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A Classroom for a Motel? Teacher posts about a suspected Couple who commit a Sexual Act in her classroom!

The teacher uploaded found-evidences that allegedly points to the scenario that someone broke-in the classroom to have sex.

Valentine’s is a time for romance. Couples celebrate the occasion by going on dates or giving gifts to each other.

In the Philippines, couples resort to booking hotels or romantic getaway places to make the day even more special.

A teacher in Dulag, Leyte, recently posted about the shocking scenario she saw when she entered her classroom after the day of love.

Mae Jaica Ruel Hecto said that she’s shocked that she found pieces of evidence that an unknown couple broke into her classroom and used it as a motel for them to have intercourse. She added that the couple allegedly entered the room by breaking the window. They then got pieces of Manila paper and spread it on the restroom floor as a makeshift bed.

The teacher also noticed that the chair got moved, and it gave her the idea of the couple using it to change sexual positions.

Other shreds of evidence found in the said scene include–a rubberband with a hair strand in the restroom and foil that looked like a piece of a condom wrapper. 

The story has now gone viral on facebook and shared on other online pages, too.


Ginpakigbahin ni Mae Jaica Ruel hecto, isa ka manunudlo sa…

Posted by 103.9 Radyo Bandera Bacolod on Monday, February 15, 2021

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