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Sweet Dad reminds his “princesses” that he will never break their hearts

Sweet Dad reminds his “princesses” that he will never break their hearts

  • With each bouquet of flowers, their dad made a message specifically suited for each of them
  • This would be a perfect time to remind his three young teenage daughters that when it comes to love, they should look past gift and material things
  • They should look at the guy’s character rather than be awed with his gifts

“I’ll be your Valentine for a long time,” a Dad surprised her daughters with flowers in school.

A 47-year-old dad had a surprise for his daughters and a life lesson when it came to love on Valentine’s Day.

Dad Chi Martillo, an employee at the House of Representatives, went to the school of his daughters to give each a beautiful bouquet of roses.
He was blessed with three lovely girls, namely; Nikki, Chelseam and Chynna, aged 16, 14, and 12 respectively.

They were surprised that their father was in school and showing his sweet act of affection. With each bouquet of flower, their dad made a message specifically suited for each of them.

This was the a perfect time to remind his three young teenage daughters that when it comes to love, they should look past gifts and material things. The surprise was originally his wife’s idea to remind the girls that they should not be easily impressed with gifts.

Seems they're happy all right! Hehe! Love you guys!

Posted by Chi Martillo on Thursday, February 14, 2019

Chi said, “We agreed that it would be best for our girls to be spoiled with gifts by their first Valentine, me, so that when they come of age, they would look at a guy’s character rather than be awed with his gifts.”

His daughter Chelsea seems to have learned a lot from them, her parents, as she spread the love to her classmate by making a special gift with food and a Bible verse given on Valentine’s Day.

Chi reminded his “princesses” that he will never break their hearts. On Facebook, as he wrote a sweet message to his daughters, “Love you so much, guys!!I hope I made your day.”

Then added, ”I’ll be your Valentine for a veeery loooong time so get used to it. Haha! But you guys can be sure I will never break your hearts. I love you, my princesses! Happy Valentine’s Day.”

For parents, children are their greatest love. Simply seeing their children being heartbroken makes them feel twice the pain, so as early as teens they were already taught on how to find the right person to love.

I love you so much, guys!! I hope I made your day. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Chi Martillo on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This sweet Dad reminded his “princesses” that he will never break their hearts

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Practicality never goes out of style: Guy gives girlfriend a ‘grocery bouquet’ instead of a bouquet of flowers

Practicality never goes out of style: Guy gives girlfriend a ‘grocery bouquet’ instead of a bouquet of flowers

  • There is this one guy who thinks out of the box by getting a more practical surprise for her girlfriend
  • And this one guy believes in the saying that ‘practicality never goes out of style’ so he made a surprise by giving her girlfriend what she actually needs
  • His grocery bouquet was the best because it was something she can use every day and something that will constantly remind her of him

During Valentine’s Day, when most people were posting of chocolates, bouquets of flowers, and sweet moments of their dates on social media, there is this one guy who thinks out of the box by getting a more practical surprise for her girlfriend.

The usual thing that lovers do during Valentine’s Day was to give surprise gifts. It can be beautiful flowers, expensive chocolates, or touching love letters. One way or another, it becomes a sign of their love and affection. This is also one challenging day on how to impress loved ones with something extraordinary.

So this one guy believed in the saying ‘practicality never goes out of style’ and made a surprise by giving what her girlfriend actually needs.

It was Vince Lubuguin idea to surprise his girlfriend Mikee with a very useful gift. Instead of giving her a bouquet of fresh flowers, Vince gave a “grocery bouquet” instead. And the ‘bouquet’ included the necessities that Mikee needed such as toothpaste, conditioner, cereals, coffee, breakfast drinks, and more that could last for a week.

By giving his economical and practical gift, it would help Mikee save more money and spared her from the stress of  queuing in the grocery store.

Vince was in Manila when he thought of what he wanted to give to make the moment more memorable for her. By giving her a surprise, he thought of something that would make her girlfriend remember him constantly. So, he decided to give her basic stuff and came up with the “grocery bouquet” idea.

As Vince said, “This grocery bouquet was the best because it is something she can use every day and something that will constantly remind her of me.”

It was not easy to create this personalized grocery bouquet for it required details and specifications, such as the right brand of her conditioner, her favorite cereal, or her choice of coffee for Mikee to appreciate it more; unlike buying a fresh bouquet of flowers that were already arranged randomly.

