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Netizens poke fun on HBO hit series ‘Game of Thrones’ and suggests ABS-CBN’s ‘Kadenang Ginto’ as its local counterpart

Netizens poke fun on HBO hit series ‘Game of Thrones’ and suggests ABS-CBN’s ‘Kadenang Ginto’ as its local counterpart

  • Twitter user poked fun at discourse of watchers and non-watchers of Game of Thrones by mentioning local TV drama.
  • AC Mondragon said that he watched ‘Goldilocks’ instead of the hit HBO series, actually referring to ABS-CBN’s Kadenang Ginto.
  • Social media users found his joke funny and even made a few of their puns.

Following the clash of social media users who have and are watching Game of Thrones with those who have not, now that the series is back for its final season, one Twitter user joined in on the fun by mocking the discourse with a Philippine drama.

Netizen AC Mondragon posted on April 16 on his Twitter account:

“‘I watch game of thrones’

‘uhhh… me I watch goldilocks!’



His joke went viral with 23 thousand likes and three thousand retweets online.

“(I) (love) this. THIS IS GOLD–” replied one netizen with a pun of her own.

Kandadong Ginto,” corrected a Twitter user regarding Mondragon’s post.

“Mondragon vs. Mother of Dragons,” wittily replied another Netizen, referencing a character from the hit HBO fantasy drama.

Dahil sayo mamang, nag uumpisa na akong manood ng kadenang ginto at di ako nagsisi,” claimed another social media user.

Kadenang Ginto is a 2018 Philippine drama television series starring Francine Diaz, Andrea Brillantes, Beauty Gonzalez, Albert Martinez, Dimples Romana and Adrian Alandy.

It tells a story of familial bond that was once so precious but slowly becoming an unbreakable chain of deception and cruel desires.

The series premiered on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold afternoon block and worldwide via The Filipino Channel on October 8, 2018, replacing Asintado.

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A Male Vlogger’s viral video resurfaces online, he attempts to serenade a beautiful female driver who turns oy to be a lesbian

A Male Vlogger’s viral video resurfaces online, he attempts to serenade a beautiful female driver who turns oy to be a lesbian

  • Man attempted to serenade a female driver who turned out to be a lesbian.
  • The video was originally uploaded back in 2018 but resurfaced again when a Netizen posted the funny clip on twitter.
  • The driver was identified as Kate Harrison, a Playboy model, who is presently dating Suspiria actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

Being serenaded is one of the most romantic gestures known to mankind, and can be downright embarrassing if the recipient publicly rebuffed the crooner or if the recipient has a different sexual orientation. The latter was experienced by a YouTube personality when he was dared by another vlogger to do it back in 2018.

The video resurfaced online when twitter user with a handle @sadkxit posted the cut-version of the clip on her account on April 11 and generated 1.2 million views, over 97 thousand likes and 27 thousand retweets.

In the clip, Jason Nash, an American actor, podcaster, and YouTuber, was seen singing an improvised song inside a car to a beautiful female driver also out on the road.

Nash, who was best known for his channel on Vine and also a semi-finalist on Last Comic Standing in 2010 sang, “You worked all day, now you’re headed home, headed home. She watches Netflix late at night thinking about him wondering where he is.”

At that point, the woman mouthed “she” to Nash, correcting his use of pronouns for her imagined lover and at the same time revealing her sexuality.

Without breaking character as the show must go on, the YouTube continued to croon, “She… she’s a lesbian, my bad. And uh, that’s cool too. We all know it’s cool.”

Netizens found the exchange and most especially Nash’s lyrics as funny and witty.

“This is actually so pure agdkdjdkdh,” replied one Twitter user.

“Lesbian/straight friendship (at) its best,” commented another netizen.

“That little eyebrow twitch when he said “him”… A legend,” pointed out by one social media user.

“Good to see a real ally,” remarked another.

And in another weird stroke of luck, the female driver was identified as Kate Harrison, a Playboy model, who is presently dating Suspiria actress Chloë Grace Moretz.

