in May 2018, she and her husband welcomed their first baby, Baz.

Vina Morales

The singer shared that she decided to go on with the procedure that cost her as much as half a million pesos, excluding storage fees.

Vina said that it is a preparation just in case she wants to have another baby in the future.

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HOBE Pansit considers Aiai delas Alas as their lucky charm

HOBE Pansit considers Aiai delas Alas as their lucky charm

  • Ai-Ai for Hobe Pansit
  • Hobe eyes great plans for Ai-ai

Wedding bells everywhere!

Ai-Ai on Hobe endorsement

In the recent blogcon for her contract renewal with HobeAi-ai delas Alas expressed how thankful she is with her loyal endorsements which include the leading quick-cook noodle brand in the Philippines.

“I am so happy and he’s very good to me [Bobby Co, CEO of Hobe]. He is very supportive and as long as he needs me I will be here for Hobe,” Ai-ai said in gratitude.

Ai-ai became Hobe’s endorser three years ago, since then, she was able to establish a great relationship with them. “We have been together for three years and I consider this as a blessing from God,” she shared.

Meanwhile, the owner of Hobe, Bobby Co, considers Ai-Ai as their lucky charm. “We have grown up to 50% sales when she came in the picture. We are very thankful for that,” he said.

“We have new plans with Aiai as we go out on the streets, trade fairs, US and Asian countries. We are going to have a lot of projects with her now that she’s on her third year,” he added tackling their future plans for Ai-Ai.

Congrats, Ai-Ai!!

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