In a relationship, gifts and surprises somehow build the relationship stronger; but knowing what your partner needs, coupled with your honest love would bring you both to forever. Love is not measured by how expensive the gifts you have given; but on the sincerity you offer to the one you love.

Which would you have preferred: a bouquet of flowers or a ‘grocery bouquet?’

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Ode to the roaches! Name a cockroach after your ex in time for Valentine’s Day and it will cost you just $2

Ode to the roaches! Name a cockroach after your ex in time for Valentine’s Day and it will cost you just $2

  • For those who don’t quite require revenge, there’s another way to make you feel better about getting back at your ex this Valentine’s Day
  • Hemsley Conservation Centre created “Name a Cockroach” program to name your ex
  • The names of the insects will be on the conservation center’s “roach board” at its cockroach enclosure

Want a sweet revenge for an ex who broke your heart? I suggest you name a cockroach after them.

With the Hemsley Conservation Center’s new “name a cockroach” program, you can make it possible.

Hemsley wrote on its website that the program was launched in time for Valentine’s Day.

“For those that don’t quite require revenge, there’s another way to make you feel better about getting back at your ex this Valentine’s Day,” it wrote.

In addition to naming a cockroach, participants will get a certificate. But worry not, for the cockroaches’ new names won’t appear on it, as the UK zoo doesn’t want to “fuel a fire.”

The names of the insects will instead appear on Hemsley’s “roach board” at its cockroach enclosure.

Naming a cockroach will only cost $2 and it will make you feel even better because the proceeds of this program will go towards Hemsley projects. According to its website and Facebook post, this means you are also doing charity work.

Although HCC isn’t the first zoo to launch such a program, they are the cheapest. The Bronz Zoo in New York also has a program for customers to name a cockroach after their current lover for $15, as a symbol of current love.

“After the chocolates have been eaten and the flowers have wilted, roaches remain thriving and triumphant. Give the gift that’s eternal and Name a Roach for Valentine’s Day,” the zoo wrote on its website.

Another zoo, Zoo Boise in Idaho, also has a program to name its cockroaches after “that special someone, your best friend, or your favorite family member” for $10.

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This guy definitely knows how to make a girl feel special!

This guy definitely knows how to make a girl feel special!

  • This guy surprised his girlfriend on their anniversary and netizens were touched by the sweet gesture
  • Boyfriend took hints and gave his girlfriend the sweetest gift ever!

“Awww, young love” – this is what you’ll be saying right after you read this sweet story that has gone viral on Facebook.

READ: Still got that Valentine’s day high? Well, it looks like no one’s getting over it any time soon…

Facebook netizen, John Paulo Negrite, shared the details of his sweet surprise to his girlfriend through his post on social media.


Based on the video he made, the couple is celebrating their first year anniversary. Of course, as a boyfriend, he wants the day to be extra special for the both of them.

At first, he doesn’t have any idea on what to get for his girlfriend on their anniversary. Luckily, he got a hint on what to do based on the posts that his girlfriend liked and reacted to on Facebook.

For instance, when he noticed that his girlfriend has been liking and posting things about anything Panda, he got the idea to give her a huge Panda bear. Additionally, after seeing her post about craving for donuts, he got her a box of donut, too.

In the end, he was able to pull off the cutest anniversary surprise for his girl and it appears that the girl is beyond happy after seeing the effort that his boyfriend made.

WATCH: John shared on Facebook the video of everything that happened before and during the surprise.

The video post has gone viral with more than 300,000 views and 5,500 shares to date. Netizens also expressed how touched they were of the boyfriend’s sweet surprise.

Girls, you better start liking posts on Facebook, too. Guys, you better take the hint!

What do you think? Isn’t this the sweetest? (Credits to the owner of the post)

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This McDonald’s branch knows how to celebrate Valentine’s day for everyone!

This McDonald’s branch knows how to celebrate Valentine’s day for everyone!

  • This McDonald’s branch made different counter lanes for each relationship status
  • McDonald’s will make you rethink about your love life before ordering

February 14 really is a one big special day for all the lovers out there. Flowers, chocolates, heart balloons, you name it – you’ll see it everywhere! As couples in-love invade the malls and restaurants, you might be thinking: ‘hey, how about us single people? Where can we go? This day is for us too!’