The original video was uploaded on David Dobrik‘s YouTube channel which had 10 million views. Dobrik is a Slovakian-American YouTube personality known for being the de facto leader of the popular YouTube ensemble The Vlog Squad.

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Despite the initial negative reaction of her pregnancy reveal at first, a Single Mom posts images of her happy parents who enjoy her baby

Despite the initial negative reaction of her pregnancy reveal at first, a Single Mom posts images of her happy parents who enjoy her baby

  • Single mom posted sweet video of her parents happily playing with her child; her parents were disappointed when she came out pregnant st first.
  • At the time, Nyssa Lopez was too anxious to reveal her condition to her parents; her parents were busy taking care of her grandma who has cancer at a hospice.
  • Netizens found her post adorable and many replied by sharing their own stories of pregnancy reveals that ended on a happy note.

Unplanned pregnancies can be quite a scare especially to young women revealing it to their parents for the first time. They fear their parents’ reactions. It can be a disappointment, rejection and abandonment. One Netizen shared online the ordeal she went through on April 13 (that still ended on a happy note).

“My parents were so disappointed when I came out pregnant. My mom thought I was joking and my dad didn’t speak to me for 3 days… Would (you) look at them now,” wrote twitter user Nyssa Lopez who uploaded a video of her parents, Gabriela and Hector Rodriguez, having a good time playing with her 6-month-old child.

Her post went viral with the video gaining a staggering number of nine million views, 695 thousand likes and 114 thousand retweets.

Netizens found her post adorable and sympathized with her plight. Some even replied with stories of their own similar to what Lopez experienced.

“They always have amnesia once the baby is there lol,” commented one netizen.



“My dad didn’t talk to me until my son was born, he kicked me out and told me I wasn’t his child anymore (harsh I know) but I was 16 & look at him now with my babies they’re his life & (I’m) grateful,” shared one Twitter user.


“My mom was supportive right away. My dad was conflicted and I always felt like he hated me for moving in with them or getting pregnant. But now they’re besties and she falls asleep on him faster than on anyone else.😂💕” shared another.


“Lmao 3 days?! My dad didn’t talk to me until 3 weeks before I gave birth 😂😭” said another netizen.


“My dad was super disappointed gave me a whole ass lecture then refuses to even speak to me out loud about the baby or that I was even pregnant until after she was born. Now we go over to his house once a week for dinner and he can’t get enough,” remarked another Twitter user.


On the other hand, one social media user called out the parents, “This thread is everything but parents need to do better. I know they ‘just want the best’ but we have to be the change we want to see. Words/actions from parents can hurt like hell.”



Speaking to Dailypedia in a chat interview, Lopez disclosed that Hector is her step-father who owns a clinic. Her mother works together with him. She has been the only child in the family since she was 13 years old as her other siblings lived with her biological father or her step-dad’s ex-wife.

“My parents are very family oriented. We throw parties with my other family and we celebrate everything together. They have always been very open and liberal with me. They gave me trust and respected my privacy. They always pushed me and my siblings to finish school, to work hard, and to believe we were going to be successful,” described Lopez.

She also narrated that she and her step-dad grew very close, to the point that she sees him as her best friend. And as such, he had pieces of advice for her: to not have a boyfriend in order to focus in school, to be independent first before considering to start a family, and to travel and live her life to the fullest. among others.

He also wanted for her to be careful and not to betray her trust, and most of all, for her not to get pregnant at a young age. But by then, she had been with the father of her child for three years, on and off.

“When I found out I was pregnant at the time my mom and step dad were taking care of my grandma who was on hospice, she was passing away from cancer. It was such a difficult time and all I was thinking about was how I was going to tell them and how stressed out they were going to be with 2 big things going on, my grandma and my pregnancy.”

Her older siblings had already gotten married or were already living on their own and even then, her parents were so anxious for one of them to have babies, but what they didn’t know was that they’d worry over her in the end.

“When I told my mom (about my pregnancy) she just was so confused and very disappointed. She felt already sad and this just added. My step dad felt betrayed, he didn’t talk to me for 3 days and those 3 days were absolutely horrible. I couldn’t talk to my best friend and I needed him the most. They scheduled an appointment with my (ob-gyn) and when we got there my mom recorded the heartbeat and sent it to him,” described the then fretting Lopez.

