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“Some buyers walked off without paying farmers.” Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol posts about vegetable and fruit buyers’ dishonesty

“Some buyers walked off without paying farmers.” Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol posts about vegetable and fruit buyers’ dishonesty

  • Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol expresses disappointment over the recent happenings in TienDA in Manila.
  • He said that he is saddened that some consumers would still steal even if the goods’ prices are cheaper than the regular rates.

Inflation has taken a major toll on our basic needs, especially on the food we need to survive.

Consumers all over the Philippines have to deal with high prices of commodities like farm products which were affected by the recent Typhoon Ompong.

Department of Agriculture (DA) Sec. Manny Piñol opened a way for farmers to sell their products through his TienDA in Manila project that was launched last year to make affordable food available to Filipinos while ensuring local farmers’ income.

The goal behind this is for farmers to sell their goods without the need of a middle man, resulting to cheaper prices for the buyers.

But despite the lower prices, some consumers are said to have walked off without paying the farmers.

Piñol himself posted about his disappointment on his Facebook page on September 21 saying that people took advantage of the sellers’ business to steal some of the goods.

Are we innately corrupt?


By Manny Piñol

The joy I felt seeing Metro Manila consumers swarm over low priced vegetables and fruits during today’s TienDA in Manila was marred by reports from farmers that some buyers walked off with vegetables and fruits in plastic bags without paying for the items.

I felt so sad and so disappointed that farmers who labored so hard and took pains to offer their produce at very low prices were shortchanged by some heartless people.

The farmers, many of them first timers in Metro Manila, were obviously overwhelmed by the waves of people who swarmed on their booths.

Since it was their first experience to sell their produce directly, they were not able to cope with the weighing and the payments.

He did not blame the consumers entirely but admitted that the DA also had their shortcomings in the chaos. But in spite of what happened, the farmers remain thankful for the agency’s project.

Admittedly, we in the Department of Agriculture share the blame for the chaos.

We were not able to prepare for the huge number people who came.

In fairness, there were buyers who really appreciated the DA’s efforts and thanked the farmers for their sacrifices.

There was even a woman who unabashedly cried as she witnessed how the buyers were so excited to get a chance to buy vegetables at very low prices.

A child even approached me to say thank you for bringing vegetables and fruits to Metro Manila.

Piñol wrote that even though the farmers would most likely just shrug it off, he is still saddened by the incident.

As for the farmers who lost their produce to the “veggie-lifters,” they will most likely just shrug it off and say “Charge to experience.”

They have been exploited and shortchanged many times in the past.

I am saddened, however, that this time I failed to protect them.

What makes me sadder is the thought that what happened today could be symptomatic of the erosion of Filipino values.


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Pres. Rodrigo Duterte urges everyone to donate through government instead of television stations

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte urges everyone to donate through government instead of television stations

  • President Duterte told people to donate to the government instead of television channels.
  • He applauded Isabela’s disaster response team.

On Tuesday, September 18, President Rodrigo Duterte urged the public to forward their donations for the victims of Typhoon Ompong to the government instead of the television stations.

He stated  in a situation briefing at the Provincial Capitol Guest House in Isabela that people can donate through the military and  humanitarian organization Red Cross.

“I will not mention it but yung mga prominent TV network, I’m giving you a testimony, personal. Ang sabi  mag-donate kayo, used clothes ganun, sa kanila then they’ll give you a bank account number where you can deposit your donation. You’re better off giving it to government or to the military and let them distribute it direct.”

Duterte claimed that he has personally witnessed how members of an unidentified TV program would keep stuff from the donations that they can use.

“Because I have a TV program, nakikita ko yung matatanda diyan sa opisina they were sorting out the things that were usable or are usable for them.

“Maniwala kayo sa akin as your president, I’m giving you what I saw and what I have learned so ‘yan lang muna.”

He added that he can understand the Filipino’s distrust, but the officials are really just doing their jobs.

“Hindi naman mapilit ang perception ng tao sa amin.

“But most of the officials who have sworn their duty to the people, nandiyan ‘yan nagta-trabaho.”

The President then praised Isabela’s quick disaster response in the aftermath of Typhoon Ompong.

“Ang pumunta ako dito is to congratulate the officials, the governor, vice governor and everybody of you who were ready at the forefront really to face the onslaught and I admire the preparation…”

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Who is this Thai woman that often gets mocked online?

Who is this Thai woman that often gets mocked online?

  • Thai personality and lawyer Sitang Buathong proved that beauty is on the inside.
  • She is set to visit the country real soon.

Some just love to make fun of other people’s appearance. They often result to mocking those who looks different or doesn’t fit in the society’s beauty standards.