Well, fret not! We have just the place for you!

LOOK: This Facebook netizen shared the Valentine’s day gimmick of a well-known fast food chain. It can be seen from the pictures how they prepared different ordering lanes for each relationship status.

The post has gone viral and many people seems to relate very well to the pictures.


1. For the single and proud!

Don’t have a date this Valentine’s? Don’t worry, you can still eat and buy your food in peace. Line up here so you can already stop rolling your eyes over those cheesy couple on the side.

2. The “you’re my best friend” lane

Still can’t get out of that friend zone? Well, you can line up here with that “friend” and he/she might just give you a chance! Just make sure you don’t order the “BFF” fries, unless you want to stay just “best friends forever!”

3. “May Forever”

Although this line is meant for those who wishes to stay forever. I think you can still give your order here if you’re alone… that is, “forever alone!” Don’t worry, you won’t be lining up forever here!

4. The “moving-on” phase

Whether you’ve already moved-on or still trying to get over that last heart break, McDo got you, fam!

5. McDo is life, McDo is love

Have you fallen hard in love but still ended up being heart broken? Well, McDo’s here for you. We’re here for you.

So, have you already thought about where you’ll be lining up?

Leave it to McDonald’s, they sure know how to make every one feel special and involved in celebrating Valentine’s day!

Now, where will you be lining up? Comment if you can relate!

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WHERE TO TAKE YOUR DATE: 6 Coffee Shops That Are Perfect For Your Valentine’s Day Needs

WHERE TO TAKE YOUR DATE: 6 Coffee Shops That Are Perfect For Your Valentine’s Day Needs


During Valentine’s Day, most restaurants are jam-packed with couples who are celebrating the special day.

If you want to get rid of the crowd as well as the long queues and you just want to take your date to a place where you can enjoy your meal peacefully, we have a list of coffee shops you can go to:


This garden-themed café in San Juan is perfect for your date essentials. Flossom Kitchen + Café doesn’t only scream Valentine’s Day (thanks to the pretty plants and flowers around) but it also offers a great set of menu which is perfect for the day’s mood. (Tip: order from their Valentine’s Day special menu!)



Here’s another garden-inspired café to visit with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. The Coffee Project in Tomas Morato is not the only branch out there, but it’s definitely the most well-designed and the most instagrammable among the branches to this day. So if you’re looking for a cozy place with a great ambiance, head over to this one.



Planning to spend the Valentine’s Day at an artsy spot? Then you might want to visit the Hustle Café in Cubao. You and your special someone can enjoy the murals and artworks on the walls while enjoying each other’s company.



No question—great music definitely adds to the mood. This Valentine’s Day, take your special someone to Satchmi, located in UP Town Center, to have a feel-good date courtesy of the café’s playlist (vinyl records!) and great coffee.



For a more laidback option, the simple yet elegant ambiance of the Little Owl Café in New Manila is perfect for your quiet chitchats with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. Take a seat, converse over coffee, and have a lovely day.



Another option if you prefer a laidback place for your over-coffee-date is the Love Monday Café located in Kapitolyo. The spot is a bit small but if you’re opting for a cutesy and a very quiet place (with a good set of menu as well, of course) then you might want to bring your special someone here on Valentine’s Day.


Now go on a little adventure with your loved one this Valentine’s Day by choosing the unusual! Enjoy!

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Here’s the reason why sweet and cheesy photos of couples on Valentine’s Day will not only make you feel their love but with great envy

Here’s the reason why sweet and cheesy photos of couples on Valentine’s Day will not only make you feel their love but with great envy

  • Photos describe how couples share their love for each other on Valentine’s Day
  • No one will ever get in between people who their love is not only evident to photos on social media but in real life
  • Anybody who does not have a special someone will be happy for all the couples but may also feel a little bit jealous

My eyes are set to get locked on sweet and cheesy photos of couples on Valentine’s Day. I’m not referring those who seldom share their photos doing something special, like going somewhere with only the two of them. But those who flood my social media feeds with an everyday photo of them just demonstrating their love for each other and giving us the option to get envious about their relationship.

But do we really need to know or the world about it? The answer is NO!