But for her, her child’s heartbeat was all it took for Gabriela and Hector to go wild. “They went off and started buying my baby everything. They didn’t know the gender; they just couldn’t wait for her arrival yet. They threw me a gender reveal, my baby shower. They did everything possible to make me the most happiest. My dad would even force me to go walking with him. They loved her from the very start.”

When asked  about how she noticed her parents’ acceptance of her news being pregnant, she answered, “I did notice it as soon as they heard her heartbeat, they just completely went from disappointed to the most happiest. When my grandma passed, my pregnancy was the only thing keeping my mom going, she was so sad she lost her mom but my baby is as she says her ‘greatest blessing.’”

By then, her gender reveal was coming and her mom and step-dad arranged for it, giving one of their employees the letter containing what the gender of her baby was.

“They were all hoping it was a girl, we honestly thought it was a boy. When those pink balloons came out, everyone jumped and cried. We believed it was a sign from God to tell us he’s sending us a girl in honor of my grandma.

“They knew I was young and they knew I would need help; they would never turn away their backs on me. They love me so much and they love my baby so much more, I continued school and that’s the main reason they weren’t so disappointed anymore.

“Being a single mom hasn’t stopped me from achieving my goals and becoming the best version of myself. Every day I have something to be thankful for and that’s my child. My life didn’t end because I had a baby at a young age, it made me grow up faster and become more responsible. I want to show my baby that she didn’t stop me, she made me better for her,” added Lopez.

And as for her parents, she has this to say: “I want to thank my step dad and mom for always supporting me till this day. For loving me and for always being the best parents and grandparents. I couldn’t (have) done it without them and I have no way of repaying them other than getting my degree and becoming successful for my baby. I love them so much and I pray every day for their health and well-being.”

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VIRAL ONLINE: A Vlogger accidentally opens a PornHub video while doing an ‘Unboxing Phone Review’ video

VIRAL ONLINE: A Vlogger accidentally opens a PornHub video while doing an ‘Unboxing Phone Review’ video

  • A Twitter user posted a now-viral clip of a man doing a tech review and ‘accidentally’ showed a porn video.
  • Netizens found the incident hilarious and wondered if the scene was intentional to make the vlog trending.
  • Speaking to Dailypedia, main host of the viral tech review Vince Domingo admitted that he did not plan to leave the porn video open but intentionally kept the shot while editing the content of their review.

A Netizen on Twitter uploaded a video clip of a YouTuber doing a review on a new phone’s specifications, only to “accidentally” show a porn video while demonstrating how fast the phone’s central processing unit is.

Social media user JC Labansawan wrote on April 10, “May pa-porn sa review. Aliw! Hahah.”

The clip garnered 84 thousand views and received over three thousand likes on Twitter. Netizens had a field day on the hilarious clip with some trying to determine whether the deed was left intentional for the “vlog” to go viral.

Hahahha..dami kong tawa, bukelya si koya,” commented one netizen.

“In fairness nagload agad (yung) video, so, valid point naman,” remarked one Twitter user.

“Hahaha straight porn naman ata yung nandun. Mas exciting kung hindi. Hahahaha!” joked another netizen.

Kasingbilis ng kamay (niya) yung phone,” another social media user pointed out.

In a chat interview with the Dailypedia, Vince Domingo of the Unbox Diaries YouTube channel and main host in the viral clip, disclosed that it was intentional to include the porn content to the editing of their review video, but not when they were filming it at the time.

“I was actually surprised that I left it open, so when I filmed it I wasn’t expecting for it to come up and thus I was quite surprised and immediately closed it,” clarified the YouTuber.

He also admitted that it was not the first time he included porn in his reviews but this recent incident was the first that actually went viral.

“I wasn’t expecting for it to become viral,” said Domingo. “But yeah as a channel that’s just starting out, we needed to do something different and explosive to get it off the ground and flying.”

Asked about his co-host’s Richmond Tan’s reaction to the video, Domingo shared that his close-up shot was a b-roll, meaning a supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot, and to which he had to shoot separately.