This is what happened to a 55 year-old Thai national. She is named Sitang Buathong and got made fun of online because she doesn’t look like others, but little did netizens know, that she has helped a lot of people in the Philippines.

A netizen named Lindy Remocaldo posted screenshots of comments saying how Sitang has helped victims of Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

she helped before sa mga yolanda victims. i browse some random comments and 99% everybody says she’s nice and caring.:) <3 that’s why thai people loves her.:) Nag share din yung pinoy friend niya na siya pa talaga yung humabol sa isang pulubi para lang mabigyan ito ng pera. 🙂 And a close friend of her says she’s an attorney… kaya wag na tau magtaka bakit siya mayaman.

Kfs Padua shared that the woman actually got sad after finding out that she’s being bashed and insulted online.

Opo napaka bait nya at matulungin. Kaya nung nalaman nya na nilalait xa at pinagbabantaan naiyak po xa ang sabi nya lang po ay naniniwala xa sa langit. Tinitigilan nya ang mga pulubi upang magbigay ng tulong. Ndi man maganda ang labas pero sinisiguro ko na maganda ang kalooban nya. Kaya sana po matigil na ung mga lait sakanya.

An Overseas Filipino Worker from Thailand shared how Sitang is so respected in Thailand and no one disrespects her there.

Nasa thailand ako ngayon, dami na nyang endorsers dito, wala dito ang ganyang panlalait na ginagawa nyo, tomboy, bakla tanggap na tanggap dito. May online store din daw sya at parang abogada din..

She is said to visit the Philippines very soon and help the victims of Typhoon Ompong.

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Dong Abay remembers his protest against the cutting of over 100 trees

Dong Abay remembers his protest against the cutting of over 100 trees

  • Dong Abay reposted his 2012 protest photo.
  • In 2012, he tied himself to a tree in protest of SM’s cutting of 182 trees for a parking lot.

Six years ago, singer-composer Dong Abay tied himself to a tree on Session Road in Baguio.

Not everyone understood the message and also not everyone saw it as something important, however, the former Yano vocalist re-posted a photo taken by Andy Zapanta. It was because of SM’s project to cut 182 trees to make way for a parking lot.

He connected it to the recent devastation wreaked by Typhoon Ompong.

Abay said that he acknowledged that he drew flak because of his protest years ago, but he thinks that people now are more aware.

Alam kong marami ang bumatikos sa akin sa pagpapatali ko sa puno sa Session Road sa Baguio City noong 2012 bilang protesta laban sa pagpapatayo ng dambuhalang mall na SM ng parking lot kapalit ng pagpatay ng 182 na matandang pine trees pero sa palagay ko ay mas marami ang nagkaugat ang kamalayan.

Pagkatapos ng bagyong si Ompong, siguro’y alam nyo na ngayon kung ano ang ipinaglalaban ko.

Andy Zapanta, 2012

#dongpuno #writofkalikasan

As his post reached more than 129,000 reactions and 39,000 shares, netizens praised Abay’s peaceful protest.

This is the kind of protest that is civilized and really have meaning. I hope after Boracay, Baguio will be next to be revived.

Jason Antonio defended SM, saying they are not the cause of natural calamities.

Sm is not the cause of natural calamities, at hindi nagka landslide sa sm. 1 pine tree cut is equivalent to 10 pine trees planted.

Other netizens then said that “gone are the days of baguios beauty”.

I usually go on the park w lots of pine trees where SM is now located…i totally disagree on converting it to a Mall….now every time I go up to baguio I seldom visit that congested SM area….baguio used to have lots of trees not only pine..now more of building structure wc become an eye sore to me..I no longer smell the scent of pine….gone are the days of baguios beauty

I love the old baguio 30 years ago, for sure it will never comeback with all this technology, new generations, new buildings constructions politics & also people in the environment itself do not care at all feel so sad… hope we can do something its not too late yet….

The problem is Baguio is overly populated i miss the old Baguio city when there are lots of trees rather than lots of houses …when I went there the second time it was a lot different from when I came there the first time …I like the old Baguio City more…..

Girlie Ibarra then questioned why nature should be the one to adjust to establishments like SM.

Bakit ba Nature ang need mag adjust para makapagpatayo ng establishments. I hope engineers and architects will find a way na di magputol ng mga puno to put up a building. I know it is difficult but we need to take care of the trees. 182 pine trees? Grabe 😭😭😭


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Newlyweds in Isabela withstand the wrath of Typhoon Ompong

Newlyweds in Isabela withstand the wrath of Typhoon Ompong

  • Couple continued their wedding despite the wrath of Typhoon Ompong.
  • The photographer said that his clients decided to push through with the original plan even though their wedding reception venue was ruined.