It is almost every couple’s routine to share a lot of their photos which is somewhat like a different type of cancer in the social media. If you think that those couples were sweet in their photos in January but get ready for another wave of cheesiness mid week of February.

I’m grinding my teeth already with only just the thought on how my Facebook feed would look like on Valentine’s Day. But why do I have a problem with it? The world is already in danger with global warming and why do they have to add up with the heat?

Girls Are Not Desperate, They Are Born Passionate

Maybe, it is actually the real score here. We face a lot of problems in life and that seeing these couples with sweet photos can only mean one thing which is the comparison of your love life against theirs and that jealousy overtakes.

It’s the direct opposite of what the world really needs right now or maybe it is something else. You may say that I’m getting a little bit over the top and/or bitter AF but I’m actually NOT.

The real thing here is that I have been as happy as you can see with the couples’ photos being posted on the social media and being secured with the relationship that I have right now. I am romantic in my own little way but I have very low tolerance to people who shows too much cheesiness, that is why my eyes are on them this Valentine’s Day.

What really bothers me is that the obvious set up of the couples’ photos. It seems that they are only feeding their ego just to let everybody know how they really feel and pretends that there is nothing wrong. I see it as pretentions and false show. I’m not generalizing all the couples and the situation but in most cases, it is true.

According to a study by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology on attachment and relationship visibility in September 2014, the couples who over share on social media like Facebook are actually covering up not just vanity but also insecurity.

The study revealed that couples who are not or less secured with their relationship often publicly share their supposed love for each other like through photos on a day to day basis. This just shows that science is agreeing to my personal dislike and bitterness towards couple who take things on social media over-the-top.

What I think about couple sharing sweet and cheesy photos does not really matter at all. If you like to upload as many photos of you and your loved one, go ahead and tease me more. I will complain about it silently on my computer. But no one would really care, not even you. Just do your thing, I do mine.

But instead of taking corny photos on Valentine’s Day, try to enjoy the actual moment and never mind to validate it through pictures but with your special someone. This is just what I think it is now on the modern day and what is really happening to social media.

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These Valentine’s Day tweets will make you laugh ’til you cry!

These Valentine’s Day tweets will make you laugh ’til you cry!

  • Read all these V-day tweets and it might just make you totally #relate!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and surely everyone is already feeling all the love in the air! However, for some people, February 14 is just another day and there’s nothing special about it!

Well, it doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a relationship, or just plain bitter, these tweets are definitely for you!

1. Of course, before you greet your loved ones, you should know how to spell it first, right?

2. Don’t come near me or else!

3. Fight me!

4. Don’t worry, being single is fun! (or not!)

5. What are my plans? Oh you know, just the usual.


7. And that’s what’s important!

8. #Foreveralone

9. We told you, Valentine’s day is canceled!

10. Most importantly: Happy Birthday!

11. Kim Bok Joo represents all of us!

12. Wait, really? No one notified me!

13. A date is a date.

14. Hurry before it’s too late!

15. Let’s not get waaaay too real, bruh! #ouch

16. So what are you planning on Valen—

17. For all the singles out there: #selflove

Valentine’s day is not the only day that you can give love and spread laughter! Celebrate love every day and make your special someone (yourself, included) feel loved and appreciated!

Happy Hearts Day, everyone! (Credits to the owner of the tweets)

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This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

This netizen just received the best Valentine’s gift from his dad!

  • Netizen shared how his dad accepted him for who he is
  • This twitter thread might just make you appreciate your parents more!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and people are already posting on social media the gifts that they received or planning to give to their lover. Whatever kind of gift it may be, we’re sure that it’s pretty something.

However, we also know for sure that receiving a special gift from your family is the best feeling ever! Just like how this Twitter netizen felt so happy after receiving an early Valentine’s gift coming from his dad!

This netizen shared on Twitter his conversation with his dad regarding his coming out. “Sobrang naiyak ako. I love you, Pa!” as said on the post.  See their convo below:

This is the most heartfelt part.

Based on screenshots of their conversation, the twitter netizen opened up about his sexuality and was accepted by his father wholeheartedly.

His dad also shared how proud he is of him and that he accepts him no matter what or who he is.

His dad told him that he was never once ashamed of him and that his only wish is for him to finish his studies, which would make him even happier. In the end, his father even invited him and his special someone to a dinner together with his sibling.