“There wasn’t two cameras that filmed during our video. I had to film separately the close up part. (Richmond) didn’t know about it but we’re like best buddies… so just for fun I included it.”

The original video, which was an “unboxing” type of tech review for the Xiaomi Mi 9, was uploaded on YouTube on March 30 and now has over a hundred thousand views and over a thousand comments from its amused audience.

Domingo recently hit a major milestone on YouTube after gaining 100 thousand subscribers on his other channel TechBeans. He received a special “Silver Play Button” award for it after his creation of the channel back in July 2017.

The vlogger in a Q&A video when he unboxed the said award told his “pitiful” days as a YouTuber doing microphone and selfie-stick reviews up until he changed his content to do smartphone reviews in order to ramp up his views online. The final trick up his sleeve was when he did a comparison review of two smartphones, showcasing their camera specifications and got a thousand views after only 24 hours—all because he took a screenshot of boobs and made them the thumbnail of his video.


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A Couple who hit it off well via Twitter celebrate their Romance by posting Their Lewd Photographs

A Couple who hit it off well via Twitter celebrate their Romance by posting Their Lewd Photographs

  • A couple who celebrated their relationship’s anniversary posted lewd pictures of themselves on twitter.
  • Their modern-day love story started by following each other on twitter and talking on Snapchat.
  • Other social media users celebrated with them while a few did not appreciate seeing their lewd photographs.


A couple’s photographs made the rounds on social media on April 15, as they happily pronounced their relationship with sexually suggestive poses.

“The river ain’t the only thing I’m hitting today,” wrote a Netizen named “Brice” coupled with pictures of him and his girlfriend in bawdy poses.

Brice narrated then the start of his and his girlfriend Cher’s relationship—and what an apt thing to share it on social media that brought them together, twitter that is.

Brice, who is from South Carolina, said that Cher, who is a native of Missouri, followed him on twitter. He then found her Snapchat handle, added her, and proceeded to send her a privately message.

“Next thing you know, we got an Airbnb and planned to meet in Nashville,” said Brice, bringing the song ‘Meet Me Halfway’ to life.

According to the twitter user, however, Cher couldn’t wait to see him so she drove down two days before their planned meet-up.

“We spent an awesome weekend in Nashville. A couple weeks later she moved down here and we found her a job and now (we’re) here,” added Brice.

Brice’s post has received over four thousand likes online. Most of the social media users found their story adorable while some raised their Internet-brows on the two.

“(I’m) not against straight people but do it in private,” replied one Twitter user.


While another used a meme to express his dissension on the post:



“What an attention seeking f***** lol” accused another social media user.

“These pictures are about the last thing we all publicly want to see,” commented one Netizen.



“Never seen people have love for each other? Damn my guy that sucks,” defended another social media user.



“This is a great modern love story. A great pick-me-up on a Monday!” wrote one Twitter user.



“Cutest thing I’ve ever seen, congrats on the win to both of you! 💞” said another.


“This is so damn awkward,” one Netizen pointed out.


“When you’re as goofy as us. It really isn’t 😂” claimed the original poster.





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Funny and Viral Video of Sister tricking Siblings to find out if They’re Really Asleep or Not

Funny and Viral Video of Sister tricking Siblings to find out if They’re Really Asleep or Not

  • Using “reverse psychology”, a sister caught her sneaky siblings who pretended to asleep.
  • She tricked her brother and sister by saying as a fact that if their hands fall down when she raised them, it means they’re just pretending to be asleep, but if they stay up in the air then it meant they’re actually sleeping.
  • The video was posted on Twitter which immediately went viral, Netizens found the clip hilarious and even wanted to replicate what the older sister did in the video.

Want to catch sneaky siblings from getting away of doing household chores and who pretend to be sleeping? Better watch the hilarious clip posted on Twitter on how to do so.

The now-viral video uploaded by “Lloyd” on Twitter on April 15 was captioned with: “(Paano) mahuli ang nagtutulog-tulugan.”

The clip showed two kids appearing to be in “deep sleep” and was being filmed by their older sister who was accompanied by their mother; the latter two remained out of the frame in the entirety of the video.