Indeed true love can withstand everything, even a literal storm.

A couple in Cordon town got married on September 15, while Typhoon Ompong was wreaking havoc in the Philippines.

Photographer Dondie Aliñavon Ariola shared photos of Glenn Guillermo Agapito and Jasmine Vicencio Apigo standing in the middle of their wrecked reception venue.

The Signal No. 4 warning did not stop Glenn and Jasmine from posing for an unusual wedding photoshoot.

In a post by Dondie, he captioned it with “Kahit sampong ompong pa ang dumating, kahit masira man ang dekorasyon, tuloy na tuloy parin…

“Umulan bumagyo ayos lang, ayos lang…. tuloy na tuloy parin.”

According to him, the couple was saddened by the ruined venue but decided to continue the wedding as that was the original plan. “Nadismaya daw po sila nalungkot pero dapat pa rin ituloy yung kasal kac yun na po napagusapan. Saka sabi before rain or shine tuloy tay0 sabi sakin.”

Their reception was moved to the barangay hall of Turod Sur, Cordon.

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“Sino taga COA dito? Ihulog muna sa hagdanan para hindi maka-report.” Pres. Rodrigo Duterte slams COA, supports Imee Marcos’ claims

“Sino taga COA dito? Ihulog muna sa hagdanan para hindi maka-report.” Pres. Rodrigo Duterte slams COA, supports Imee Marcos’ claims

  • President Duterte criticizes COA.
  • Imee Marcos complains about COA’s restrictions towards cash advances for the Typhoon Ompong aftermath.

The Commission on Audit (COA) was slammed by President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the prohibition on some government spending.

In an interagency briefing of Typhoon Ompong in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Governor Imee Marcos stated that the COA does not allow any cash advances for the purchasing of new building materials for the disaster victims.

This resulted to the President asking if there was any COA employees present as they should be pushed down the stairs.

“Sino taga COA dito? Ihulog muna sa hagdanan para hindi maka-report. Maniwala ka niyang COA na ‘yan. You know, you just do it by circular and then they expect everybody to obey. Mga circular, pakialam ko?”

Marcos responded to Duterte’s remark by clapping and saying “Yes, yes!”

The governor added that the COA only allowed them to request up to ₱15,000 cash advances for food. “P15,000 po ang puwedeng cash – ‘yan si Mayor Gladys [Cue] ng Currimao – P15,000 ang puwedeng i-cash advance and only for food, kahit calamity. Roofing, wala lahat.  Lahat hindi puwedeng i-cash advance and this occurred over the weekend, which made things more difficult sir.”

Duterte then continued criticizing the agency.

“Some guys in the government went to jail based on a circular, and other guys went scot-free because of the same circular. Ganun ka cockeyed. Depende na lang saan nila eh whether they swing the legal arguments

“Kaya nga circular lang ‘yan eh. Make it a law or a regulation, but don’t give me that s*** of circular.”

Ilocos Norte incurred a 2.3 billion worth of damage because of Typhoon Ompong.

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Child carried by family to hospital after post falls in front of ambulance

Child carried by family to hospital after post falls in front of ambulance

  • Death toll because of Typhoon Ompong reached 65.
  • Father carried child after their ambulance got stuck between two toppled posts.

Typhoon Ompong lashed out on Northern Luzon, resulting to billions worth of damages and around 65 deaths recorded.

It did not only affect Luzon. According to the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council in Western Visayas, approximately 191 families or 682 people were evacuated in the provinces of Antique, Guimaras, and Negros Occidental. The authorities reported that about 25 people including two rescuers and a 2-year-old child died in Baguio City due to landslides.

Ompong also brought down electrical posts, ripped off roofs, uprooted trees, damaged buildings, caused flashfloods, and landslides in the typhoon-affected areas.

The typhoon brought inconvenience to residents of some parts of the Visayas but had more serious repercussions for people in areas on its direct path. This photo shows a group carrying a sick child from an ambulance stuck in the middle of a highway blocked by fallen electric posts in Baggao, Cagayan province.

Philippine National Police broke down the casualties: 54 from the Cordillera Administrative Region, 8 from Cagayan Valley, 2 from Central Luzon, 1 from Ilocos Region, and 1 from Metro Manila.

PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde said on Monday that cops from the Special Action Force (SAF) have joined the search and rescue mission in Itogon, Benguet, for victims of landslides. The Philippine Coast Guard is also sending K-9 dogs to the area to help with the search.

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