*Awww, we’re not crying, you are!*

If you don’t have a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s day, don’t forget that you can always celebrate it with your friends and of course, your family! After all, the gift of family is just may be the best gift we could ever receive.

Spread love and positivity this Valentine’s! (Credits to Twitter netizen: @_ivannnnn)

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FOR SINGLES: Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

FOR SINGLES: Here are 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

  • Hate Valentine’s Day? Singles Awareness Day is for you
  • Valentine’s Day is also for singles
  • How to spend Valentine’s Day even if your still single

Let’s admit it: Valentine’s Day could be a difficult day for people who don’t have a special someone to celebrate it with.

With all the teddy bears, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, and sweet couples everywhere you go, it’s hard not to think about the fact that you’re single, right?

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to be happy this Valentine’s Day even if you’re not in a relationship. Here are 10 of them:


If you feel like focusing on yourself this Valentine’s Day, then have your little “Me Time”.

Pamper yourself (it’s time to get that haircut you’ve been delaying for weeks now!), or go to your favorite coffee shop or restaurant and have your favorite meal, or you can spoil yourself by finally buying those stuff you’ve been saving in your “cart” online.

However, if you decide to stay at home, then it’s a good time to do your hobbies which you haven’t focused on in a while. Spend time with yourself and realize that your own is not a bad company after all.


But if you’re feeling more adventurous, then file that vacation leave and go out there!

Whether you’re going alone or with your other single friends, having a break from your usual routine is always a good idea. Preferably, go somewhere far from the hustle of the city (and the usual Valentine’s Day shenanigans).

Like, who needs teddy bears and red roses if you get to tick off something from your bucket list?


If going on an out-of-town vacation is not an option for you this Valentine’s Day, then you can always resort to going to your local theaters to watch plays, or to your local event spaces to watch spoken word poetry performances by your favorites or even perform a piece yourself.

Regardless if you do it regularly or it’s something you haven’t done until now, it’s a great way to satisfy your soul while also connecting with other people.


Who said that Valentine’s Day is exclusive for lovers only?

It’s not. So make your squad some personalized gifts if you have time and if you’re feeling extra creative. Or just buy them cute stuff you know they would love. If they’re single like you, they will for sure appreciate the gesture.


Stuck at work? Can’t sneak out? DEADLINES… on a Wednesday???

Then lowkey bring the celebration to your workplace. Invite your work buddies (and even your boss and your most-hated coworker) on a lunch out or just order boxes of pizza then shamelessly pig out.

Don’t mind if a coworker points out something about your weight.

Just think, “If I can’t spend Valentine’s Day with a special someone, then might as well drop my (nonexistent) diet for now and eat as much as I want!”


If you’re single and you prefer to avoid seeing couples who post extra sweet stuff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on Valentine’s Day, then maybe you should take a break from your social media accounts for a day or two.

It’s not because you’re bitter over happy couples but it’s so you can take the time to realize what else really matters this Valentine’s Day aside from having a special someone to celebrate it with. And who knows? You might even like the result and do it every once in a while.


And while you’re unplugged from the social media and if you have nothing planned for the Valentine’s Day, then spend the day with your family, especially if you barely see them due to your crazy schedule.

You can take them out on a nice lunch or dinner date, or go to the mall and do family-friendly activities with them, or you can just stay at home, cook for them, and put on your family’s favorite TV show or movie. It doesn’t have to be fancy–as long as everyone is having fun, then you sure are celebrating this special day wisely.


If you’re single and you like to rub it in your face this Valentine’s Day, then have a marathon of your favorite cheesy movies.

If you end up ugly crying and questioning your decision, remind yourself that at least you’ve had a taste of what it feels like to be in a relationship by watching fictional characters love each other.


Whether you’re a legit art lover or just a curious person who likes discovering new art, then you should hop from one museum to another this Valentine’s Day.

If in the end, you realize that sometimes art–and other beautiful things–can fill the void in your heart as much as, if not more than, one person can… then good for you.


It’s totally okay if you don’t feel like doing anything special this Valentine’s Day.

If you choose to stick with your usual daily routine and not be affected by the extravagant celebrations around you, then you’re doing just as good as everyone else. You’re okay. You do you.

Cheers to singleness!

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