The older sister can be seen holding her younger sister’s right arm in the air and stated matter-of-factly, “Pag ‘tong kamay niya bumaba nagtutulog-tulugan lang ‘to. Pero pag nakaangat lang ng ganyan tulog na’to. Tignan ko nga.”

She then proceeded to release her grip from her sister’s hand, and amusingly, the kid-sister’s hand stayed in the air—the complete opposite of what would happen due to the effect of gravity, and had the kid not listened to her older sister’s trick.

The scheming sister said aloud that her younger sister was indeed sleeping and then targeted her younger brother next, sleeping just beside the one that was duped first. The older sister echoed her earlier pronouncement and unsurprisingly, her brother’s hand also stayed in the air.

Tulog na nga pareho, mommy,” said the sister, the containment of her laughter was evident in her voice.

The funny clip has now received 949 thousand views and 83 thousand likes online with social media users vowing to do the same to their siblings and godchildren. Some even replied to the original post with videos of their own, doing the same thing to their own brother and sister.

“That’s the evilest thing I can imagine,” said one Twitter user who used a GIF from PowerPuff Girls to express her sentiment.

“I (love) the reverse psychology here,” commented one netizen.

Napaisip tuloy ako bigla,” replied another, who almost fell victim to the “logic” shown in the video.



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Netizen shares thought-provoking conversation with Grab driver who is a homophobe

Netizen shares thought-provoking conversation with Grab driver who is a homophobe

  • Twitter user shares thought-provoking conversation with Grab driver regarding his reason why he is a homophobe
  • According to Gigo’s post, the driver experienced a string of sexual harassment from gay passengers, even back in his high school days
  • Though homophobia is not justifiable for Gigo, he understood where the Grab driver was coming from along with the social media users who have read his post

According to past reports and surveys, the Philippines is dubbed the most “tolerant” country in Southeast Asia when it comes to homosexuality. Mainstream media suggests that the Filipinos widely accept the LGBTQ+ community and yet, homophobia remains a real issue in the country, one of which is highlighted in a different light by a viral Twitter thread posted on April 14.

A netizen named “Gigo” discussed a thought-provoking conversation he had with his Grab driver while he was on his way to a friend’s condominium for a night-out.

Their conversation started when the driver noticed Gigo was singing along to 80s-90s new wave tracks which prompted the Grab driver to ask how old he was. Their chat went to several personal topics ranging from how he got his wife pregnant when he was only 17 as they were high school-sweethearts, to how he still doesn’t talk to his in-laws, unto his experiences as a Grab driver, and how a string of bad encounters with gay men incited his hate for them.

“The moment I heard that (referring to how the driver hates gays), I was starting to fume and was ready to call him out but decided to explore why he has that disdain for gays. To be fair with kuya, he had no idea that I am gay. Before we go into details, I would like to describe kuya. He is 48, a bit buff, fair-skinned and may itsura for his age. Daddy chasers will definitely go after him,” wrote Gigo.

The original poster then described the stories of the Grab driver, narrating how he was sexually harassed by gay men while driving them to their respective destinations. The first bad encounter resulted in the driver punching the gay passenger in retaliation for touching his private part without consent. He then reported the gay passenger to the police station and had a police blotter but the harasser reported him to the management of Uber, where he was first working. With the passenger’s own version of the events, highlighting how he was punched, the driver got laid off from work.

“Then I tried to further explore yung pagiging homophobe niya. It turned out, kahit nung high school pa daw siya, lapitin na daw talaga siya ng mga bakla. He was harassed several times by his gay classmates and neighbors daw which is part of the reason why he decided to marry early. After he shared all these, I felt like I was in no position to call him out. My only regret was that I didn’t tell him that I am gay. I could have proved to him that not all gay guys are the same as those he has encountered,” recounted Gigo.

“Instead, I just told him that ‘Kuya, wala naman pong problema maging bading… yung pagiging malaswa kasi nasa tao yun.’ He just nodded and said, ‘Alam ko naman yun sir, pero mahirap kasi pag ikaw na mismo yung naka-encounter ng ganun,’” added the Twitter user.

In a report by back in 2013, a survey titled “The Global Divide on Homosexuality” conducted by the US-based Pew Research Center showed that 73 percent of adult Filipinos agreed with the statement that “homosexuality should be accepted by society.”

“This high level of acceptance, which is comparable to that found in secular western Europe, is even higher than those found in Japan (54 percent), South Korea (39 percent) or the United States (60 percent), where some states allow gay marriages,” the report said.

Gigo elaborated that he understood where the Grab driver was coming from. “The LGBTs demand respect yet a lot of the people in our community are making the situation worse by doing things that taint the way the heteros perceive us gays. Most of my friends are straight guys and I am very open to them to the point that they always ask me how my lovelife or my sexlife is without mocking me for it. This is because they respect me the way I show respect to them. Before we demand respect from others, maybe we should start showing that we are worthy of their respect. To kuya and the heteros who feel that they have been harassed by gays one way or another, we apologize. Not all gays are what the society perceives us to be.”

“(I) never said kuya’s homophobia is justifiable,” clarified Gigo. “I just said I understood where he is coming from and was in no position to call him out. Just because not all gays are like the ones he has encountered, we (can’t) trivialize his encounters and disregard the fact that (it’s) really happening.”

“I’ve met this kuya. He didn’t tell me about the other passengers but definitely heard the first one. I wanted to tell him not all gays but it only reminded me of not all men. In situations that are less sensitive, it is okay to correct but for this one I think you did right,” replied one netizen to the viral thread.



Kaya tayo hindi matanggap tanggap universally eh. May problema talaga sa mga ugali ng community members natin, sana man lang, good character ang maipakita natin sa (ibang) tao, hindi kahalayan kaagad 😕” commented another.


“Thanks @GigoBites for this. Part of the prob is how lgbt’s overly romanticized meeting strangers hoping it’ll work out whether sexually or romantically. It is covert and it emboldens one to do something otherwise you (can’t) get away with in broad day light,” pointed out another netizen.


The Twitter thread has since gone viral with seven thousand retweets and 15 thousand likes online.


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Video of women protecting female passenger from harassment inside jeepney, goes viral on Twitter

Video of women protecting female passenger from harassment inside jeepney, goes viral on Twitter

  • Netizen posts viral-video on Twitter of women protecting another from sexual harassment inside PUJ which earned commendation from other social media users
  • Netizens were angry at the audacity of the alleged harasser who even moved seats just so he could sit beside the female passenger
  • Other netizens reminded women passengers to keep themselves safe when riding in PUJs

A Twitter user posted a video of a jeepney ride where she exposes a man for allegedly harassing a female passenger to the vexation of social media users; good thing the other women banded together to help the young woman from a sticky situation.

A netizen named “Malia” wrote on her post, “Shout out nga po pala dito sa manyak na to!!!!!!!” In the video, the man can be seen staring doggedly at one woman which brought discomfort to her and the other women riding the said public utility jeepney (PUJ). One of the female passengers sitting next to the man’s subject of attention, gestured for the woman to move closer to her and away from the “maniac.”

However, this action left a little opening and space inside the jeep, for which the man took to sit himself beside the woman he was eyeing unnervingly. This prompted the other women to move inside the vehicle so they could switch places and have the woman sit far away from the man again.

This level of aid and support from the women passengers was commended online with netizens pointing out how they love when women protect other women. The original poster added, “Ngayon (niyo) sabihin (sa’kin) na dahil sa pananamit ng babae kaya kami nababastos!!!!!! Kitang-kita (niyo) naman sa video (di’ba)!!!!!” referring to the harassed woman’s modest clothing, and others’ perpetuating belief that women are mostly harassed due to the kind of clothes they wear.

The video has now received 753 thousand views and 27 thousand likes on Twitter as of this writing. Many netizens also reminded other women to always take care of themselves inside PUJs.

Kapal mukha lumipat pa talaga wtf? Si ate girl halatang super uncomfortable taenes dapat diyan binibitin patiwarik,” commented one netizen.



Walangya yan. Effort na effort pang lumipat si kuya. Jusko! Sana ganyan lagi, pag may nang mamanyak sa kapwa natin babae tulungan natin. Protektahan natin. Ingat kayo lahat!!!!” remarked another.

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Old Filipina calls Floyd Mayweather a ‘chicken’

Old Filipina calls Floyd Mayweather a ‘chicken’

  • Floyd Mayweather is called ‘chicken’ by an old Pinay while visiting a mall in Manila.
  • The Pinay brazenly told the boxer she hates him.
  • A Netizen posted the video online and it was shown that Mayweather’s response to the woman was a thumbs-up and a smile; Mayweather is in the country for a vacation and was recently unveiled as a new Belo endorser.

In a world full of “Dalagang Filipina,” a recent trend among social media users that portray young women as timid and classy, one broke the mold by being feisty, albeit already in her late age.

This old Filipina cheekily called the undefeated American boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. a “chicken” while he was out visiting a mall in the Philippines.

Twitter user EditinKing Boxing posted a video on Thursday of Mayweather going down an escalator in a Metro Manila mall with his security staff; he was waving and smiling at his Filipino fans when a woman off-screen made an outburst.

“I don’t like you,” the woman yelled to the boxer. “Chicken. You’re a chicken. I hate you.”

Mayweather seemed to have heard the old woman’s hollers and tilted his head towards the direction of her voice. To his credit, he simply gave the woman a thumbs up and a smile.

This particular incident is proof that there are still Filipinos who have not forgotten Mayweather’s rivalry with the country’s very own champion Manny Pacquiao. Their fight back in 2015 was billed as the Fight of the Century, or the Battle for Greatness and Mayweather won the contest by unanimous decision.

Before their fight, the American boxing star has been accused of cherry-picking his opponents, ducking anyone who may be a danger to him and allegedly wins matches by running from his opposition.

The possibility of a rematch began on September 15, 2018 when both Mayweather and Pacquiao posted videos on Instagram depicting an encounter between the two at Ultra Japan. Remarks were made of a fight happening but formal negotiations have yet to actually occur.

Saw #FloydMayweather– the one in the bright colored hoodie (or at least a glimpse of him) malling here at #UptownBGC magaling talaga umiwas!

Posted by Ed Uy on Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mayweather’s second visit to the country was spent on a vacation in Boracay this past weekend, and then returning to Manila where he was unveiled as a new Belo endorser.

He was supposedly scheduled to attend a press conference at Resorts World Manila but was a no-show, leaving media men waiting for over eight hours.

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‘Wala akong kwentang ama,’ says a PWD dad to daughter who claimed she’s nothing if not for him

‘Wala akong kwentang ama,’ says a PWD dad to daughter who claimed she’s nothing if not for him

  • A netizen posted online a ‘bittersweet’ conversation between a PWD father and daughter after her graduation ceremony
  • Papa Veraguas told Reyna that he’s useless, but his daughter said she’d be nothing without him
  • Their touching story went viral on Twitter with netizens congratulating Reyna for her achievements

A Twitter user shared online how her friend made her father cry, when he expressed self-deprecating thoughts, a gesture which touched the netizens’ hearts.

The conversation went as follows:

Papa: Wala akong kwentang ama sa inyo.

Anak: Pa, kung hindi dahil sayo wala ako.

Papa: *Naiyak😔😔

The original poster’s story was accompanied with a picture of her friend, identified as Reyna Veraguas, proudly holding her certificate of completion and her crying father, who is seating on a wheelchair, while his daughter’s medal adorned his neck.

The netizen also disclosed that her friend’s father was not able to go to her graduation ceremony at Matalam High School, but she felt how proud Papa Veraguas was of his daughter, when he immediately cried as soon as Reyna gave him her medal.

Kahit na may sakit ang kanyang papa gumagawa parin ito ng paraan para maipakita sa kanyang anak na sobrang proud siya,” added the Twitter user.

The viral post has received over 40 thousand likes and six thousand retweets online. Messages of congratulations poured the reply section of the Twitter user’s post.

Many netizens also advised Reyna to continue taking good care of her father.

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